The Club Penguin Mission Guides

People have asked me to do guides for the Club Penguin spy missions. I thought I’d go one better; I created a compilation of videos showing how to complete Missions 1 – 6!! There is also a guide here on how to become a secret agent, with thanks to Bluesoulxo –!!!

First, To Become A Secret Agent, you must be 30 days or older, then click on the “M” sign in the upper right corner…


You Will Have To Take a Quiz to Become An Agent!

Here Are The Quiz Answers…

1. Pick One Quality You think a secret agent should have:

Answer: Honest

2. Pick the correct reason to report a penguin to a moderator:

Answer: Being Mean Or Rude

3. What would you do if you saw a penguin breaking the rules:

Answer: Report Them

4. Which type of personal information should be reported:

Answer: Saying Their Address

5. Pick one reason why you want to be a secret agent:

Answer: I want to keep club Penguin Safe.

5. Pick Another reason why you want to be a secret agent:

Answer: I want to help other penguins

Congratulations!!! You are now a secret Agent! Log off then log back in to check if you have recived your spyphone!

This is where you will be able to find the Spyphone…. Check Your Penguin’s playercard! ;)

The Spyphone located in your penguin\'s playercard.

The Spyphone can teleport you to certain places like the Town for example!

 It can also let you visit the HQ, The secret penguin headquarters!

_About HQ_

The HQ is a secret place where secret agents hang out, do missions, or take a look at the F.S.H book!


_Secret agent Missions_

You can do missions and recive an award for it!

If you need help beating the missions, then watch these videos!

Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles –

Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission –             

  Mission 3: Case Of The Missing Coins –

Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue –

Mission 5: The Secret Of The Fur –

Mission 6: Questions For A Crab –

Mission 7: ClockWork Repairs –

Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors –



  1. I hope you all like this! It took alot of blood, sweat and tears to find these beauties!

  2. You need to get a video for the new mission-I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s about fixing the clock in the Snow Forts.
    Also I am a member on Club penguin and a Secret Agent, with all the spy gear, aaaaaand I’ve done all the missions!

  3. WOW! You really know your games, don’t you The One And Only! I will do a video guide for the mission as son as I can – thanks for poiting that out! You have really helped, so again – thankyou! Remember; Peanutmaster is updated almost every day!

  4. It’s not F.S.H. book it’s F.I.S.H. book.

  5. SWEET ! 😉

  6. i liked every thing and i want to be famous

  7. if you siad yes i will love you

  8. I like your ways. I think you have the right answers. I am 340 days old on clubpenguin exact.

  9. i am a member and also done all the missions

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