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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 4: Cave Of Doubt – Veilstone City


Cave of Doubt

There is a cave at the end of Route 206 called the Cave of Doubt. You can use
the TM flash to light up the cave but Bidoof cannot learn it. If you do not
want to use your TM(and who would), I have the way to go here as it is quite a
maze. Enter the cave and follow these directions: SMR stands for Smash the Rock

1) North, SMR.
2) North again, SMR.
3) North, then west, SMR.
*) West, South, West, South leads to two trainers and an item, TM32
*) West, South, SMR, South leads to a Hiker and a dead end
4) North, SMR
5) North, then West, SMR
*) North, West, South leads to two trainers and an item (Rare Candy)
6) North, East, SMR, continue East, South, Escape Rope.
7) East, South, SMR
South, SMR, Follow path and keeping SMRs. When you get to north or south
   intersection, go North. You will get Mira who heals your pokes after battles
   South from Mira goes to two trainers. Pokemon encounters now show two pokes
9) Leave with Mira. Follow directions backwards. You can go back and fight the
   trainers now as they will be easier with healing afterwards.

I honestly do not know what saving Mira does for the main game. Since I don’t,
I am not going to count the above section in the Pokedex seen count.

Route 207

Thank god that is over, head back to where you cut the trees and go down. You
are on Route 207. You can now go down the ledge and back up so long as your
bike is set to fast. Down the ledge is a town so you can heal your pokes. You
should be OK though since you had Mira. On your way to the town, your friend
will stop you and ask you to pick a hand. It does not matter which hand you
pick because you get the same item anyway, the VS SEEKER and a poketch app.
You want to go East on Route 207 when you are ready. Some trainers and items
throughout here or you can just skip a lot of the trainers and go to the cave.
The hiker before the cave has a Bronzor if you didn’t see one earlier. The cave
is very short and requires no HMs. Go through the cave.

Same situation as before. You can fight everyone and get items or run through
this part. After the grass is the berry masters house. He will give you a
berry everyday. The little girl gives you a poketch app so get that from her.
The girl trainer before the house has a Combee for the pokedex. The fellow
south of the house has a Mime Jr and a Bonsly. There is a Karate guy south of
the house that will give you the Odd Keystone that you need to capture the
pokemon Spiritomb. East arrives in Hearthome City.

Pokedex seen count: 46


Old Chateau

Now that you have done cycling road and have the ability to use cut, you can
return to the forest and cut down the trees near the exit. There is an Old
Chateau here. Now is your chance to get a Gastly. Inside here lies TM90 and
some items. It is not worth checking this place out unless you really want a
Gastly or TM90.

Hearthome City

Do like you always do when you enter a town. Talk to everyone and get stuff.
The Shell Bell is available on the second floor of the house right next to the
Fan Club. The Poffin Case is given to you by the Fan Club president. You need
this to evolve a pokemon like Feebas. The hiker in the Southeat corner of town
has an egg for you. To hatch an egg, carry the egg with you and walk a certain
amount of steps with the egg. It will hatch when you reach the right amount of
steps. It is usually somewhere between 3,000 and 7,000 steps and depends on the

Ensure your pokemon are healed because you are going to have to battle your
RIVAL in the town. After you battle, the Southeast exit opens up. There is no
gym battle here but you can talk to the gym leader outside the contest hall.
You need to do this in order to get your RIVAL to battle you. Enter the contest
hall after the gym leader moves and talk to your mom. You can leave now and you
will be able to battle.

In the Northeast and Northwest corner of the city is a cute pokemon stroll
area. Only certain pokemon are permitted here and it has some TMs and other
useful items in it. The Southeast corner exit leads to Route 209 and you can
get a Good Rod from the fisherman here. The Southwest exit is still blocked by
the TV reporter. Go to Route 209. Your RIVAL has evolved his starter and you
should have evolved yours by now as well.

Pokedex seen count: 48

Route 209

More same old pokemon formula here. Walk through the route collecting items and
battling trainers. The Pikachu is actually a trainer you can battle. The first
trainer you encounter has a Pichu for the pokedex. You can now fish for better
fish with the Good Rod here. Place the Odd Keystone inside the large rock and
it turns into the Hallowed Tower. This serves no purpose until you have talked
to 32 people in the underground, more on that later. The girl trainer west of
the Tower has a Cleffa if you missed it earlier. Route 209 leads to Solaceon
Town and the Lost Tower.

NEW pokemon round up: Chansey, Mime JR, Bibarel, Good Rod pokes

Pokedex seen count: 51 (with Chansey)

The Lost Tower

The Lost Tower is a tower of pokemon graves. You can be attacked while walking
around the tower. There are some more trainers and items scattered here. The
first trainer has a Stunky(D) which is good for Pearl players. There are some
Gastly here if you didn’t go back to Old chateau. On the third floor, there is
a double battle you can skip, don’t. The trainers have Misdreavus and Murkow so
that is good for both Diamond and Pearl players. You get the cleanse tag and HM
Strength at the top of the tower. Leave.

Pokedex seen count: 55

 Solaceon Town
To the Pokemon Center to heal. Everyone around town is wearing a hat. Talk to
everyone in town to get some new items. The first cowboy you see gives you a
poketch app. The furthest house east has the seal case for you. If you bring
the newspaper guy what he wants, he will give you an item. Nothing spectacular.

We have finally reached the Day Care! You can breed two pokemon by putting a
male and female from the same egg group into the day care. Once you have put
two pokemon in the day care, the man inside will give you a poketch app. The
day care is also good for raising pokemon you don’t want to battle with. Every
step you take is 1 XP for a day care pokemon. Talk to the day care man outside
when you have two pokemon in the day care to see how long an egg will take to
arrive. If the old man says, “The two prefer to play with other pokemon” then
you will never get an egg. No gym here, darn.

Solaceon Ruins

Located in the east side of town in a cave. The ruins has Unown and trainers.
Press A on the rocks to get items. It doesn’t work for all of the rocks though.
There is only one right way to go through the ruins. When you first enter the
ruins, there is text on the wall and it is directions on how to get to through
the maze.

“Top Right, Lower Left, Top Right, Top left, Top Left, Lower Left.”

When you get to the room with the 4 pokeballs, there is text on the wall. It is
written in Unown and it possibly says:

“Friendship all lives touch other lives to create something anew and alive.”
Leave the ruins once you have everything. Go north of town to Route 210.

Unown are all different letters but only count as 1 entry in the pokedex.

Pokedex seen count: 56

Route 210

The first trainer in the tall grass has an Aipom and a Girafarig for the dex.
You get TM51 along the way here but you have to talk a the girl on the right
side of the route to get it. The second double battle has a Clefairy for the
pokedex. The trainer north of the second double battle has a Happiny so if you
dont want to hatch the egg from the hiker, battle him or the girl at the end of
the tall grass.

As you travel, you will find the Milk store and lots of people inside. If you
talk to them, most of them will engage in battle. You can battle the two
trainers at the same table for Sudowoodo and Mr. Mime. You cannot get past the
Psyducks right now so go east to Route 215.

Pokedex seen count: 62

Route 215

More trainers and more pokes. You can catch a Kadabra in the grass. Keep going
and you will reach Veilstone City. The first trainer battle has a Shieldon
which we haven’t seen yet. TM66 is available from a Karate guy. The 2nd Karate
guy has a Croagunk and the third one is right next to a Fist Plate but has no
new pokemon. TM43 is available by way of cut along the route. The double battle
at the end of the route has a Monferno so that may or may not help you but the
Gyarados should.

Pokedex seen count: 65

 Veilstone City

Enter town, walk around, talk to everyone. Dawn is outside the gym as well as
an old man who will give you TM63. There is a house with a girl who massages
your pokemon once a day and gives you an accessory afterwards. Next to her
is a house with a jester in it. Just keep picking the same hand over and over
and eventually you will win. You get a coin case. You can get the coins from
the Game Corner now and exchange them for FABULOUS PRIZES!!! WOOOT!

Ultra Balls and Great balls are finally available at the Department Store First
Floor. There is also a new Poketch app in here and lots of TMs for sale. The
Sticky Barb hold item is located on the roof. The app is on the second floor
and you have to talk to the girl behind the counter to get it.

Now we can get another badge. The gym is not too hard. Machokes and Meditites
at lvl 25 and 26 until you get to the gym leader, Flying/Psychic is best. This
was another gym where I could own with Staravia. The gym leader has a lvl 30
Lucario that is fighting/steel so psychic will do normal damage. You get the
ability to use HM fly outside which is good because it is in the galactic
warehouse. If you get stuck, try to line up all the gaps in the boards with the
stairs. Walk outside of the gym to have Dawn ask you for help. Defeat the
thugs, enter the warehouse and Fly is in plain sight.

Fly to Hearthome and you can now leave through the Southwest exit of the town.
When you exit, you will be on Route 212.

Pokedex seen count: 67

Route 212

This route has a honey tree you can smear which is good since it is so close
to town. There are also some police patrolling here. TM11 is here but requires
cut, some other items as well that require surf. There is the Pokemon Mansion
here as well.

The first double battle has a Chatot you want to see for the pokedex. You can
acquire one by utilizing the in-game trade mentioned earlier in the guide. The
double battle before the Pokemon Mansion has a Buneary.

Pokedex seen count: 69

Pokemon Mansion

If you enter the mansion and go left, there is a Great Ball, Soothe Bell and a
Burn heal in the trash can. If you go right, TM Swagger is in the office. Go
to the garden to catch some new pokes. Roselia and Pikachu are available here
as well as Pichu.

After you are done, back to Route 212.

Route 212

Head south out of the Mansion through the grass. No new pokes here but there
are Wooper in the rainy grass coming up. There are some trainers along here
that average lvl20. There is a girl in a house here who will trade shards for
TMs. You can get shards in the underground. The first double battle in the
rainy area has a Prinplup which, again, may or may not help you. It helped me
so I am going to include it in the count. You will catch up soon if it didn’t
help you.

The first fisherman has Barboach, the 2nd one has nothing new and the third
fisherman has a Gyarados. The bog here is kind of a pain. You cannot use your
bike on the bog. When you fall into the bog, just keep trying to move and
eventually you will. At the end of the bog is TM06 so you want to be sure to
get that. You can skip the bike path if you want. There are two trainers and a
zinc at the end of it. Route 212 leads to Pastoria City.

Pokedex seen count: 72


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