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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 11: Appendix – Cheats


 Sweet Honey Pokes

These pokemon can be caught from attaching sweet honey to a yellow tree. If you
are looking for a specific pokemon, save before you press A on the shaking
tree. If you do not get what you want, restart your game and try again. This
worked for me as I was looking for a female combee. One thing to note though,
restarting does NOT change the pokemon you are going to encounter. It will
change it’s stats, gender, nature and ability but it will not change a combee
into a Munchlax. Whichever pokemon you encounter first is the one you are
going to encounter again and again.

Combee M/F – Only female evolves to Vespiquen (about 85% chance it is male)
Cherubi    – Grass
Munchlax   – Only on the tree by the Valley Windworks
Burmy      – Bug
Heracross  – Bug/Fight
Aipom      – Normal

Other pokemon can also be caught by using sweet honey but the above pokemon are
ONLY available by way of sweet honey. Burmy evolves into either Wormadon or
Mothim and it depends on the gender.

Male   = Mothim
Female = Wormadon

HM List

HM01 – Cut         – Received in Eterna City, walk near Galactic Warehouse.

HM02 – Fly         – Found in Galactic Warehouse. Visible when you first enter.

HM03 – Surf        – Received in Celestic town. Defeat the grunt guarding the
                     cave and then enter the cave. An old woman will enter and
                     give you Surf.

HM04 – Strength    – Found in the Lost Tower on Route 209. Get to the top of
                     the tower and talk to the woman. She will give you it.

HM05 – DeFog       – Received in Great Marsh. Enter and talk to the first guy
                     on the right side. He will give you this HM.

HM06 – Rock Smash  – Received from Hiker in the Oreburgh Gate.

HM07 – Waterfall   – Received in Sunyshore City in the northeast section of
                     town AFTER you beat the gym. Talk to girl near the beach.

HM08 – Rock Climb  – Found on west side of Route 217 behind the Hiker’s house.

Key Items List

Journal       – Received from your mother after you get pokedex.
Town Map      – Received from your RIVAL after you deliver the package.
Old Rod       – Received from Fisherman in Route 218 entrance building.
Pal Pad       – Received in Oreburgh City pokemon center (downstairs).
Fashion Case  – Received after defeating grunts in Jubilife City.
Sprayduck Can – Received in Floaroma Town flower shop.
Works Key     – Defeat the grunts in the secret garden and they leave the key.
Explorer Kit  – Received in Eterna City, in building next to pokemon center.
Bicycle       – Get from the Bike Shop in Eterna City after you release owner.
Vs. Seeker    – Received after cycling road on Route 206.
Poffin Case   – Received at the pokemon fan club in Hearthome City.
Good Rod      – Received from Fisherman on Route 209.
Seal Case     – Received in Solaceon Town in a house, east side of town.
Coin Case     – Guess the right hand from the Jester in Veilstone City house.
SecretPotion  – Received from Cynthia after the Hotel area.
Old Charm     – Received from Cynthia after you heal the Psyducks.
Storage Key   – Found outside the Galactic HQ in Veilstone City.
Galactic Key  – Found in the Galactic Warehouse.
Poke Radar    – Given to you from Prof. Oak after you fill Sinnoh Dex.
Super Rod     – Received from fisherman at the Battle Zone.

The Underground

The undergound runs underneath most of the map of Sinnoh. You can get to the
underground from anywhere once you have the Explorer Kit. The tasks the old man
gives you are easy and pretty self-explanatory so I will not go into much
detail about them. The main reason you want to go underground is to collect
the items in the walls. When you get underground, touch the touch screen to
make yellow items appear on your map. Go to the yellow items and touch the
touch screen again. You should be able to see glittering spots in the walls.
Walk up to the spot and press A to dig into it.

Old Amber…………………Aerodactyl

These fossils can be transformed into their respective pokemon at the Mining
Museum in Oreburgh City. The scientist at the counter will do it for you. Most
fossils are rare and take a lot of searching to find. Do not give up! If you
get a fossil, save before you give it to the scientist and keep restarting to
get a female. Breed it and put the fossil spawn on GTS for another fossil.
There is also a ton of items you can get this way like heart scale, plates,
evolution stones and many many more.

HTF Sinnoh Pokes

This section is for the harder to find pokemon you want to catch. It does not
include the National Dex pokemon.


Go to the Valley Windworks on Fridays to see this pokemon waiting for you
outside. Press A on it to battle it and this event occurs once every Friday. If
you want this pokemon now and it is not Friday, change the day of your DS clock
to Friday and it will be there waiting when you load up your game.


Gible is found in the Wayward Cave. There is a secret entrance under the bridge
of Cycling Road and you can enter it by pressing Up while standing under the
bridge. If you press up and dont enter, take a step over and try again. The
entrance is more towards the left side of the bridge. You will have to use
Strength here. You will encounter Gible while walking around the cave and it
turns into Garchomp. It is a dragon/ground type pokemon. The Wayward cave leads
to the Earthquake TM.


Catch a female combee from a honey tree and raise it. Males will not evolve
into this pokemon. Female Combee will evolve into Vespiqueen at level 21.


Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark pokemon so it has no weakness. It’s stats aren’t
stellar so it wont last that long anyway. It is pretty much the D/P version of
Sableye. In order to catch Spiritomb, you have to take the Odd Keystone to the
rock formation south of the Lost Tower. Put the Odd Keystone in it to make it
be the Hollowed Tower. Now, you have to talk to 32 people in the Sinnoh
Underground. The catch is, Hikers do not count. You have to be by someone who
has a DS and you can connect to in the underground. The good thing is, you can
talk to the same person 32 times. So, you enter the underground, talk to your
friend, go up go back down and talk to him again. Once you have done this 32
times, this pokemon will be waiting for you inside the Hollowed Tower.


Attach the Razor Claw to Sneasel and gain a level at night. It will evolve into
Weavile. Sneasel is available outside Snowpoint City. Weavile has a high attack
and speed but cannot take a hit. It is like Alakazam but physical.

Nat’l Dex Pokes

This section is for the pokemon you may have seen but didn’t catch and now you
want to obtain them. Also, it is for pokemon that you can only get after you
get the National Pokedex. Any of the more obscure or harder to find pokemon
will show up in this section of the guide.


Fly to Hearthome City and enter the house right next to the pokemon center.
Talk to the girl in the house and she will ask you if you want this pokemon.
Eevee is a very special type of pokemon and you are going to need several if
you want to completely fill your pokedex. You may want to save and keep
restarting to try and get a female if you don’t have a ditto. Eevee can evolve
into seven different pokemon.

Vaporeon – Water stone                             – WATER
Jolteon  – Thunder stone                           – ELECTRIC
Flareon  – Fire stone                              – FIRE  
Umbreon  – Happiness during the night time hours   – DARK
Espeon   – Happiness during the day time hours     – PSYCHIC
Leafeon  – Gain a level near Moss Rock             – GRASS
Glaceon  – Gain a level near Ice Rock              – ICE

Moss Rock is found in Eterna Forest. Ice Rock is on Route 217 on the right
side. You have to evolve Eevee early so that the new form will learn its moves.
If you are trying to get a certain move from Eevee or if you miss a move you
want, do not forget about the move relearner. He can help recover missed moves
on the new form.


Dusknoir is a new evolution for the Duskull pokemon. First, you need to evolve
your Duskull into a Dusclops. Duskull is rare and can only be found using the
Pokeradar on Route 224. It is a ghost pokemon with a high defense and special
defense. Evolve Duskull by raising it to level 37. You need an item called the
Reaper Cloth to evolve Duskull into it’s final form, Dusknoir. You can find the
reaper cloth on Route 229 and you need cut to get it. Attach it to a Dusclops
and trade the Dusclops to make it evolve.


Ditto is a very special pokemon because it only knows one move, transform. It
will turn itself into the pokemon it is fighting. It is not recommended for
battle but it is definitely a must have pokemon because it will breed with just
about ANY pokemon. You need ditto to breed genderless pokemon like Beldum,
Manaphy and Rotom. Breed Ditto with Manaphy to get a special pokemon that isn’t
obtainable any other way, Phione. Phione looks like Manaphy but does not have
the stats that Manaphy does. Ditto is a rare pokeradar pokemon that can be
found east of Canalave City on Route 218.


Breed Manaphy with Ditto. This pokemon will be in the egg that comes from it.


You need Fire Red inserted into the GBA slot of the DS to obtain this pokemon.
With Fire Red inserted, head to the Valley Windworks grass and run around for
wild encounters. Elekids are available in the grass and they are not too hard
to find. However, some Elekids have an item, the Electrizer, attached and they
are the hard ones to find. You need that item to transform Electabuzz into an
Electivire. Raise Elekid to lvl30 and it evolves into Electabuzz. Trade
Electabuzz with Electrizer attached and it evolves into Electivire.


You can catch Magbys inside Stark Mountain if you have Leaf Green inserted in
your DS. Magbys sometimes come with Magmarizers and you need one in order to
get this pokemon. Raise a Magby to lvl30 and it will evolve into Magmar. Attach
the Magmarizer to the Magmar and trade it. It will evolve into Magmortar.


Fly to the Battle Area and head east until you reach the water. Surf on the
water until you reach the landmass island with a lot of grass on it. Use your
pokeradar here to find Togepi in the grass. Raise Togepi’s happiness to get it
to evolve into Togetic. Now you can use the shiny stone on Togetic to make it
evolve into Togekiss. Togekiss does not learn any moves when you evolve it so
do not evolve it until you are ready. You can go to the move relearner and get
some new moves for your Togekiss like Extremespeed and Sky Attack.


You can catch Rhydon on Route 227 and Route 228. Rhydon is the evolved form of
Rhyhorn. You need an item called Protector to evolve Rhydon into the stronger
Rhyperior. Protector can be found on Route 228. Attach it to Rhydon and trade
our Rhydon to have it evolve to Rhyperior. Rhyperior has a very high attack
and Defense.


This is the evolved form of Lickitung. Lickitung is a swarm pokemon. Capture a
Lickitung and it will learn the move Rollout at level 33. Keep this move on
Lickitung and raise it to level 34. Lickitung evolves into this pokemon. This
is a totally average pokemon


Ralts now turns into two different pokemon. The female Ralts will evolve into
Gardevoir and is a psychic type. The male Ralts needs to be evolved with a Dawn
Stone to turn into Gallade. First evolve Ralts into Kirlia at level 20 and then
you can use the stone to evolve Kirlia into Gallade. Gallade is a Psychic /
Fighting type pokemon and you have to evolve Kirlia before level 30. Gallade
completely changes Ralts from a Special attacker into a Physical attacker.
Gallade will still learn moves after you have used the stone to get it.


A female evolution of Snorunt. Snorunt can be found with the Pokeradar west of
Snowpoint city. Snorunt evolves into level Glalie at level 42 but if you give a
female Snorunt the Dawn stone then it turns into Froslass. Froslass will learn
moves after you used a stone to get it.


Nosepass is a swarm pokemon so you need to get one of them first. Get it’s XP
close to leveling up and then enter Mt. Coronet. Level up nosepass inside Mt.
Coronet and it will evolve into Probopass. Probopass has a high Defense and a
nice Sp. DEF to go along with it.


Mamoswine is the third evolution of Swinub. Swinub is another swarm pokemon.
Swinub evolves into Piloswine at level 33. After it evolves, go to the Move
Relearner and learn the move Ancient Power. Now, level up your pokemon 1 level
and it will evolve into Mamoswine.


You first need to start with Porygon. You can get Porygon behind the pokemon
mansion on the days that the owner says there are Porygon back there. Porygon
evolves two times and both times require you to trade. You first need to trade
Porygon with the Up-grade item attached to it. This item is given to you by
Professor Oak once you have the National Dex. Go to his house in Eterna City
and speak to him to get this item.

After you have Porygon2 attach the Dubious Disc to it and trade it to evolve it
to Porygon-Z. You can get the Dubious Disc on Route 225. You have to use surf
to get it. Porygon-Z has the highest special attack in the game (tied with


Gligar is available in Stark Mountain if you have Emerald inserted into the DS.
You can also get Gligar on Routes 206, 207, 214, 215 and 227. Once you catch
Gligar, give it the Razor Fang and level it up one level at night. You can get
the Razor Fang outside the Battle Tower on the left side.


Catch a Yanma in the Great Marsh or transfer one in via Pal Park. Level it up
to lvl33 and teach it Ancientpower. Raise it one more level with Ancientpower
and it will evolve into Yanmega. Yanmega is a fast pokemon with a good special
attack. It can also have the Speed Boost ability like Ninjask.


Tangela is a swarm pokemon. Catch a tangela and level it up to lvl33. Teach it
Ancientpower and then level it again. It will evolve into Tangrowth. Tangrowth
gets a huge attack stat increase and a slight defense increase.


Catch Magnemite in a swarm and raise it to lvl 30 and it will evolve into
Magneton. Take Magneton into Mt. Coronet and raise it one level and it will
evolve into Magnezone. Magnezone is a strong pokemon with a high special
attack good defense and special defense to go with it.

 Sinnoh Pokedex

1 Turtwig     50 Beautifly   99 Cleffa
2 Grotle       51 Cascoon   100 Clefairy
3 Torterra   52 Dustox   101 Clefable
4 Chimchar  53 Combee  102 Chatot
5 Monferno  54 Vespiquen  103 Pichu
6 Infernape   55 Pachirisu   104 Pikachu
7 Piplup        56 Buizel         105 Raichu
8 Prinplup    57 Floatzel    106 Hoothoot
9 Empoleon 58 Cherubi    107 Noctowl
10 Starly     59 Cherrim     108 Spiritomb
11 Staravia 60 Shellos      109 Gible
12 Staraptor 61 Gastrodon 110 Gabite
13 Bidoof    62 Heracross  111 Garchomp
14 Bibarel  63 Aipom      112 Munchlax
15 Kricketot 64 Ambipom 113 Snorlax
16 Kricketune 65 Drifloon 114 Unown
17 Shinx      66 Drifblim      115 Riolu
18 Luxio     67 Buneary      116 Lucario
19 Luxray 68 Lopunny     117 Wooper
20 Abra    69 Gastly        118 Quagsire
21 Kadabra 70 Haunter 119 Wingull
22 Alakazam 71 Gengar 120 Pelipper
23 Magikarp 72 Misdreavus 121 Girafarig
24 Gyarados 73 Mismagius 122 Hippopotas
25 Budew     74 Murkrow  123 Hippowdon
26 Roselia    75 Honchkrow 124 Azurill
27 Roserade 76 Glameow 125 Marill
28 Zubat       77 Purugly 126 Azumarill
29 Golbat    78 Goldeen 127 Skorupi
30 Crobat   79 Seaking 128 Drapion
31 Geodude 80 Barboach 129 Croagunk
32 Graveler 81 Whiscash 130 Toxicroak
33 Golem    82 Chingling 131 Carnivine
34 Onix      83 Chimecho 132 Remoraid
35 Steelix  84 Stunky 133 Octillery
36 Cranidos 85 Skuntank 134 Finneon
37 Rampardos 86 Meditite 135 Lumineon
38 Shieldon 87 Medicham 136 Tentacool
39 Bastiodon 88 Bronzor 137 Tentacruel
40 Machop 89 Bronzong 138 Feebas
41 Machoke 90 Ponyta 139 Milotic
42 Machamp 91 Rapidash 140 Mantyke
43 Psyduck   92 Bonsly    141 Mantine
44 Golduck  93 Sudowoodo 142 Snover
45 Burmy      94 Mime Jr. 143 Abomasnow
46 Wormadon 95 Mr. Mime 144 Sneasel
47 Mothim   96 Happiny 145 Weavile
48 Wurmple 97 Chansey 146 Uxie
49 Silcoon   98 Blissey 147 Mesprit
                                               148 Azelf
                                                 149 Dialga
                                                 150 Palkia
                                                 151 Manaphy

Stone Evolutions

Eeevee     ————-> Flareon
Growlithe  ————-> Arcanine
Vulpix     ————-> Ninetales

Weepinbell ————-> Victreebel
Exeggcute  ————-> Exeggutor
Nuzleaf    ————-> Shiftry
Gloom      ————-> Vileplume

Eevee      ————-> Jolteon
Pikachu    ————-> Raichu

Poliwhirl  ————-> Poliwrath
Shellder   ————-> Cloyster
Staryu     ————-> Starmie
Lombre     ————-> Ludicolo

Jigglypuff ————-> Wigglytuff
Nidorina   ————-> Nidoqueen
Nidorino   ————-> Nidoking
Clefairy   ————-> Clefable
Skitty     ————-> Delcatty

Murkrow    ————-> Honchkrow
Misdreavus ————-> Mismagius

Togetic    ————-> Togekiss
Roselia    ————-> Roserade

Give to pokemon and then gain a level.

Happiny    ————-> Chansey

Give to pokemon and then gain a level in the morning.

Gloom      ————-> Bellossom
Sunkern    ————-> Sunflora

Evolve Pokemon that need to be traded via GTS.

A little tip I found accidently, to do with the pokemon who only evolve when
traded. I have a lot of traded pokemon, but am gradually getting rid of them
when I get my own ones, either by capturing or breeding. Ideally breeding, I
want as many as I can at level 1. Problem is, with Steelix, I couldn’t do that.
But, thanks to my fickleness, and then some experimenting, I found an excellent
way to evolve your own pokemon via trades.

Go to Deposit Pokemon and offer up your pokemon for trade, for something that
no one will trade for, ie, a level 100 female Piplup. When that’s done, use the
Seek Pokemon to find a pokemon, any pokemon, that you can complete the trade
with. Doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you have what they want.

Once this trade is completed, go to Summary and take back your pokemon. It will
then evolve as if someone else had sent it to you.


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