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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 5: Pastoria City – Hearthome Revisited

Pastoria City

The first house is a berry lady house who will give you a berry everyday. The
pokemon move tutor is here as well as the Safari Zone. The move tutor is very
helpful if you transfer a lot of pokes from pal park or if you want to get a
move back that you deleted. The move tutor will ask for a heart scale and you
can get them in the underground. The gym in town is all water pokemon with
hardly any barboach so you can do just fine with electric type attacks. The
highest level pokemon in here is a lvl 30 Floatzel. You gain the Fen badge and
the ability to use the HM you get in the Safari Zone outside.

Safari Zone

The first guy on the right when you enter the Safari Zone gives you HM05. The
Safari Zone has two new pokes and the best way to get them, is to use the
binoculars on the 2nd floor to see where they are. Go to the area that they
show up in and stand in the grass. Move the character around but don’t actually
take a step. You will get encounters without increasing your step count. So
long as you do not run out of balls you can stay forever. I am not going to
count the Safari Zone in the seen count.
Pastoria City

You should always battle all the trainers in a gym because they show you new
pokemon and give you more XP. After you beat the gym, talk to the Grunt in the
northern most part of town. He will run off and he tells you not to follow him,
you should. Your rival will show up when you try to follow the grunt so be
ready for a battle. The gym had Azurill, Marill, Wingull and Floatzel.

Pokedex seen count: 76 (Halfway there!)

Route 213

Follow the route fighting trainers. Everytime you see the grunt, talk to him
and make him run off again. Floatzel and Wingull are new pokes in the grass.
There is a man on the route who will give you a footprint ribbon for your
lead pokemon. The first fisherman has a Remoraid and the second one doesn’t

Pokedex seen count: 77


The hotel area has a lot of trainers you can battle, mostly in the restaurant.
Lots of double battles in here and you get a lot of money afterwards. The pokes
average lvl 20-23. The hotel clerk at the front desk will heal your pokes for
you. There is a TM available on the hotel property as well. You will find the
grunt here and he will finally battle you. He has a lvl 25 Glameow. Follow him
again and Cynthia will meet you and give you a potion to remove the psyducks
from Route 210. Continue heading north on Route 214 and take the eastern path.
There is a girl trainer along the way who has a Haunter. The girl right after
her, has a Wormadon.

You can keep heading North to find a cave on the east path that has a man
asking you to catch Unowns. If you catch all 26 types of Unowns, one for each
letter of the alphabet, the ruin maniac finishes the cave. The cave then leads
to another area that has two more unowns. The two extra unowns are the question
mark and the exclamation point.  If you keep walking around the cave, you will
eventually get attacked by a rare Hippopotas. In 25 attacks, I got 24 geodudes
and 1 hippo. I have been told the more unowns you catch, the higher the
encounter rate for Hippopotas. Eventually, you will end up in Veilstone City.
If you do not care about catching Hippopotas, fly to Solaceon right away. If
you go to Veilstone, take Route 215 West to the Psyducks.

New Poke Round-Up: Hippopotas, Graveler

Pokedex seen count: 79 (not counting Hippopotas and Graveler)

5.0.1 – Route 210

Once you reach the Psyduck, heal them with the secret potion. Afterwards,
Cynthia will show and ask you to deliver an Old Charm to someone in Celestic
Town. As you travel along the route, a thick fog will show up blocking your
view. Use HM05 Defog to remove the fog. There are some lvl25-27 trainers here.
Follow route 210 until you reach Celestic Town.

There are three ninja trainers hidden in the tall grass. The one hidden on the
east side of the tall grass has a Skorupi. The rest have pokemon we have
already seen. The ninja boy above the karate man after you use Defog has a
Golbat. There is a girl trainer along the route that has a Grotle. Keep
following the path and you will keep getting in battles. You see Mothim, Luxio
and Raichu before you end up at a bike path. The bike path leads to TM30 and a

After you get the TM, head back onto the normal route. After the karate guy,
you can go right for a battle and an item or left. The item is the Smoke Ball
and it lets you run from any wild encounter. East dead ends so turn around and
head west. The first trainer this way has a Hoothoot and its evolved form,
Noctowl. That is two more for the pokedex. Take the bridge and you will be
stopped by an old man for a battle. He has nothing new but you cannot avoid the
battle. Celestic town is just ahead.

Pokedex seen count: 85

Celestic Town

You can net a poketch app and a great ball by talking to the residents of this
town. The Great Ball is in the pokemon center and the app is in the house in
the southwest corner of town.

A galactic grunt is blocking the cave and he needs to be disposed of. He
has a lvl25 beautifly and a lvl27 Croagunk. After you defeat him, the old
woman will come up to you and thank you. Enter the cave and press A on the
pictures of the pokemon on the wall. The old woman will enter again and give
you HM03 Surf.

Now the gym in Hearthome is open! You can fly there now or you can go west to
Route 211 and get a TM and fight some trainers for XP. No new pokes that way
though. The TM is Psych Up.

Hearthome Revisited

The gym here is all Ghost which means a dark pokemon will own it. The puzzles
are ridiculously easy but you should go in the wrong doors on purpose to get
more battles in before the leader. A lot of the trainers in here have Drifloon
who does a lot of damage to you after a physical attack is done to it. Be sure
to fight the girl on the 2nd floor, far right door before you go straight to
the gym leader.

The boss has:
Lvl 32 Drifblim
Lvl 36 Mismagius
Lvl 34 Gengar

You get TM65, a new badge and the ability to use Surf outside. This opens up a
lot of pathways that you could not utilize before. You should take some time
and travel to these places:

Route 209 has TM19
Route 204 and the cave here

Pokedex seen count: 89


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