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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 10 – Extra Content – Movesets

Extra Content

Extra content is meant to be helpful for online battling and not so much for
in-game help.

EVs & IVs(Overview)

All pokemon are different, even ones of the same type. EVs and IVs help ensure
that all pokemon stay different. EVs are effort points and IVs are Individual
Values. Every pokemon you catch or hatch, has a predetermined set of IVs. They
are random in the wild but can be somewhat controlled while breeding. At lvl
100, the IVs will add however many points they are worth to that particular
stat. It is best to show by example so I will.

When you first catch a pokemon, you can calculate it’s IVs. The higher the
level, the more accurate you can calculate. So, if you have a lvl100 Kadabra
with a Sp. Attack IV of 15 and another one with a Sp. Attack IV of 27. The
latter Kadabra is going to have an Attack stat that is 12 points higher than
the former Kadabra. IVs for each stat are random and calculated when you
encounter the pokemon.

EVs are effort values and they are hidden stats gained from battling. They
have an impact on a particular stat and you can gain more of one stat by
fighting certain types of pokemon.  For example, if you wanted to raise your
attack stat, you would fight a lot of machokes and machops. You can have up to
510 EV points but only 255 per stat.

Team Building Help

So, you finished the main game, you went online and got totally stomped. What
do you do now? How can you get better pokemon? I am going to assume you already
have a semi-diverse team because that is a pretty basic concept. You need to
either pick better pokemon or raise your pokemon better.

Each pokemon has a focus area in their stats. For example, the Abra evolutions
have a very high special attack and speed. This does not mean that all abras
are good. If you get a pokemon that has low IVs in it’s focus area, then that
is a perfect example of a bad pokemon. Kadabra is meant to hit hard and fast so
if it cannot do that because of bad IVs, it will die quickly due to lack of

How can I change IVs? Well, you can’t. You cannot change IVs ever(in-game). You
can affect IVs however. When you breed two pokes, the IVs of the spawn are
directly affected by the parents. I have crunched a lot of numbers and this is
what I have come up with. The IVs of the spawn pokemon is somewhere in between
or the same as the IVs of the parents. To clarify, if you breed 2 Kadabras and
one parent Kadabra has a speed IV of 20 and the other has a speed IV of 25, 9
out of 10 times the spawn will have a speed IV of at least 20. About half of
the time the IVs will be in between the two and about 1/3 of the time, the IVs
will be higher than the two.

You can calculate IVs at any level but it has to be a pokemon that has not had
any battles and it should be at about lvl15. The best way to do this is to
breed two pokes, save right before you get the egg, get the egg and hatch it.
Use rare candies to level it up to about 15, then check IVs. If you get crap,
reset the game and get the egg again. You cannot take the egg and then save
because the pokemon will be the same if you reset.

Moveset Help

Ok, so we should already know that we use attacks depending on what type of
pokemon we have. We do not want to use physical attacks with our Kadabra
because it has a garbage attack stat. So, we want to make sure we are only
using special attacks on our Kadabra. Also, any moves that are the same type as
the pokemon using them, get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). Our Kadabra using
a psychic move does 1.5x more damage than our kadabra using any other type of
move. This doesn’t mean we should have only psychic moves on our Kadabra though
because you shouldn’t need more than one type of the same move on your pokes.

Pick one move of a certain type and use that. IN-GAME you might want the extra
PP and that is why you leave multiple types but online battling is a different
ball game. Kadabra should have psychic because it is the most powerful psychic
move and not anything else like psybeam or confusion. The rest of it’s moves
should vary so you can do the most damage to the most types of pokemon.
Remember to check the icon to see if it is physical or special before you put a
new move on a pokemon.

Dusclops with Shadow Ball is ok in R/S/E/FR/LF but Dusclops with Shadow Ball in
D/P = not good.

Egg Moves

Egg moves are moves that a pokemon can learn through breeding. When the pokemon
is hatched, it will be hatched knowing these moves. The male parent has to know
the move in order for the spawn pokemon to learn it. Egg moves allow you to
choose from more moves than the ones you get from leveling up. You should look
into egg moves when deciding on the pokemon for your team to see if there is
one you want before you start breeding.


Natures are very helpful in raising your pokemon. They raise one statistic by
1.1x and lower another one by .9x. The nature determines which stats get raised
and which get lowered. You want to be sure that the pokemon you are raising
has the correct nature for what you want it to be. The following natures do not
affect stats: Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Serious and Quirky. You may want a
pokemon like this but this is usually not the case. You should once again pick
a nature that is beneficial to what you are raising. Adamant is a great nature
for a physical pokemon because it does not affect defense or speed and raises
physical attack. Below is a chart for natures that does not include the ones I
mentioned above:

Adamant…………Attack………………Special Attack
Naughty…………Attack………………Special Defense
Impish………….Defense……………..Special Attack
Lax…………….Defense……………..Special Defense
Jolly…………..Speed……………….Special Attack
Naive…………..Speed……………….Special Defense
Modest………….Special Attack……….Attack
Mild……………Special Attack……….Defense
Quiet…………..Special Attack……….Speed
Rash……………Special Attack……….Special Defense
Calm……………Special Defense………Attack
Gentle………….Special Defense………Defense
Sassy…………..Special Defense………Speed
Careful…………Special Defense………Special Attack

If you are breeding and the mother pokemon has a nature you want then attach an
everstone to it. You then have a 50% chance of getting the same nature as the

Examples of good natured pokemon:
Alakazam    =  Modest
Dragonite   =  Adamant
Crobat      =  Jolly

Pick a nature that works for your moveset. Sometimes it is hard to get the
nature you want so do not pass up on a high IV pokemon unless the nature is
really bad. For example, I have an all-around 31 IV Alakazam that is Rash. That
works fine because it raises what I want and does not affect it’s speed. Modest
would have been better but you take what you can get. Do not sacrifice nature
for IVs though. A perfect IV pokemon with a bad nature is usually worse than a
mediocre IV pokemon with a helpful nature.

Team Member types

These are terms you might see online and also you should use them to see how
well your team is balanced. If your team is filled with all pokemon of one type
then you should consider changing it up some.

Special Sweeper  – A pokemon that uses Special Attack and Speed to hit hard and
                   fast. The goal of this pokemon is to wipe out the opposing
                  pokemon in one hit. Sometimes a stat raising move is required
                  like Nasty Plot or Calm Mind.

Examples of special sweepers: Alakazam, Porygon-z

Physical Sweeper – Same as a special sweeper but uses the Attack stat. Moves
                   like Dragon Dance and Swords Dance are VERY helpful on
                   physical sweepers.

Examples of physical sweepers: Dragonite, Garchomp, Gyarados, Metagross

Annoyer          – A pokemon that inflicts status changes and weather condition
                   to slowly drain the opponents HP. Moves like Toxic, Confuse
                   Ray and Will-o-Wisp are found on these pokemon.

Examples of annoyer pokemon: Crobat

Tank/Wall        – A very sturdy pokemon that is hard to take out. Pokemon that
                   have high defense or special defense fall into this category
                   Amnesia, Cosmic Power and Iron Defense can usually be found
                   on these pokemon. They also usually have a move like Rest so
                   when you lower them enough, they will get HP back.

Examples of tank pokemon: Torkoal, Snorlax, Claydol

Mixed annoyer and tank – I think you know what this is.

Examples of mixed annoyers: Dusknoir, Umbreon

Mixed Sweeper    – A pokemon that uses both physical and special attacks to do
                   a lot of damage. It is meant to get the most chances at SE
                   attacks. Mixed sweepers need to be trained carefully.

Examples of possible mixed sweepers: Dragonite, Salamance

EV Training

Ok so, after 26416418419 eggs, you have finally bred the perfect pokemon. Or,
you are satisfied with whatever pokemon you got but now you want to really
maximize it’s abilities. You have decided that this pokemon has to be on your
team and you know what it’s role is. Now it is number crunching time. The first
thing you have to do is to decide what EVs you are going to give this pokemon.
To decide correctly, you need to understand how EVs turn into stat gains. Put
the game down now because it is time to put your thinking cap on.

You already know that the most EVs you can have is 510 and each stat can only
take a maximum of 255 EVs. At level 100, every 4 EVs = 1 stat point. This means
that if you put 255 EVs into a stat, you are going to gain 63 points in that
area. The extra 3 get thrown out. So, you shouldn’t put 255 you should only put
252 because if two stats have 255 then you gain 126 stat points. However, if
two stats have 252 EVs and one stat has 6, that is 127 stat points you have
added to your pokemon. One stat point I know but this game is truly a game of
numbers and every little bit counts. If you are going to put the time in anyway
you might as well maximize your effort.

This means when you are trying to figure out what EVs to give your pokemon, you
should always make them multiples of 4 when possible to have the least amount
thrown out. You also need to consider your pokemon’s role in your team. Here
are some EV spreads that are not completely thought out but will definetely get
your pokemon where they need to be to at least win.

Alakazam – 252 Speed, 252 Special Att., 6 HP
Dusknoir – 252 HP, 129 DEF, 129 Sp. DEF
Gyarados – 252 Att, 252 Speed, 6 HP

You can pretty much follow this formula. Any sweeper is going to get 252 speed
and 252 attack (either physical or special). Tanks/Walls should get the
Dusknoir spread listed above. Mixed sweepers should get EVs that even out the
attack / special attack. Remember, you have ~127 points you can mix and match
on your pokemon so the more thought you put into it, the better. More advanced
spreads will be talked about in the next section of the guide.

Now, that you have written down all kinds of numbers while plugging them into
your Windows calculator and have figured out exactly what EVs you want to put
where, you can start playing the game again. Take your freshly hatched pokemon
and start pumping it full of vitamins. Vitamins help to raise your EV points to
100. This is a huge time saver so be sure to start with vitamins. Your new
pokemon is a physical sweeper and you have decided to go with the Gyarados
spread listed above so buy 10 proteins and 10 carbos. Each vitamin = 10 EVs.
Once your EVs in a stat go over 100, you cannot use vitamins anymore. If you
fought some battles by accident and have given your new pokemon 4 attack EVs,
you can still give 10 proteins and your pokemon will have 104 EVs in attack.

Lets assume you have listened explicitly and have a physical sweeper with 100
EVs in both attack and speed. 510-200 = 300 EVs left. You need to battle
pokemon to get the rest. Certain pokemon give off specific EVs so you want to
fight machops for attack and zubats for speed. Each one of those pokemon are
going to give 1 EV. The macho brace is a very helpful item to shorten EV
training. Attach the macho brace to a pokemon to decrease it’s speed but double
the EVs it gets. The speed decrease is removed once you remove the macho brace.
You should use the counter app on your poketch to keep track of how many
battles you have had with a pokemon.

Pokerus is a very rare pokemon virus you can get. If a pokemon in your party
gets it, it will infect everyone else in the party as well. Pokerus fades away
after midnight so if you want to keep it around, take an infected pokemon and
put it in your PC. Take it out only to infect your party pokemon and then put
it back. Pokerus doubles the EVs like the macho brace. They stack together also
so if you fight a machop with the macho brace and pokerus then you will gain 4
EVs in attack. Pokerus is rare and you get it from defeating wild pokemon.

The last scenario is if you switch out pokemon while battling, where do the EVs
go? In general, any pokemon that gets XP from the battle, gets EVs too. For
example, if your lead pokemon has Macho Brace and a party pokemon has EXP SHARE
and your lead pokemon knocks out a Machop, both pokemon get EVs. The EVs are
not split up either so Machop gives off 1 Att. EV and both pokemon get 1 Att.
EV. The only difference is the lead pokemon wearing Macho Brace doubles the 1
EV to 2 so it really gets 2 Att. EVs. If you have a team of six pokemon and you
put them all into battle against Machop and none of them are wearing EXP SHARE
or the Macho Brace, then every pokemon will get 1 Att. EV.

That concludes basic EV training. You will see major stat increases when you
level up in the areas you’ve EV trained. You can get the macho brace from a bug
guy in Pastoria City. You need to show him the three forms of burmy to get it.
See the next section of the FAQ for more info on EV training and where to you
can do it.

Training Areas

This section of the FAQ was contributed by Icegoten.

~Shellos at Valley Windworks north of ignore the Buizel (+1 each)
~Gastrodons at Fuego Ironworks or Route 213 ignore Floatzel (+2 each)
~Gastrodons outside of Pal Park (+2 each)

~Kricketune and Bibarel at route 212 (rainy route) (+2 each)

~Cave with Geodudes and Hippos off route 214 (+1 each)
~Onix and Gravelers on Iron Island in the second room ignore Golbats(+1 Onix)
(+2 Gravelers)

Special Attack:
~Gastly at the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest (+1 each) (Haunters +2)(Gengars +3)
*Need GBA Game in GBA slot and National Pokedex for Haunters and Gengars*
~Golducks surfing in the water at the Resort Area (+2 each)

Special Defense:
~Surfing any ocean/sea area for Tentacools (+1each)
*North of 8th gym town has been good ignore Pellipers* (Mantykes +1)

~Raticates and Fearows Northwest of the Fight Area (+2 each)
~Zubats in a cave (+1 each)

*Vs Seeker Trainers*

~Route 209 – Cowgirl – L14, 15, 15, 15, and 16 Bidoof (5 HP)

~Route 203 – Lass – L38 Staraptor, L38 Bibarel (5 Attack)


Special Attack:
~Route 214 – Collector – L20, 22, and 24 Roselia (6 Sp. Attack)

Special Defence:

~Route 205 (on the water bridge) – Fisherman – L10, 10, 10, 10, 10, and
10 Magikarp (6 Speed)

*Power Items and Pokerus*

Power Items:
These items boost the number of EVs gained per battle with a pokemon in their
respective stat.

Power Ankle: Boosts Speed EVs

Power Band: Boosts Special Defense Evs

Power Belt: Boosts Defense EVs

Power Bracer: Boosts Attack EVs

Power Lens: Boosts Special Attack EVs

Power Weight: Boosts HP EVs

Equation goes like this:

x + y = t

x = EV’s from pokemon
y = EVs boosted from Power Items (+4)
t = Total EVs

Now with Pokerus we multiply the whole left side of the equation by 2 so…

2(x + y) = t

Now assume we have a pokemon that grants 2 points per battle…

2(2 + 4) = 12
Speeding up EV Training

Reducing EVs
In Pokemon Emerald version, there are 6 berries that can reduce EVs. Each one
reduces 10 EVs from their respective stat.
– Pomeg Berry  – HP
– Kelpsy Berry – Attack
– Qualot Berry – Defense
– Hondew Berry – Special Attack
– Grepa Berry  – Special Defense
– Tamato Berry – Speed

Battle Items

Battle items can transform a pokemon from a threat to a powerhouse. The right
items are very important for online battling. This section lists some very
important items and tells the reason why you would consider using it, what type
of pokemon benefit from it and where to get it.


Leftovers is an item that restores 1/16th of your health at the end of every
turn. This item is used on most tanks and annoyers as a means of staying alive
longer. Leftovers helps return health lost to weather and status conditions as
well. You should try and get a few of these items but there is only one
available in the game. You can transfer the item from older games though. You
have a 1% chance of getting leftovers from a pokemon who has the pickup ability
and is level 81 or higher. Leftovers can also be found on wild Munchlax and in
the Victory Road Cave.

Pokemon: Snorlax, Blissey, Dusknoir, Rhyperior, Steelix, Skarmory


This item keeps your pokemon from being knocked out after one hit. This will
help immensely if you let your opponent get a couple Dragon Dances or a Swords
Attack in and they are sweeping through your team. If you have focus sash on a
pokemon it is weak too, you can survive the hit and finish them instead. It is
quite a surprise for some players when this happens. Another use for this item
is if you put it on a pokemon that has a stat raising attack. So long as your
pokemon is faster than the opponent, you can Calm Mind or Nasty Plot without
worrying about dying because you will have at least 1 HP left. This item is
good for weaker pokemon that can die in one hit otherwise. You can get the
Focus Sash from a man west of the Pal Park. He will ask to see a pokemon of a
certain level and by showing him, you have a 33% chance of getting the sash.

Pokemon: Alakazam, Porygon-Z, Ninjask


The Lum berry cures all status problems including confusion. It is good on
sweeper pokemon because sometimes an annoyer will come in and try to stall you
by using confusion or toxic. The lum berry will cure your problem and give you
a free hit on the opposing pokemon. If you know a confuse ray or a status
problem is forthcoming and you have the lum berry attached, you can Calm Mind
or Dragon Dance and take out the opposing pokemon in one hit on the next turn.
You can get berries from the Berry master and also from soil.

Pokemon: Gyarados, any pokemon


The Salac Berry activates when your pokemon’s health drops below or equal to
25% of your total health. This berry increases your speed in hopes of getting a
final blow in. Some pokemon use this with moves like Endure and Belly Drum.
Endure gets you another final move and the Salac Berry lets you go first. The
Salac Berry is not available in D/P and must be transferred in via Pal Park.

Pokemon: Blaziken, Charizard


This item raises your attack by about 1.3x but will take off 10% of your health
if you attack. Moves that do not do damage do not cause you to lose health.
Strong pokemon can really benefit from the Life Orb. The point of this item is
to do as much damage to as many pokemon as you can before the Life Orb takes
you out. You can get the life orb near Stark Mountain.

Pokemon: Dragonite, Any high attack stat pokemon


Choice Band increases your attack by 1.5x but only lets you use the same attack
over and over. Fast pokemon will be able to hit harder but you will have to
take them out if the opponent switches in a pokemon who can take the damage or
is not affected. This item is a battle tower prize and costs 48BP.

Pokemon: Flygon, Slaking, Aerodactyl


This item raises your speed but will only let you use the first attack you
choose. It helps with slower pokemon because it is completely unexpected. The
only problem with this item is that after you use your first attack, you have
to keep using it over and over or switch out. You do not want your last pokemon
to have this item held. I once got stuck EQ’ing a flying type because I had no
one else left. I did take out 2 pokemon before that though so it can help when
speed is an issue. Slow moving rock types do well with this item. You get the
scarf from the Battle Tower and you need 48BP.

Pokemon: Metagross, Dragonite, Heracross, Golem


The quick claw has a chance of making your pokemon attack first no matter it’s
speed. Some people will not allow you to use the quick claw in a battle so you
may want to find out before hand. You can get the quick claw in Jubilife City.

Pokemon: Any slow moving pokemon you want to sometimes go first.


All your physical attacks will do 10% more damage than normal. A better item
than things like the Spell Tag or Twistedspoon which only affect a certain
type of move. Use this if you have nothing else to use on a pokemon and it is a
physical sweeper. You can get it in the Battle Tower.


If you have Marowak on your team, you have to give it this. It doubles it’s
attack. It will only work on Cubone or Marowak.

Attacks Help

In this section of the guide, I will mention specific moves that you can use to
help out your team online. These are battle moves that you may not have used in
the story mode that will come in handy during the battles.


A move that raises speed and attack by 1.5 Most of the pokemon that have this
ability already have a high attack and decent speed so this move can mean total
devastation for your team. Here is a good example of when you should use a move
like this. You lose your current pokemon to a Blaziken so you send out Gyarados
Gyarados cuts Blazikens attack so now you choose Dragon Dance as your first
move. The opponent is either going to attack you with a rock attack that will
not kill you because of Intimidate or they will switch out Blaziken. Either way
you get the Dragon Dance in and are going to be faster and stronger than
anything sent out.

The next few move are going to be very similar to Dragon Dance and should be
used the same way. I will just mention them briefly. You should use these moves
over moves like Screech and Growl because if you lower your opponents pokemon,
they can just switch it out but all your stat gains will stay until you faint
no matter who the opponenet sends out.


This move is the same type of move as DD except it doubles attack and does
nothing for speed.


Raises Sp. DEF and Special attack by 1.5


Doubles your pokemon’s speed.


Raises your DEF and Sp. DEF by 1.5 A total tank move. You are going to take
some damage doing your power ups so you will need a move like rest to get your
health back.


Doubles your pokemon’s special attack.


Doubles your pokemon’s defense.


Doubles your pokemon’s Sp. DEF.

Your pokemon can raise its stats 6 times. You can use moves that double your
stats 3 times. After that, the moves are maxed out and they will not work
anymore. The next moves are going to be completely different than the ones
listed above.


This move must be used in conjuction with other moves. If you just use Baton
Pass, it will not do anything except change your pokemon. If you use Swords
Dance and then use Baton Pass, the swords dance will be passed onto the pokemon
you switch into battle. If you are able to get a couple good stat uppers and
then BP them onto someone else on your team, you could win the entire match
after that. I have swept a few teams doing this. Imagine BP’ing a doubled
attack and a speed boost to a Metagross. It isn’t pretty for your opposition.


This move can be important if you let the opponent get in some stat changes and
there looks to be no end in sight. Haze resets all pokemon’s stats back to
normal. That is of course if you can get a move in (focus sash).


Cuts your HP in half but makes your attack stat 400% more than usual. It can be
hard to find the right time to use this move. Also, it needs to be a semi-fast
pokemon otherwise you will die on the next hit. Using this in conjuction with
a speed boost can finish your opponent.


A nifty little move that makes a doll out of 25% of your HP. The doll takes
damage instead of you. The doll cannot be confused or have any status change
inflicted upon it and it has the same resistance and weakness that you do. A
great move to use if you sense a Confuse Ray or Toxic coming on. It also
ensures you aren’t going to take extra damage. You can only lose 25% of your
health. Roar and Whirlwind will take you and your sub away. Substitute can be
BP’d to another pokemon in your party.


This is a ground move that lays spikes around the opponents team. You can lay
spikes up to three times. When the opponent switches pokemon, they will take
ground damage from the spikes. If the pokemon is flying or levitating, the
spikes will not harm the opponent. This move works well in conjunction with
Stealth Rock, Roar and Whirlwind.


Toxic spikes are very similar to regular spikes but the 1st set of spikes will
inflict regular poison and the 2nd set of spikes will inflict toxic poison.
Steel types are immune to toxic spikes and if you send out a poison type, the
toxic spikes are removed.


Stealth rock is the rock version of spikes. It can only be used once however
put it can do a lot of damage depending on the type of pokemon that comes out.
Stealth Rock will do 50% damage to a Charizard. It will do little damage to
grass type pokemon. This move stacks with spikes and Skarmory can learn this,
spikes and Roar. If you get them all down, your opponent start with much lower
health as soon as they switch in. It makes 1-HIT KO’s easy.


An attack that does little damage but can save your team. Rapid Spin removes
any spikes or rocks around your team. It is especially nice if you let your
opponenet place everything while you attack it and then you rapid spin all
their hard work away. Of course you would want the pokemon you have out to have
Rapid Spin because you dont want to be switching into all that. As soon as your
opponenet starts placing any spikes or rocks down, switch to your rapid spinner


This section will be for any movesets that I have come up with will be. If you
email me and ask me for a moveset and I respond with an answer, I will put a
copy of it in this section of the guide. Movesets are not always pass or fail.
You need to use one that benefits the pokemon and your team. Do not be afraid
to change things up and try out new things. These movesets are meant to be
helpful if you’ve no idea what to do. Please remember, many of these movesets
I may not have tried myself so if you choose one and it’s not working out,
change it up and also consider changing your pokemon.


-Wood Hammer
-Leech Seed/Synthesis/Crunch

Curse helps with Attack and Defense so the Nature helps with Sp.Def.


-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Fire Punch/Blaze Kick

Meant to hit hard and fast not last.


Empoleon @ Physical
-Swords Dance
-Drill Peck
-Earthquake (EQ)
-Brick Break/Steel Wing/Shadow Claw/Rock Slide

Empoleon @ Special
-Ice Beam
-Aqua Ring
-Flash Cannon/Grass Knot


-Nasty Plot/Calm Mind
-Shadow Ball/Ominous Wind/Dark Pulse
-Confuse Ray/Will-o-Wisp
-Psychic/Hypnosis/Pain Split


-Swords Dance
-Close combat
-EQ/Brick Break/Drain punch/Poison jab/Blaze Kick/Crunch


-Dragon Rush / Dragon Claw
-Swords Dance
-Fire Fang
-Crunch/EQ/Brick Break/Shadow Claw/Stone Edge/Double-Edge


Dragonite has tons of moves to choose from and you can have all different
variations of it. Dragonite even has a decent SP. ATTACK so you could consider
using it as a special sweeper. I do not condone that though as you should use
what the pokemon’s abilities are. So, I will make a couple movesets with
physical attacks in mind.

Dragonite @ Choice Scarf
– Fire Fang
– Thunder Fang
– Earthquake/Aerial Ace/
– Dragon Claw/Dragon Rush/Outrage

Fire and Thunder Fang help with any Ice Beamers that will take out
Dragonite. Choice Scarf ensures you go first against said Ice Beamers.
Pick one of the Dragon Moves for STAB. AA is also on there for STAB.

Dragonite @ Life Orb/
– Dragon Dance
– Brick Break/Earthquake
– Fire Fang/Thunder Fang
– Aerial Ace/Dragon Claw

Dragon Dance here because you no longer have the scarf on. Life orb adds damage
and 1 DD is going to add more damage. If you get your DD in, this is one nasty
dragon. If you pick EQ, then take Thunder Fang and if you pick Brick Break,
take Fire Fang.


Salamence @ Choice Band
– Double-Edge
– Outrage/Dragon Claw
– Crunch
– Brick Break

The Choice Band is going to make you use the same attack over and over so you
do not need a range of Super Effective attacks as you need to attack with this
pokemon and then switch it out. This makes Outrage even more effective. I
picked these moves because if you are stuck using any of them, you have a
pretty good chance that you will not get “it doesn’t affect” the opponent. The
only attack that will not damage an opponent is Brick Break against Ghost.

Salamence @ Life Orb/Concentration Band
– Fire Fang
– Thunder Fang
– Dragon Dance/Earthquake
– Outrage/Dragon Claw

A more standard one that will cover the most types of pokemon. You can get rid
of Dragon Dance if you are going for a poke that does the most Super Effective
attacks. Life Orb to add more damage to all your attacks. Concentration Band
does less damage than Life Orb but you keep your HP so you decide.

Salamence @ Focus Sash
– Dragon Dance
– Fire Fang/Earthquake
– Thunder Fang/Brick Break
– Dragon Claw

You use Dragon Dance on the first turn to get your stats raised. The Focus Sash
ensures you stay alive unless confusion or weather affects. After the DD, you
sweep as much as you can. I put EQ and BB there because they will do more
damage on pokemon that you do not have an SE attack for. The two fangs are only
65 power but EQ is 100 and BB is 75.


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