A guide to Peanutmaster

   Peanutmaster tries to help you.  We give you hints and cheats from loads of games. If your questions aren’t answered by the site, leave us a message – we always answer them – also, if you know any cheats that havn’t been included, please send them in!!! Why not even email us:


But it’s not all about Cheats. We review games too, so that you can see what your getting for your money, before you buy a game! On top of all this, we have the latest news on loads of games, and even have a few funny videos, like ‘top ten worst ways to die in a video game’. I hope you enjoy!


But who are the Peanutmaster team? who are the people spending every minute of their waking days to bring you all these great reviews, previews, cheats and guides?

Firstly, there’s Peanutmaster, the guy that first gave birth to the site. He is the chief editor and all round nice guy. Then there is Kitnaz, the Co Editor, who checks everything is in quality condition and often leaves comments and helps out any way he can. Then there’s Paul, who often moderates the site and helps out here and there. Finally there’s Peanut, the Co – Reviewer and Researcher. He plays all those games that no-one else can be bothered to waste time on, like Assault Cube, and Call Of Combat. We have even given him is own page (Your Cheats, Reviews And Guides) to tell you about them. You can also leave your own reveiws on that page.


                                A GUIDE TO PEANUTMASTER’S RATING SYSTEM:

Every game on the site has been given a rating out of 0 – 100. The higher the rating, the better the game. 

0 – 39% – – –  –  TERRIBLE! This is games like ‘ Crazy Frog Racing’, Or ‘Baby Pals’!

40 – 49% – – – – USELESS! Don’t waste your cash…. No, REALLY!!

50 – 69% – – – – OKAY…. These games will keep you intrested… Well, for a while…

70 – 79% – – – –  GREAT!  This will bring you joy, but may get repetitive…

80+ – – – – – – – – WOW!!! This game will be perfect for rainy days or summer’s evenings – it’s practically perfect ( This means ‘Little Big Planet ‘, and ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’)!!!


So go explore our site – catch up on what’s coming out and when, look up the greatest cheats and read a few reviews!



  1. 🙂

  2. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re so happy.

  3. this place is so awesome!! Its not ur fake guide kinda thing its actually real and no virus either.
    it really helps u guys! big thanks to all of u!!

    =) (=


  4. go to:
    if you like spyro 1 and 5!

  5. do you have the complete walkthrough of mario and luigi partners in time??? i cannot find it in your website. Hope you could help me with this matter. Thanks!

  6. We have not made this guide yet, but we’ll start making one now – lots of people have been requesting this. Thank you for your comment and be sure to see our guide when it comes out.

  7. Thanks so much peanutmaster! 🙂

  8. Im justr wondering, bt can u make a guide for Patapon, Im stuck on the mission where you have to save Meden who has been caught by the Zigoton people. pls help!

  9. Yo all. I am a DS fan and I just felt like posting something. 😀

  10. Well, I am also a big DS fan, and after playing most of the games on that console, I STILL think Sonic Rush Adventure is the best game. Please tell me your view on whichy game is the best. Thank you for all your comments, and we appreciate all you have contributed to. 😀

  11. My faviourite DS game is a tough question.
    I think at the moment I would have to say…
    Sonic Rush Adventure and Zelda: Phantom Hourglass!

  12. yes, they are both great games. I think Zelda would be better if you could replay the bosses though. It’s still amazing despite this. Thanks for that comment, we really appreciate it 😀

  13. Wah Where did pokemon diamond guide go 😦

  14. sorry for the inconvenience, but the peanutmaster guides have had to be withdrawn due to technical difficulties. NEW guides will be up soon.

  15. okay thanks buddy,

  16. could you still make the guied that shows you where to get every pokemon plz

  17. of course! In fact, I’m doing it now! It would have been finnished ages ago if it wasn’t for all the guides failing. I hope you like it when it comes out!

  18. what pokemon do you need help with on the giude

  19. =)

  20. 🙂

  21. I Finally figured out how to make a smiley!!!

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