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  1. Please leave your questions and answers here!!!

  2. This site is amazing. The peanutmaster team are seriously cool!!!!!

    Can someone pls tell me where to find Giratina or Rotom in Pokemon Diamond? I rely need help!!!!!

    • HOWTO GET GIRATINA after defeating the elite four, spring path opens up above valor lakefront, follow that to turnback cave. all you do is a few max repels and keep going foward until you see three pillar things then turn right into that room. at least thats all i did on diamond and should work on pearl my. [friend tried with pearl] i just so happened to turn int the room with giratina in it

  3. i like this site can someone plz tell me how to unlock all the caracters on mario kart ds

  4. R.O.B – get gold on every cup in 150cc Mirror Mode Nitro Mode.

    Dry Bones – Gold on every Cup in 50cc Nitro Mode.

    Waluigi – Get Gold on every cup in 100cc Retro Mode.

    Daisy – Get gold on every cup in 50cc Retro Mode

    Hope this helps!

  5. isnt tha pokemon guide supposed ta help ya with finding those pokemon??

  6. check for pokemon reviews,maybe its on there

  7. yo,heat up this conversation!!!

  8. wow thnx peanut master you the best, i come on this website everyday to check the new stuff out i have one more thing to ask,
    is there any thing new comeing up and can you put the forth comming things on this page

  9. peanut master can you give me the dates to when you are o cos i really wanna speak to you but i never get the chance coz ur not on?

  10. kk. Peanutmaster is online usually between 4:00pm – 10:00pm on weekdays and 9:00am – 6:00pm on weekends. If u keep missing me, It’s ‘coz I havent been online much for the past couple of weeks. Luckily, all that is about to change!

  11. cool im looking forward to peanut master envoling can i ask you a question,
    how many of you are there in the team

  12. if its too persanal dont answer it kk

  13. well, there are different amounts of people working on the site at different times. The main site is maintained, kept clean and written by Peanutmaster, then there’s Peanut, who has written such reviews as ‘Downhill Domination’, ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ and ‘Tamagotchi’, and finnaly there’s the newby to the team called Paul. No, we havent thought up a nut related name for him yet. If you can think of one, tell us!

  14. Ps: Its Peanutmaster who answers all the comments. If u want to know anything else, just ask!

  15. and naybe he and the other one can speak to us to cos id like to speak to the whole crew

  16. Thats a very good Idea, St. eddy man. Perhaps they could. I don’t know if they want to though. If you look closely, peanut has answered a few of the questions on this page…

  17. yo,st eddy man,hows it hanging?

  18. fine peanut how are you

  19. Im very sorry about Peanut, he is sometimes very random and weird. Don’t worry, he won’t bite you though. I think…

  20. lol this is so cool

  21. Hey, Peanutmaster and the rest of the team want to know what you people think is the best part of Peanutmaster’s Game Guide. Is it the guides, the cheats the reviews or anything else! Please tell us, as we can then improve on the chosen articles!

    Also, if you have any ideas as to what Peanutmaster could also add to the site, tell us! WE NEED YOU!

  22. Maybe you should do a Runescape Quest guide, you could get someone thats done all the free worlds quests and get them to write what to do down, maybe you’d get more people looking at you website… and maybe a place where you can link games on eg. runescape (other well known games) and also games no one has heard of like..THE WORLD’S HARDEST GAME add a link to that…it would rule…and Maybe make some of your own games up too and if you do make up your own game…do it for specaly for me! all hail the peanutmaster quides the rock… this is going on a bit and anyways…Bye!

  23. i luv games, and peanutmaster has helped me out a lot! I have played WORLDS HARDEST GAME and also thought u could write about it!

  24. Hya Peanutmaster! I love Club penguin! I think that they should make costumes available to non-members too though – my membership ran out and I cant be bothered to pay again… Luv your site!

  25. hi,to peanutmaster,im now on runescape-my username is liam doran1-maybe i wont be on for sometime,im an adventurer/miner-i go to the mine in the west-then go to lumbridge to make bronze(after i ask if anyone wants to come with me)then i go to varrok to make weapons and armor,im on world 11-be there or be square

  26. Wow, Peanut! Good luck With that! For those of you that don’t know, Peanut is new to online gaming, and has had trouble with the tutorial in Runescape. At least it’s all worked out now!

  27. hi, this website looks weird, but its cool this way..keep it up..i like it and sadly i didnt know abot it until i needed a walkthrough and i googled the walkthrough search…and here i am…very impressed with the site…could use more stuff, but good

  28. where did the pokemon diamond guide go

  29. sorry, but we had to withdraw the guides because of technical difficulties. NEW guides will be up soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  30. hi i gots an action replay

  31. cool! I hope you usen it wisely. Sorry – I have been away testing alot of games for the next few months of Peanutmaster. can you believe that tommorow is Peanutmaster’s 1st birthday! We are celebrating it with all of you lot too!

    As for my friend code, I do not know it, but I will tell you when I find out.

  32. hi if you tell me your freind code we could battle and i would win

  33. Do you really think you would win? You underestimate the Peanutmaster 😀 I really don’t know my friend code and anyways, at the moment I don’t have any kind of wifi, so I don’t think It coukld work if I tryed. I will tell you when I have set up my wifi again and got my friend code. Hopefully that won’t be very long because I really look forward to our battle. And my victory.

  34. Hi, i relli luv pokemon and i wondered if Peanutmaster or elite trainer could help me. i am stuck on what no. 125 on the national pokedex is and where to find it in pokemon diamond. pleeeeeesss help!

  35. number i25 is electebuzz you have tomigrate it and peanutmaster you have a typing error you mean MY victory

  36. *cough cough*. My Giratina would maul anything you throw at it. It’s a lvl 112. 😀

  37. your lieing or you are lieing beacuse i could kill your team my team is indestuctebul

  38. Peanutmaster never lies. Your team wouldn’t be indestructible against mine! Have you used your action replay yet?

  39. dah!!why wouldn’t i im going to destroy u by the way

  40. is anybody there

  41. were all here, waiting for more questions to come though 🙂 have fun!

  42. nice icon i dont want to battle anymore so do you have your freind code yet?

  43. no soz, I havent played for a long time as I have had alot of other games to play and review (playing is me favourite part of the job..)

  44. to bad,anyway have you ever played metroid 2 return of samus and if you have please tell me if its any good

  45. I have played it and I think that it is great. It’s too bad that not many people have heard of it, as it is a gameboy classic, and also where some of Samus’ iconic Metroid power-ups even made their debut in Metroid 2, namely the Spider-Ball and Space Jump abilities. Yet many people may wonder if Metroid II is really a good enough game for them to track down and buy in this day an age. A pity, really.

    I would rate Metroid 2: Return Of Samus 70%

  46. wow maybe ill buy it

  47. so it bean awhile since we went on the pokemon guide

  48. what the heck anser me

  49. sorry, but the pokemon guide is still being re-created. Sorry for the inconventience 🙂

  50. oh ok anyway will you make a guide of super smash bros brawl i could give you a list of stuff to go on if you can tell me how to hyperlink.

  51. wat do you mean by hyperlink?

  52. like make it blue then you click on it and you will be taken to the website

  53. ohh i figured it out

  54. is anybody EVER going to comment?

  55. why not add your own cheats, hints, guides or reviews?

  56. hey, and heres some cheats that I like for grand theft auto: Librty city on psp.

    Extra Armour – L,R, O,X,L,R
    Extra Health – L,R, X,SQUARE, L,R
    Extra Money – L,R, TRIANGLE, O, L,R

  57. hey i know the ultimite website for pokemon d&p action replay codes go to

  58. Does anyone else think the Refer-a-Friend bonuses being given out are (in-part) a means to get low level players leveled up in time for WotLK? Get them into the fray, more addicted and increasing the longevity of their subscription? 😉

  59. what are you talking about and PEANUTMASTER GIVE ME YOUR FREIND CODE!!

  60. whats evry1s codes for;
    Pokemon D/P
    Mario Kart DS
    (posibly smash bros but mine lags…)

  61. Kitnaz, do not giva away personal information (which has now been deleted from your comment).

  62. peanut please tell me your friend code i look forward to are battle!

  63. anyone wana battle?


  64. yes

  65. ok elite wats ur friend code?

  66. mines 2922 0164 4428 whats yours?

  67. peanut is zelda phantom hourglass any good?

  68. I actually believe that Phantom Hourglass is brilliant. It is one of my favourite Ds games, and despite being small compared to other zelda games, is one of the best chapters in the series. If you have played Wind Waker, it is alot like that.

  69. anyone have a problem with Temple of Frost third floor when the door doesn’t open after the levers are pulled? It opened the first time, then game was saved and when entering the room again and pulling the levers 1-4-3-2-no door opened! Help! thanks

  70. Peanutmaster rocks!

  71. thank you, and sorry, but I really don’t know the naswer to that, but you will not know just how many people are asking the same question!

  72. hey peanutmaster is the pokemon diamond and pearl locations thing done yet??

  73. phantom hourglass is good but there are alot of better games (link to the past, twilight princess)
    id give it a 70% personally.

    spiderchav spiderchav kills all of the evil chavs 😉

  74. not yet, but it is coming on very well! It should be out very soon now ;p

    Kitnaz, I disagree, phantom hourglass is one of the better chapters in the zelda saga, and should get at least 90%

  75. platinum is out soon…

    no, phantom hourglass is good. but there are better zelda games. phantom hourglass and windwaker kinda kill the point of zelda with the whole “futuristic realm” and the “great sea” and stuff. ZELDA SHUD B IN HYRULE! NOT IN SOME SEA ABOVE HYRULE IN THE FUTURE!
    80% at MOST is its lucky.

  76. i have not played it yet but even by the title and the the guid peanut master put on this site it sounds at least 85%

  77. huh? phantom hourglas or platnum?
    lol for platnum news go on 🙂

    lol phantom hourglass shu hav 80% if it lucky.
    face it, there are alot of much better games.
    the graphica ar good. and the controls are ok.
    but the main storyline is hardly a zelda storyline.
    zelda should include;
    your a child where you hear about the great hero from TLOZ and LTTP and TAOL
    then the princess gets kidnapped from hyrule castle. note – hyrule castle, not a pirate ship. then after a few dungeons you get the master sword and confront gannons consort (zant, aghannim, whatever) then he/she escapes and you do afew more dungeons before confronting him/her agin and killing it and thn go on to kill gannon who has the triforce. LINK/ZELDA/GANNON ARE NOT PEICES OF THE TRIFOCE! IT IS AGAINST THE LAWS OF NINTENDOPHYSICS!

  78. Kitnaz i dont even care anymore ill see it for myself and ill give it my rating

  79. peanut m. i have a question whats your favorite video game and whats your favorite pokemon. my favorite pokemon is shiny zangoose and my favorite game is either pkmn diamond or S.S.B.B

  80. My fav game has gotta be Pokemon Diamond and my fav Pokemon has gotta be Mewtwo! He’s so cool!

    Although, having played little big planet, I may have to change my fav game…

  81. this has nufin 2 do with games.
    but as me & pmaster r both veggies im putting this up here.
    and remember, cows arent that intellegent, so its actually ok to eat them.

    My friend Chuck was a great guy. But then he got dropped down into the bottom set classes because of bad grades.
    So I ate him.
    He wasn’t all that smart, so it’s ok. He didn’t quite understand what I was doing when I started chomping on his leg, so he pretty much deserved to be eaten.

    The same goes for the baby I found in the supermarket. I took it home for dinner, and all it did was cry as I roasted it alive. It never once said “excuse me sir, I would rather you didn’t eat me”. So no problem here–it’s ok to eat stupid things! I mean, that baby wouldn’t have been made of meat if God didn’t intend it to be eaten! – and it certainly wouldn’t have tasted so darn good!

  82. That is a fair point. I hope you tell us some more of your philosophies soon.

  83. Kitnaz I like the way you’re thinking on the meat issue

  84. lol i am a good philosepher aint i =]
    u shud make a page 4 veggie stuff lol

    veggie delites are the tastiest sub in subway.
    i even no sum non veggies who think so =]

    heres another one =]:
    * Our early ancestors from at least four million years ago were almost exclusively vegetarian.
    * The animals most similar to us, the other primates, eat an almost exclusively vegetarian diet (and their main non-plant food often isn’t meat, it’s termines).
    * Our teeth, saliva, stomach acid, and intestines are most similar to other plant-eaters, and dissimilar to carnivores.
    * Plant-eaters have the longest lifespans, and humans are in that category (and yes, this was true even before modern medicine).
    * We sleep about the same amount of time as other herbivores, and less than carnivores and true omnivores.
    * The most common cause of choking deaths is eating meat. (source) Real carnivores and omnivores don’t have that problem.

  85. sorry, i do count termites as meat, i copied points 2 and 3 from a website =S
    fish is also a meat, how is it not a meat?
    it is the idiocricy of the human race.
    lol any ieas people?
    and dont say “because they are fish” or “because they are not cute and fluffy” or anything stupid like that.

  86. your getting somewhere with this

  87. lol anyone have phantom hourglass?
    ill give u a game my fc – 249275092456

    post acww codes here aswell 😀

    theyre makin a zelda movie!
    i hope it only released in japan cuz it wil embarras zelda in the western world… 😦
    it looks so crap, the budget was only $1,000 and 4 a movie thats nuthin. the actors no1s evr heard of nd stuff.
    gannon looks even gayer than the green skinned gannon normally looks.
    and even worse, its based on one of the worst in the series, Ocarina of Time.
    its not even liscenced by nintendo, and to avoid copyrighting issues it called “the hero of time”!!!
    how stupid!
    god i hope it never released in the western world!!!

  89. I have a flash site
    i’m looking for the script who shows google adsense in flash.
    can you give me the link?

  90. Hi. I repeatedly scan this forum. This is the oldest period unequivocal to ask a query.
    How multitudinous in this forum are references progressive behind, knavish users?
    Can I bank all the advice that there is?

  91. lol i recorded KK SLider on my fon (Y)
    how kwl am i? (Y)

  92. KK Slider is from animal crossing and he sings really well.

  93. yeh, I love K.K Slider – He’s such a randomly great muscician. Keep the comments rolling!

  94. KK Slider is a GREAT musican.Also my freind’s brother said if you dig holes around a character so they’re stuck in one spot then you set your clock 2 or more month later then there will be a skeliton lieng there.But i couldn’t dig holes around them,they move too much.

  95. elite trainer, your friends brother is wrong :L no affence but this is animal crossing, nintendo made this for 6-16ish year olds so your not gonna find much DEATHHHH! 🙂

  96. yup its true also I CAUGHT WISP THE GOUST AND MADE HIM PULL ALL MY WEEDS!!!!!!!!!!

  97. you should try this game its awsome

  98. it aint true -.-
    lol Wisp is a legend 🙂

    WOOPWOOP! z0mg yesterday was the Wii’s second birthday!!! :O

  99. No,its true.look up on youtube catching wisp its no legend!!!

  100. IT AINT! lol ive tried it lol

    Whenever i play Population Growing i always make him pull my weeds lol.

  101. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🙂

    • Well, not yet kitnaz – according to my animal crossing countdown board it’s 11 hours and 49 minutes to go… 😛

  102. i mean 2nite 🙂
    at 2:00 31/12/08 here it was 0:00 01/01/09 in Aus
    and Milan had a new years rehersal last night lol 🙂


  104. Hey guys I just got a Diablo 3 beta key from this site
    Just filled out the form and they emailed the key to me in like 5 hours.

  105. Hey Peanutmaster, What % do you think Super Mario Galaxy is, I think 100%

    • I reviewed SUper Mario Galaxy and also gave it 100%! It’s the best Mario game ever and maybe the best platformer I have ever played!

  106. Why do people think that Pokemon Diamond is great? I went to Wal-Mart yeterday, and Diamond was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!! I got Diamond too, and I think that its good, but what do you guys think?

  107. Wal-Mart? Arent they in America? :S
    Are you American then?
    Happy New President…

    I think Diamond is good, but Sapphire is my favourite Pokemon game 🙂

  108. by the way, heres a link to my site

  109. no kitnaz, im canadian, but they have wal-marts in canada.

  110. Oh haha :S
    do you like Rush? theyre Canadian 🙂

  111. diamond is the best Pokemon game yet!!!

  112. No, Sapphire 🙂
    im biased cuz it was my first gba game 🙂

    • From what Ive seen, I personally think Platinum is going to be the best! I can’t wait for it to be released!!

  113. just showing u a link to a multiplayer puzzler called puzzlw pirates-quite fun for all u free puzzle fans,dont forget to save ur character if u decide to join!

    View my Pirate Page

    • Thanks, Peanut!

  114. A great game site is
    I recommend the games: Drop Dead, Castle Clout and Brick Stacker 🙂

  115. hey peanutmaster what do you think of super paper mario?

    • Hi!
      Super Paper Mario is okay, Super Paper Mario is pretty good. It’s alot like the older versions, but with new features. I have done a review for this too, if you want to check that out! 🙂

  116. The wii one?
    I think most of it is good… 7/10… 🙂

    PM, can u review a game for me?
    Go on and review Battle-Gear 🙂
    thanks 🙂

    I cba t do it myself 🙂

  117. does anyone know what to do in zelda phantom of the hourglass the isle of ruins, the biggest pyramid, what do you do when the tablet says red and blue, when they are aligned, it is the true path. what do you do?

  118. you use the hammer to hit the tiles to match the other tablet, so that both tablets look the same,
    hope it helps 🙂

  119. thanks kitnaz!! i also have another question: you know when you’re battling bellm, af ter the scene when ceila gets her mamory, she says focus on the hourglass. when the hourglass appears at the bottom of the screen, touch it, then draw a figure 8. i did that, many, many, MANY, many times, but nothig happened. does anyone know whats wrong?

  120. i think your not drawing it right, it happened to me too, as well as in the ocean king temple where you need to draw a triforce on the door…
    try drawing it quicker, and its not a figure eight, its the hourglass symbol…
    if this doesnt work tell me and i’ll consult my book, or try the boss again, if i can find the game… haha

  121. PM do u wanna Mario Kart DS race?
    ill pwn u 😉

    anyone wanna join?
    my code is:
    and PMs is on the other post 🙂

    leave a comment with ur code and well add u and race 🙂
    remember both me and PM need to add you before we can do a 3 way race 🙂

  122. so, is there a certain way to make the hourglass? Like the same for the triforce, you had to start at the left then start up then something, i forget. well, anyway, i’ll try it, and thanks!! that’s the second time you helped!!

  123. cool. glad im helping 🙂
    if you have any problems, ask me, peanut or PM 🙂

  124. i used wht you said. you said to make the shape of the hourglass, i did that many times, notta thing happened. do you have to draw the hourglass a certain way? with the triforce, you had to start with the tip of the triangle, then go down on the left side, then to the right bottom corner, hen make the triangle in the midle, then draw the rest, all in 1 swipe or movement, with a limited amount of ink or writing. so…

  125. dude a little advice use Youtube to help!!

  126. hey!! i just got animal crossing wild world!! if anyone can or wants to post their friend code or whatever it is, can ya? oh, and a question, what fruit is there altogether? i mean likw the trees. so far i no pears, cherries, coconuts, and peaches.

  127. these are the types of fruit:

    Oranges, apples, pears, cherries, peaches,
    and coconuts.

  128. what r the best pokemon to beat the elite 4? i have empoleon, and other pokemon, but what is the best team/ pokemon to beat e4 with?

    • I think that to beat them you have to have a good variety of Pokemon types.You have the water type Empoleon, so why not try and also use a fire type, an electrical type, a dark type or another of the types of Pokemon. Then, you will always have a type of Pokemon that is super effectivge against the type the elite four use. For example, Aaron, the first of the Elite 4 uses bug pokemon – to defeat him you could use fire types like Infernape.

  129. well in my opinion it depends…

    Aaron = bug. you want a pokemon that knows cut or a fire type move.

    earth-water lady {forget name} – you want water and a electric type.

    flint = fire water [empoleon preffered] eccept he has a drifblim BE CARFUL

    ghost person [foget name] ok forth member you want dark (will help with drifblim)

    Down to the finals… ok you get frustrated with this one Cythia…

    you want a mixture of all the types I listed and an ELCRIC TYPE trust me she uses milotic that thing she sommons on her last turn and she uses lots of health restores BE CARFUL

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    • The ghost guy is called Lucian and the ‘earth – water lady’ is called Bertha. Thanks for this, I couldn’t remember what Pokemon all the Elite 4 had…

  130. i used;

    Good Luck 🙂

  131. i used ar run through walls to get to cynthia, and only used my empoleon with the moves strength, drill peck, surf, and hydro something, and my roserade with only grasswhistle and magic leaf. oh yea!!! does anyone no what to do when u got all the places, got mesprit and cresselia to run, got the guy on stark mountain, went to turnback cave and caught the other guy, caught all the ledgendaries, and got the national gex?

  132. No, it wasnt Steelix, it was Spiritomb, sorry 🙂

    complete the dex? 🙂 and then get 5 stars 🙂
    (complete contests, dex, elite 4, battle tower and i cant remember the last one)

  133. is that Slash in the new header?

    • i dont know -its a cheat from guitar hero, where u can have piplup…

  134. who knows…

  135. i mean in the backround…

    amazing Skid Row quote;
    “oh, im sorry, i didnt mean to offend you by listening to rock and roll. but um. FUCK YOU ! “

    • I still dont think so lol….

  136. lol wtevr.

    that funny made-up Axl Rose interview
    “Whatv you been doin?”
    “The bible”
    “Really, whatv u learned?”
    “If you see someone beside you… beat the fucking shit out of them”
    “really, thats odd, what else?”
    “y’know party. do cocaine, that stuff”

    “are you gonna talk about the new cd?”
    “fuck that bitch!”
    “ok Axl watever you want”

    and Barak Obama;
    “how would you describe yourself?”
    “a black guy with a funny name”

    “any messages for China, Canada, France, the rest of the world?”

    “what helped you get into office”
    “the false promises”
    “wow, wont people get angry at you”
    “their memories are short”
    “yeah, what about the old people”
    “they think i am a basketball player!”
    “ok, what else?”
    “i like making cookies”

    “why did you want to become prisident”
    “when we go out to a party with a load of chicks, BANG!!”
    “wow, president only to get girls thats wierd,,,”
    “i aint the only one!”

    lol 😀

    • Lol…..

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    DUMB GAME!!!!!!!



  139. The time has come, execute order 66

    • ok… moooving on, Darth Sidious…

      Elite trainer, I honestly don’t know what happened there! That is so weird! – has the data been wiped from the memory card?

  140. I don’t use memory cards because I share the entire game with my sister.And I guess I can do it all over (even though it will take me all day to get back to that level).

    • Thats relli rubbish then :S …Gd luck

  141. I got ALL my data back!!! It said I was on level 1 but I ended up on level 30 like before!!!! When I went to play on level 1 it was level 30, I was like SO happy!!!! =]

    • well done! Im glad it all worked out lol

  142. It’s just SO weird though.

    0.o who knows?

  143. Hello, Nicee Websitee, Gave Me Help,


    Lucyy xx

    • Thanks! That’s what we try to do 😛

  144. hey peanut do you know what game Mr. Game And Watch is from?

    • Mr Game And Watch is from the Game And Watch Series. These were units with pixels the size of small children, and were Nintendo’s first stab at a handheld console. But seriously, the guy is amazing; in his life, he’s been a judge, fireman, chef, parachutist, vermin exterminator and more!!

  145. and a guy that hits people with a chair 😀
    (play brawl and youll understand PM :))

    @Lucy: Yeah, me and PMs website pwns all other websites!!! 😀

  146. Yup you got a point.

  147. does anyone know how to get through the doors of the pokemon mansion? i tried the walk through walls cheat, no success. does anyone know?

  148. errr the one in eterna forest?
    complete poke league, worked 4 me.

    dont use walk through walls, i almost lost my game cuz of it! i got trapped in Hearthome city and it wouldnt let me out, i almost had to restart, but i used walk through walls again and it got me out. but i still think using it is very risky.

    • Lol, yeah, I havent had that problem persoanlly, but I have heard of similar things.

  149. actually, the one below hearthome city. the pokemon mansion.

    • I know, the doors on the end, right? With the maids blocking them?

      You cant unblock those doors. Its a bit strange, but they were never meant to be opened.

  150. lol i dont know either lol…
    yknow in the book it says about go to the statue after 2am-5am and something good occurs.
    i did it, nothin hapens.

  151. I’m acually don’t know.

  152. lol…

  153. Oh I think it’s talking about the man not guarding the statue.

    If not I have no clue

  154. lol ok lol

  155. it’s kinda stupid, the statue. when you goto the statue during 3 and 5, all it does is go ” !… you touched the statue!!”

  156. for ac:ww, does anyone know what to do with the barrel Pascal gives you? i sure don’t!!

  157. a) i know 😦
    b) put in house?

    PM how do u unlock Roy and Marth on Melee??
    I unlocked Gannon btw 🙂

    Can u make a poll:
    Next Guitar Hero Game?
    Guns N’ Roses
    Blue Oyster Cult
    Motley Crue
    Led Zeppelin

    • ok, consider that poll done!

      You have to play AND complete classic mode with the 14 regular characters to unlock marth. For Roy you have to play 900 rounds of vs matches or beat classic mode with marth no continues.

  158. sorry, already did them both! 🙂

    ive unlocked all the ones you have, & Gannon & Falco

  159. i unlocked Toon Link && Pichu && Binstar Depths && Fourside && I onli hav 2 mor characters 2 unlock

    • Nice! Keep on going!

  160. I beat the Subspace Emissary,unlocked
    all characters,beat ALOT of challenges
    OVER 1/2!!!

    • wow, well done!

      Is it me, or do I sound like a congratulations machine or something lol…

  161. Yay, elite join the club! 😀
    The club for peeps thatv almost finished brawl 😀
    such a big game, i got it on release day, completed subspace emisarry, all star, classic, all characters, all stages, all songs, still got loads of trophies and stickers though 😦 and i cant do home run contest 😦

    On melee i got lots of trophies (bout half), All characters xept Mewtwo n G&W, about half stages.

  162. sure I’ll join!!

  163. hi i was wondering if u could help me again can you tell me how to unlock like the characters that you have to unlock to get everyone on brawl

  164. oh ye and how do you do the piplup cheat on guitar hero 3 and can you tell me some rare pokemon and how to get them on pokemon diamond.

    • Ok, I dont know exactly how to get Piplup on guitar hero, sorry.

      If you check my Pokemon Diamond FAQ page, it has help there to find nice rare and legendary pokemon.

      Ok, below is a list of unlockable characters and how to get them in Super Smash Bros Brawl:

      350 Brawl Matches OR Fight her in Swamp stage in SSE after completing it OR complete SSE then Events 1-20
      Captain Falcon
      70 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Beat Classic in 12 minutes or less then defeat him in the following match
      Sonic 300 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Beat Classic Mode with 10 characters
      22 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Complete Classic without continuing
      130 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Play 15 matches on Shadow Moses Island
      100 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Complete all 5 Target Tests with a character
      5 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Reflect ten projectiles
      50 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Complete 100-man brawl
      Mr. Game and watch
      250 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Clear Target Tests on any level with 30+ characters
      Toon Link
      400 Brawl Matches OR Fight him in Forest stage in SSE after completing it OR After beating SSE, finish the Classic mode
      450 Brawl Matches OR Fight him in Ruins stage in SSE after completing it OR Complete Boss Mode with Fox or Falco
      R.O.B. (Robot)
      160 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Get 250 different Trophies
      200 Brawl Matches OR Collect Zelda and Link trophies in SSE to have him join you OR Clear Classic on Hard with Link or Zelda
      10 Brawl Matches OR Have him join in SSE OR Finish Classic on any difficulty

      Hope this helps!

  165. thanks for the help now ive got everyone

  166. the reason i asked this is because a couple of weeks ago yuo and kitnaz were on about wierd things on brawl lol

  167. PM IS a congrats machine 😀

    Your Welcome


  168. no Snake + me = ownage!!!

  169. Snake + me = pwnage

    Meta Knight + me = pwnage

    Samus + me = pwnage

    YUP :p

  170. Kirby + Me = pwnage
    Marth + Me = pwnage
    Meta Knight + Me = pwnage
    Pikachu + Me = pwnage
    Ike + Me = pwnage
    Wolf + Me = pwnage

    Jigglypuff + My Mate Dan = pwnage 😦

    • Lol

      Bowser + Peanutmaster = Pwnage!
      Marth + Peanutmaster = ULTIMATE Pwnage!!

      Captain Falcon + Peanutmaster = Failure….

  171. Falco + me = INFINATE PWNAGE

    Jigglypuff + me = WHAT THE HECK?!!

    • Yeah, jigglypuff isn’t that great.

  172. toon link + him throwing his bomb = 2D explosion on 3D game???

    • Yeah, that’s weird.

      Wind Waker had the same thing – 2D Explosion Sprites on a 3D game…

  173. same with Mr. Game & Watch

    2D + 3D = WHAT?!!?

  174. i lost my sims register code.. someone help plz

  175. I beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum!!!

    • well done! I relli want Platinum!!!! lol

  176. ohh yea!!! for easter im gonna get platinum!!! awesome!!! oh yea, PM, do u have pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team? if you do, or if anyone else does, do you know what to do after alakazam, tyranitar, and charizard go to see groudon? i did a mission, talked to everyone, and suspected…

  177. THINGS MWA HAHAHA!! sorry…

  178. Everyone i need help.
    Should i get guitar hero or a load of songs on itunes?

  179. Well… if you get Itunes you just have songs, but on Guitar Hero you get to play a video game AND
    listen to songs and acually play them.

    • Yeah, I agree, get Guitar Hero.

  180. how many FRIGGIN levels are in the magma cavern?!?

  181. went to room 22!!!!!!!!!!

  182. YAAAAAY!!!!! :D:D:D
    On ACWW i FINALLY completed my catalogue! 🙂
    If anyone needs help getting items ill sell you some 🙂

  183. Nice job!!

  184. AAAAGH!!!?!?!!?!!! Mario Kart DS deleted everything 😦 😦 😦

    • thats a bummer :/

      And yeah, I dunno how to fix the Mario Super Circuit glitch, mine does it too… :/

  185. Does anyone know how to save on mario kart super circuit? every time i start playing i have to start from scratch!!! 😦
    I asked PM and hes doesnt know… His version does it too… Any ideas? 😦

  186. this for ps3, you probably might know it, but do ou know how, for the godfather 2, how to kill norman rossi?

  187. Any ideas for the SuperCircuit thing?

  188. nope.

  189. Anyone have any ideas?
    (Dont just say nope haha)

    • why cant i say nope? well…



  190. peanutmaster i need your help i really want to make a pokemon sprite but i dont know how to

  191. peanutmaster and i apologise for not being on and updating in a while – in fact, peanutmaster might not be on for a while (he’s really sad that Serbia didn’t get through to the eurovision final!)

    • lol, Im here, and this site wil be updated soon.

      But for all the Eurovision fans out there;

      WHY THE HELL DIDN’T SERBIA GET THROUGH!!!!!!!!! ❤ Cipela ❤ lol

  192. Okay two questions, 1 what is Eurovision? 2 what is Serbia?

    • Right, eurovision is this thing we have in europe. Its a song contest full of funny songs and we vote to find a winner. Serbia is a place that likes shoes and didn’t get through to the final of Eurovision. 😦

  193. Haha ^ :L

    Eurovision – A song contest in Europe (hence the name) that rules! 🙂 And Bosnia should have won this year & last year but didn’t 😦

    Serbia – A place that ISN’T in American that you should know aobut -.-

  194. Just one thing…

    Are you gonna update challenge of the week?

  195. No he isn’t…
    Unfortunately he is on holiday in Provonce (France) until next Friday and he’s changed the password without telling me so I can’t update it for him… 😦

    • Too bad. =(

  196. Lol i know… 😦

  197. yo guys whats hanging i think u should make a runescape guide to getting money coz everyone wants money on it.

  198. You go to the desert gate/toll gate, go abit north, kill cows until your items are full, go to G.E. in Varrock and sell cowhides for about 103… I made 7K in about 3/4 trips 😛 you can also bury the cow bones and get prayr points up or cook/eat the steaks they drop to get firelighting/cooking/stamina points up 🙂 hope this helped

  199. Hey, do you guys play Naruto Arena it’s really fun!

  200. i have won over 100 challenges on miniclip but i still dont have the silver trophy!!! why?

  201. iev always quite liked haunter,he used to be pretty much a badass back in the day like pokemon blue and was a pain in that supernatural tower thingy.

    but alass im afraid haunter has grown weaker over the years,well until you level him up.

  202. This site needs to be updated again! I’m back at last 😀

  203. WiiSportsResort RULES!

  204. how do i get all people on mario kart wii?

  205. please help!me i love this game

  206. uh i might not be here wen you asnwer

  207. Just droppin by. Havent posted here in a while lol.

  208. This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.

  209. My test this forum number 2. trfekiol

  210. How do you challenge a rod that is not in the on line dictionary? I have been challenged by my opponent in a singles game but cannot figure out how to challenge….

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