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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 6: Canalave City – Snowpoint City

Canalave City

Fly to Jubilife City and head west. You can surf near the fisherman that gave
you the old rod. Keep heading west and there are 2 fisherman here you can
battle. There is a lot of new pokemon this way. The sailor when you reach land
has a Mantyke. The grass along the way has Gastrodons, Mr. Mimes and Glameows
(P) in it and when you are surfing, you will be attacked by Pelipper. When you
arrive at the city entrance, you will get a new app for your poketch.

The move deleter is here as well as TM48. Be ready for a battle so straight to
the pokemon center as your RIVAL will catch up to you soon enough. Your RIVAL’s
team is up in the lower 30s now and his main pokemon is at lvl35. Cross the
bridge to have your RIVAL challenge you. Your RIVAL has a lvl30 Heracross which
is new and it has a high attack stat.

Pokedex seen count: 93 (not counting Mr. Mime)

After the battle, head south once you cross the bridge and there is a sailor
near a boat. You can take this boat to IRON ISLAND. For now, surf south on the
water and you will find TM89. Take the boat to IRON ISLAND for a rare pokemon.

Iron Island is the home of a very rare pokemon. You get the pokemon in egg form
so you are going to need an empty spot in your party. No HMs are needed so
that opens up your HM slave spot. Exit the boat and go up the stairs into the

Steelix and Golbat are new here. You can get some good XP inside the cave. You
will be attacked by a lot of Graveler and that is new to the pokedex. Ice and
water attacks will help throughout the cave. There are quite a few trainers and
items here.

Fast Route:
1) Go down the east set of stairs.
2) Up stairs, east, down stairs, south, up east set of stairs, down elevator.
3) Go down west set of stairs, get partner.
4) Take first path south, fight trainers, south, stay on path, up stairs, south
   fight trainers, down stairs, up stairs, down elevator.
5) This gets you the Riolu egg. Go through cave door, up elevator, out cave.

Cherrim is found in step 2 in a trainer battle. Medicham is found in step 4.
You should see Steelix at some point throughout the cave as well. If you miss
Steelix, it will be in the gym so do not worry about it.

Riolu turns into the pokemon your partner was using in the cave.

Pokedex seen count: 97

Canalave Gym

This gym is mostly steel and rock pokemon. Surf takes care of a lot of the
enemies so you should probably have a poke that can do it well. One of the
trainers before the boss has a Azuremarill

The boss has a
lvl39 Bastiodon. The Bastiodon can be a pain but luckily for me, it did not use
Rest. It may use it against you so be ready for it. It is a rock/steel pokemon
so ground moves will really hurt it. Winning nets you the Mind badge and the
ability to use Strength outside.

Strength will let you move the gray boulders around. Evolve your bidoof to be
able to teach it Strength if you have been using one. Now you want to hit the
caves. There is a cave near Oreburgh that will give you a TM and a cave near
Celestic Town.

After you have beaten the gym, your RIVAL will talk to you again. Go inside the
library and meet him on the 3rd floor. The library is in the northwest corner
of the city. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to go to Valor
Lakefront and enter where the two guards would not let you pass before.

Pokedex seen count: 99

Valor Lakefront

Walk through the magikarps fighting trainers until you get to the cave. Enter
the cave and be ready for a battle. The highest lvl poke in here is a lvl37
Toxicroak. It is fighting so flying works well. Afer you defeat him, fly to
Twinleaf town.

Pokedex seen count: 100

Twinleaf Town

Go north and then west to where you first got your pokemon. The lake is now
filled with grunts so take them out. Another battle with Mars awaits and she
still has her Purugly. The double battles before show no new pokemon. One lake
left, fly to Celestic Town.

Celestic Cave

Head West of Celestic Town and enter the cave. Part of the cave is foggy but
you do not need fog clear unless you want to get Light Clay. Otherwise, your
new HM and rock smash should do just fine. Enter the cave and start heading
north. you need to move the boulder. Follow the path north and then west.

The fog room is coming up and you can use fog clear or you can make your way
through the fog without it. Run from the battles as you will have a lot lower
accuracy with the fog. Stay to the left if you just want to run through the
area. Take the stairs and you will be in the room with the exit, no obstacles
here. Exit the cave.

NEW poke round-up: Clefairy
Route 216

Snowing here turns into hail in your battles. I didn’t have an ICE pokemon so
this was frustrating.  If you take the high road, a girl trainer along the way
has a Lopunny. The low road has an Ambipom and grass with new pokes. Follow the
path until you get to a house and fight all the trainers. Each of the trainers
will show you a new pokemon. You can heal your pokes inside the house by taking
a nap in the bed. After the house, go North to Route 217. The first girl in the
grass after the house has a Mr. Mime if you missed it earlier.

Pokedex seen count: 105

Route 217

The snow really starts coming down here. You fall down into heavy snow and
barely move but just keep trudging along. The first trainer you battle has a
Hippopotas which is good if you didn’t search the cave for it.

Stay close to the west wall until
you get to a house. Grab the pokeball behind the house and it is HM06. Enter
the house and talk to the Hiker to get an item. Back outside, The northeast
corner of the route has some grass and another house. The spell tag is inside
that house and in the grass are Snover, Sneasel and Medicham. The exit to the
route is north of the Hiker’s house. There is a trainer battle you can’t avoid
and he has a Seaking.

Pokedex seen count: 107

Snowpoint City

You first come across Acuity Lakefront but the Galactic Grunts are keeping you
out. Head east from here through the grass. You will end up in Snowpoint City.
This city is pretty much just a gym city. Walk around and talk to everyone and
then take on the gym. You may get stuck in the gym for a few minutes.

The gym has snowballs inside. You can slam into the snowballs and break them.
However, if you touch stairs while you are heading towards the snowball, you
will slow down too much to break the snowball. This is very similar to the
Zelda ice puzzles in Twilight Princess except instead of pushing blocks, you
are using youself. You need to break all the snowballs in the very middle and
and the ones that are blocking the stairs to the gym leader. If you see a
snowball can only be hit from the east or west and the east path has stairs,
then you know you HAVE to hit it from the west.

The leader has pokes ranging from lvl38-42. The Abomasnow is new and is tough.
Steel and Fire will do best in this gym and the leader is no exception. Win and
get the ability to use Rock Climb outside of battle and TM72. If you fought all
the trainers before the gym leader you got Tentacruel, if not, it will show up
again later.

Rock Climb is useful, like surf, in getting places you couldn’t before. I am
sure you have seen the parts around Sinnoh that can be scaled. You can choose
to go scale these places and gain items and TMs or you can continue the

Pokedex seen count: 109

Acuity Lakefront

Now that the gym is beaten, you can enter the lakefront, do that. No battles
here just more story. They tell you not to go to galactic HQ but that is
exactly where we are going. Fly to Veilstone.


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