Posted by: peanutmaster | February 29, 2008

The darkness – 2K Boston – Xbox 360, ps3

Kill my prettys, KILL!!!! Mwah,ha ha ha ha!!!!


The Darkness is a great first person shooter for the Ps3 and Xbox 360. It is based on a comic book series of the same name, though some changes to the story have been made. The game takes place in modern-day New York City, with the player controlling mob hitman Jackie Estacado, who has been possessed by a strange spirit that calls itself “The Darkness”. This spirit gives Estacado supernatural powers that feed off the dark, which he uses to survive assassinations attempted by his “Uncle” Paulie.

This very gory game includes a range of modern weapons that become available over the course of the game. However, due to Estacado turning 21 at the very start of the game, the powers of The Darkness become available to the player to kill foes, with some powers not being unlocked until later in the game. The Darkness powers include summoning different types of imp-like “Darklings” that can attack foes, using “Dark Tentacles” to impale foes and suck out their hearts or break downs walls, using “Creeping Dark” tendrils that sneak along floors, walls, and ceilings to take out foes from a distance, and creating a “Black Hole” that sucks anything nearby into it. Nice. Estacado also will come into possession of the “Darkness Guns” that are more powerful than the conventional weapons but consume the Darkness power to fire. These Darkness powers cannot be used when Estacado is in a well-lit area, but do become more powerful in darker conditions; the player is able to shoot out lights to help increase the amount of dark energy available for their attacks. Additionally, by ordering the Darkness to consume the hearts of the victims of the attacks, the player can further increase the effects of the Darkness powers.

The game has several levels based on New York City locales that the player will visit multiple times. A significantly-reduced subway system allows the player to move between levels. While the main plot is primarily linear, requiring the player to visit each level in a certain order, the player can gain side missions from talking with non-player characters that wander the subway stations. For example, one such mission is to win a rigged ‘shell game’ being run in the subway after getting a tip from another character. Completing sub-missions earns the player a “Collectible” phone number which can then be used at any phone to unlock additional game media; Collectibles can also be found scattered throughout the level. The Otherworld levels feature Collectibles in the form of unposted postal mail that the player can deliver when back in New York City to unlock the content.

There are a few lows to this game: the multiplayer to this game is not up to standard at all. Also, the game is way too short and the side missions are way too easy. Despite all this, the main story is still very fun and enjoyable – I mean, who wouldn’t wan’t to impale a bad guy with an enormous arm?!

 The story is very intresting, the graphics are some of the best I have seen on the Ps3 AND the Xbox so far! This is a really gory game (but not as gory as manhunt) with lots of unlockables and side missions to keep you hooked for a long time!



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