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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 7: Galactic End – Fuego Ironworks

Galactic End

Go to HQ and not the warehouse, outside of HQ, there is a grunt you can talk to
who will run off and leave a key. Pick up the key and head to the warehouse.
You can open the first door in the warehouse but they key will break inside
the lock. Better find another key then…

Galactic Warehouse

Not a very difficult area to scale, there is a bed inside the warehouse you can
use to heal your pokes. You are looking for the galactic key inside the
warehouse. Once you find the key, you can now get more access inside HQ. When
you go down the stairs, you can go North or East. North leads to the door we
need the key for so go East. Keep following East and there will be a couple
trainer battles and you will have to go up two sets of stairs. Eventually you
reach two warp panels.

The east panel leads to a TM so take that one real quick. Then go back through
and take the west warp panel. Follow the path and you end up in a room with a
set of stairs in the east and a warp panel in the western part of the room. The
trainer in this room has 3 bug pokemon. Take the warp and follow it and you
will have to fight a scientist. This way leads to the key. Once you have the
key, go back to the room you took the warp previously and take the stairs this
time if you want TM21. If you do not want the TM, then just leave the warehouse
and go next door to HQ.

Galactic HQ

The goal here is to get to the end and fight the boss. It is pretty straight
forward. You can go slightly off the beaten path for items but you do not get
far. At the end, you fight the galactic boss and get a masterball. The boss
has 2 pokes weak to electric and 1 Sneasel which is dark/ice. They are between
lvl40 and lvl43.  Once you beat him, he tells you to go east. You will end up
in another room now. There is another battle up ahead but it is easier than the
one you just had.

The Galactic Admin has a Kadabra, Bronzor and Toxicroak. They are lvl38 and 40.
Once you defeat her, she will move out of the way and you can press the red
button. This lets three legendary pokemon free.

Mt. Coronet

To get to Mt. Coronet, you are going to need your HM slave with strength. Fly
to Hearthome city and head west, Route 208. Enter the cave and once inside, you
will need to go north. At the very top of Mt. Coronet is Dialga so be ready for
a legendary battle. Bring about 30 Ultra Balls,4 Quick Balls and 6 Timer balls.
Dialga will be lvl47 and is a steel/dragon type. If you are playing Pearl, you
will not get Dialga but instead will see Palkia. Palkia is a lvl47 water /
dragon type.

When you first enter the cave, you need to head west to the opposite side. Once
you reach the west entrance, head north and surf across the pond. Use rock
climb to reach the stairs up. You should seen Bronzong somewhere along the way.
It is the evolved form of Bronzor and is new to the pokedex. In the next room:

North, West, South, Upstairs, North, West over bridge, down stairs, up north
stairs,up stairs, cross bridge, down stairs, down stairs, upstairs and in cave

Next room: Up stairs, up stairs
Next room: up stairs, trainer battle, west, south, trainer battle, Out.

Now you are outside. Follow the path and use rock climb when you get there. Now
instead of using rock climb again, head west and through the grass until you
reach another cave. Inside, use rock climb, follow the path, down the stairs
then east out of the cave.

Outside again. Through the grass, down the stairs, rock climb west. Down the
stairs, through the grass, keep going west and you find another cave. Enter.
There is only one way to go through here so keep following the path, eventually
you emerge at the very top. Inside the cave, there is also Chimecho.

Pokedex seen count: 111

Spear Pillar

Ok, 2 galactic battles and 1 legendary pokemon coming up. You can’t avoid the
double battle so you need to try and reach the boss. They will converge on you
but your RIVAL will show up and help. The big boys here are Purugly lvl 45 and
Skuntank lvl46. Once you defeat them, you rival heals your pokes for the boss

The boss fight is going to go pretty similar to the way it was last time. He
has upped his levels some and has a new Gyarados. Whatever worked last time is
still going to work this time so as long as you gained some levels, you should
be fine. He has some evolved pokemon you haven’t seen before so that will help
out with the pokedex. Defeat him and get access to Dialga / Palkia. SAVE!! You
only get one chance at legendaries so if you knock them out, you will never be
able to catch them again.

The best way to catch legendaries is to use a pokemon that has stat upping
moves and just sit there with it out taking damage. For example, anything that
is rock/steel and has iron defense would work really well here. Get Dialga in
the red, use potions when you get low, throw lots of pokeballs. Throw the 4
quick balls right away and hope for the best, probably not going to work though
Use Ultra Balls when Dialga gets in the red and make the battle last a long
time. If you go through your ultra balls and you still do not have it, now you
move onto your timer balls. If by some miracle you still do not have Dialga
and you are out of timer balls, restart.

Palkia is pretty much the same as Dialga except it is a water type so rock
would be a bad choice to go up against it. I would suggest you use a water
type. Palkia does not have have a powerhouse attack like Dialga’s Roar of Time.

After the battle, head north to get a special item for your new legendary.

Pokedex seen count: 116

Legendary Round-Up

Three legendary pokemon have been unleashed now that you have helped Dialga. We
need to go back to all three lakes and at each one is a legendary pokemon.

Lake Valor – Azelf
Lake Acuity – Uxie
Lake Verity – Mesprit (runs away)

The first two can be battled in the lake. Surf to the cave and battle them. All
the pokes are lvl 50 and Psychic. Use the same tactic as you did on Dialga and
it should go pretty smoothly. You can use the dusk ball now and it has a 4x
capture rate on pokes in caves. I used Luxray with charge to keep raising my
special D since they are psychic types. When you try and fight Mesprit, it runs
away and shows up on your poketch marking map. If you do not have this yet, go
to Jubilife City and get it from the poketch company. Talk to the president
near the front desk to get it. Keep talking to him and you will get two more if
you didn’t have the marking map. If you want to take a break from trying to
catch the legendaries, you can skip to section 7.0.5
Catching Mesprit

Mesprit gets it’s own section because it is quite a pain in the butt to get. It
shows up on the map as a flashing symbol but every time you fly to it, it moves
somewhere else. Also, it runs away in battle so you are going to need mean look
or use your masterball. The problem with the masterball is that there is
another pokemon later on that runs away so you might want to use it on that one
I suggest Crobat with Mean Look to stop it from running away. But first, we
need to encounter it…Here is a trick I figured out that helps battle it.

1) Go to a main city that it goes near (Jubilife works fine).
2) Park yourself near the exit of the town and look in the top left corner of
   your screen.
3) Walk out of the town and when the top left shows the route name, that makes
   Mesprit change it’s location.
4) Walk back into the town and it changes again.
5) Keep doing this over and over until Mesprit shows up on the Route you are on

Once it is on your route, search the grass for a battle. It may not be the
first battle you encounter but it will show up eventually. Good luck! Mesprit
shows up in your pokedex as seen when it shows you the picture.

Pokedex seen count: 119

Sunyshore City

We can get here now. Fly to Veilstone City and head south to the hotel on Route
214. When you reach Valor Lakefront, the path east is now open. East leads to
Route 222. This is the way to Sunyshore. Follow the path, battle trainers, get
items and eventually you end up in Sunyshore. The third fisherman has a
Finneon and a Feebas so be sure to battle him.

Enter the town and you get inspiration to battle the gym leader. If you go to
the gym though, it is blocked. You need to go to the lighthouse and talk to
the gym leader and he will return to the gym. Once he returns, you will be
able to enter the electric type gym. Do not forget to talk with everyone in
town to get items. Note the woman near the shore because you will need to talk
to her again after you defeat the gym.

Hopefully you have some sort of ground/rock pokemon that has ground moves. If
not, any ground type move should work. The battles before the boss change it up
as there are some other pokes thrown in that aren’t electric including Mr. Mime
and Bibarel (to name a few). The boss has lvl46-49. He has 2 electrics, 1 water
and 1 normal Ambipom. Rock/Ground wins them all except the water pokemon, a
lvl47 Octillery.

We finally have all 8 badges and can gain access to the E4. You need waterfall
and to get it, head to the northeast section of town and talk to the girl on
the beach again. She will give you HM Waterfall now that you have beat the gym.
Your starter should have evolved by now so I am adding it to the count. You
should also consider taking the egg you got from Iron Island with you now as
you are going to need to hatch it to get the national dex.

Pokedex seen count: 124

Fuego Ironworks

Now is a real good time to visit this place. It is hidden pretty well so to get
here, fly to Floaroma town and head east out of town. At the first bridge you
get to, surf west and follow the water. Eventually you will reach this area.
You should see a Tentacool on your swim and we needed that for the pokedex. All
the trainers in here are going to have pokemon about 10-15 levels lower than
yours but that is fine because there really is no reason to rush to get here.
This area has a lot of the tiles that move your character along so it really is
just trial and error to get where you want.

There are two fire stones in here which you may need to evolve one of your
pokemon. The trainer east of the entrance has a Rapidash so you want to fight
him. There is also Rock Incense and TM35. There is nothing else to do here so
fly back to Sunyshore City.

Pokedex seen count: 126


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