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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 9 – Done? – Event Pokemon



Not quite. There is still plenty of pokemon to play. You can try and fill your
dex with captures instead of seen, you still have places you haven’t explored
and Pal Park will let you bring your pokemon up from older GBA games. Bottom
line: If you quit now, you are still missing a lot of the game. So, keep on
keepin’ on.

National Dex

To get the National Dex, fly to Celestic town and go north in town. The center
house has an old woman you can talk to and she will show you a picture of
Palkia or Dialga depending on your version. Once you have the picture, your dex
should be full of seen pokes. If it isn’t, you haven’t fought all the trainers
so you will need to either raise the missing pokes, or go find the trainers you
missed. If you have all 150, go to Sandgem town and talk to the professor. He
will give you the National Dex.

Pearl Exclusives:   Slowpoke, Pinsir,Houndour, Stantler, Spheal, Bagon

Diamond Exclusives: Seel, Scyther, Murkrow. Larvitar, Poochyena, Aaron, Kecleon

Again, all the pokes evolutions are also exclusives to each game.

Another advantage to the National Dex is now you can get swarm pokemon. Every
day there is a new pokemon swarm in Sinnoh. Fly to Sandgem town and talk to the
little girl watching TV in the house just below the pokemon center. She will
tell you where to go to catch a rare pokemon.

Pokedex seen count: 150!!

Pal Park

Pal Park is closed up until you have beaten the Elite Four and have the
National Dex. You can transfer your old pokes from the GBA games to Pal Park.
To get to Pal Park, fly to your house and surf South. The route turns east so
follow it until you reach land. Pal Park is at the very end of the route. There
are trainers along the way so you might have to fight some people.

Pal Park has to be stocked in order for you to catch your old pokes. You have
to stock it before you start up your save file. To stock Pal Park, place your
GBA game in the GBA slot. Any pokemon that you want to transfer will need to be
in boxes on your GBA game. Start up diamond and get to the screen where you can
pick New Game or your save file. You will have another option there that says
Migrate Pokemon.. You want to pick this option and then use the touch screen to
select the six pokemon you want to migrate. The pokemon will be moved from the
GBA game and not cloned.

Now, load up your diamond save and enter Pal Park. You have to catch your old
pokemon again but you get Pal Park balls which never miss. Your old pokes will
be exactly the same as they were on the GBA game. You may have to re-think
their movesets now under the new diamond attack scheme. You can take the pokes
to the Move Relearner in Pastoria City and he can teach them a move they
didn’t learn because they were not leveled up in Diamond. This is very useful.

One thing to note about Pal Park is that you can only transfer pokemon from a
game pak once a day. You can transfer pokemon from multiple game paks but
still only once a day per game pak.


Fly to Canalave City and head towards the boat that takes you to Iron Island.
Enter the house right next to the boat on the west coast and there will be a
woman and a sick child. Talk to them both and then go back outside. Talk to
the sailor and he will ask you to save his sick boy. He will take you to a new
island. This island is empty besides the legendary pokemon. It is a quick walk
to it and it will run away just like Mesprit did. Cresselia is a Psychic type
pokemon at lvl50. Use the same strategy you did on Mesprit. You will have to
use the marking map again to find it. If you haven’t used the masterball, now
is the time.

Island Area

This area becomes available after you have beaten the E4. Fly to Snowpoint
City and move to the southern port. You can now take the boat to the island
area. This area has a lot of new pokes that will help fill your national dex.
It also is the home of legendary pokemon Heatran, a lvl70 monster.

Upon arriving, you will be greeted by your RIVAL. Afer the discussion, move
north and talk to the fisherman. He will give you the Super Rod. If you keep
going north, you will arrive in the battle zone where the battle tower is
located. You can fight in offline mode or wi-fi battle tower here. The Wi-Fi
tower downloads data and you fight against teams based off of internet teams.
The trainer is a cpu however and not a person.

You can move north or east from this area. I went east so I will tell you also
to go east, Route 230.

Route 230 & 229

Route 230 is a surf route so you need a pokemon who has surf. There are some
swimmer battles along the way and some grass to catch old pokemon in. You will
need rock smash to get the item on the grass island. Every trainer in the
island area uses old pokes so it will help you fill your dex if you fight them.

Keep heading east and you will reach route 229. When you reach land, go east
and then south.

Resort Area

You can now fly here. There isn’t much here but grass and a special area that
you can only enter once your pokemon has enough ribbons. From here, you want
go head to the northwest part of town to access Route 228.

Route 228

All battles here will be in a sandstorm. If you want to rush through the route
ignoring items and such, stay off the bike slides. Keep heading north and when
you reach a dead end, head west through the grass. Move north and west again to
Route 226.

Route 226

There are two ways to go here. You can surf through the water and there is a
gentleman in a house who will give you a foreign language poketch app. It
doesn’t really help much unless you want your pokedex in a foreign language.
Instead of that, head north and use your bike to jump the two ramps. Jump down
the cliff and then head west then north. Then east, up the stairs, use bike to
cross, through the grass, east, south then through the grass again. Go up the
stairs, up the stairs, through the grass, west, enter Stark Mountain.

Stark Mountain

This area has a lot of double battles and you are going to need Rock Smash,
Strength and Rock Climb to get through it. Quick way through is up ahead…

1) Use rock smash and then Strength. Push the boulder down the stairs
2) East, move north and south rock east, push middle block north
3) North, up the stairs, push boulder, down the stairs, up the stairs, east
4) Rock smash, up the stairs, push boulder, up stairs, up stairs, door.
5) North and you will get a partner. You know how it works now.
6) East, north, down the second set of stairs, north, west, up stairs, trainer
7) West, north, east, down stairs, push boulder east, up stairs, door.
Your “friend” takes your item. Escape Rope.

When you are heading back for Heatran, you can use the bottom steps if you wish
since you will be able to use rock climb now.

6) East, down the stairs, west, north after trainers, rock smash, rock climb
7) East, rock climb down, east, north, rock climb between trainers, door.

Of course, you can go through this area and get the items if you choose. The
iron ball and TM50 is in here. Thesurvival area of the island has a TM but
nothing else. You can get there by either heading north from the battle area or
keep heading west and surf from Route 226. Buck is here waiting inside a house.
Talk to him and he will return the stone to Stark Mountain.

You need to return to where you last brought him. This time, there will be a
lvl70 pokemon there. It is a legendary so you are going to need lots of
pokeballs. Dusk balls work good as well as timer balls and ultra balls. It will
take awhile to catch. Heatran is a fire/steel pokemon so use a water attack to
do 2x damage to it. It will usually take more balls than Dialga/Palkia. I
highly recommend Dusk Balls for any pokes inside a cave. They are available at
the pokemon league mart.


You will need to use Pal Park to have access to this lvl70 beast. In order for
this Regi to show up, you need to first transfer Regirock, Registeel and Regice
from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire to Diamond/Pearl. With these three pokes in your
party, head to the temple north of Snowpoint City. You will be blocked at first
but Cynthia will show up and tell you it is OK to enter. Regigigas is in there
and is a normal type.

1) Enter, go down stairs. Calcium is here and another staircase. Go down.
2) This next room isn’t hard. Follow the path and go down the stairs again.
3) Now the ice puzzle. Go down the ice that is between the two rocks. East,
   north, west, north, west, south. You should stop now. West, north, east,
   north, stairs. Walk through the rocks and go down the stairs.
4) We can now see Regigigas but first, ice puzzle. Stand by the 3 rocks so that
   you make a square. Head east onto the ice.
5) South, stop, south,east, north, stop, west, south, east, North.

Press A on Regigigas and as long as you have the 3 REGIs in your party, the
statue will come alive. Ghost type works really well here. Make sure you have a
lot of Dusk and Timer balls.


A new path has opened up near Veilstone city. You can get their by flying to
Veilstone and heading south. Stick to the east side while heading south and you
will see a new opening. This is the spring path. The spring path leads to the
Sendoff Spring. Walk around the spring until you get to a cave entrance. You
will need to use Rock Climb to enter Turnback Cave.

The cave is very difficult to navigate through and if you return through a door
from which you came, you will back at the beginning. I was able to get to
Giratina in six rooms but when I tried to duplicate it, it wasn’t the right
route. It seems that the cave is random. You need to get past 3 pillars per
the writings instructions. The first room is easy as you can just turnback if
you pick a room that does not have a pillar. Also, do not forget that you can
also go south.

When you do encounter Giratina, it will be lvl70 and is a ghost/dragon type. A
normal pokemon works very well here as 2 of the 3 attacking moves Giratina has
do not effect normal types. It will be only using slash on your normal pokemon
so a pokemon with Intimidate is going to work out even moreso. Dusk balls catch


Rotom is available in the Old Chateau once you beat the elite four. Return to
the chateau and head upstairs. There is a tv in one of the rooms up there so
press A on the tv. You will be attacked by Rotom. Rotom is an electric ghost
and is at lvl15 so do not bring your legendary capture team. If you do not
encounter Rotom on the tv, try again later until you finally do. Keep trying,
it is there. Rotom comes out at night so do not look for him during the day.

Event Pokemon

Manaphy – You need to beat Pokemon Ranger and transfer the Manaphy egg from

Arceus  – Requires an event

Darkrai – Requires an event

Shaymin – Requires an event

This enables the mystery gift option on startup but you still need to wait for
the event to happen to get the event pokemon. The following sections only apply
if you obtained the event via hacking or mystery gift.


Enter any pokemart to see a man in green standing next to the counter. Talk to
him and he will give you the Members Card. Fly to Canalave city and head north
of the pokemon center. There is a Harbor Inn that you can now enter. Once
inside, you will be put in a bed and taken to an island that just has Darkrai
waiting. Darkrai is level 40 and you cannot leave the island unless you capture
or defeat Darkrai so be sure to bring a party that can handle it.

NOTE: You cannot get into the Inn if you have not cured the sick boy with the
Lunar Wing. See the Cresselia section of the guide if you have not taken care
of the sick boy.

Enter any pokemart to see a man in green standing next to the counter. Talk to
him and he will give you the Oak’s Letter. The letter is a request for you to
go to Route 224 so go there now. Fly to the Pokemon League and head south back
into Victory Road. There is a cave that goes east in the first room of the
Victory Road cave and it is open now. You need to take that cave. Why going
through the cave, you will meet up with Marley and she will ask to follow you
through the cave. The cave gets foggy here as well. You are definetly going to
want to have Defog in here as the cave is long and tedious. The cave’s exit is
in the northwest corner and you end up outside.

There is grass here and some trainers. Make your way north through the grass.
Keep heading north and you will reach a white rock with Oak standing in front
of it. He will ask you to thank someone and put what you want and suddenly,
flowers eveywhere. Shaymin will appear and run away so follow it! Run along the
new path for a while and you will eventually reach Flower Paradise. Shaymin is
just ahead.

Shaymin is lvl30 and has a recover move. It isn’t hard to catch and I caught it
full health with a great ball. Once you have caught Shaymin, fly away. Shaymin
comes attached with a Lum Berry.


Enter any pokemart to see a man in green standing next to the counter. Talk to
him and he will give you the Azure Flute. You need to go to the Spear Pillar
again, to where you faught Dialga/Palkia. When you get to the top, the flute
will play and a staircase will appear. Go up the stairsway and as soon as you
reach the top, you fight Arceus. Arceus is lvl80 and changes forms depending on
which plate you attach to it.



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