Posted by: peanutmaster | November 23, 2010

Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 8: Route 224 – The Elite Four

Route 224

Once you have waterfall, surf north on the route. There is a trainer here that
has a Finneon evolution so you are going to want to fight the swimmer so it is
in your dex. Just keep heading north if you want to skip the items. There
aren’t many here but there is TM18. You can catch Mantyke along the way. The
third swimmer on the route has a Mantyke and a Mantine so you should battle
him. At the very end of the route is a big waterfall. Use your new HM here and
you will be taken to Victory Road entrance and a pokemon center.

Pokedex seen count: 128

Victory Road

Lots of trainers, lots of items and lots of time, this cave is very large. The
pokes in here are in the lower 50s. There are no new pokes except during
trainer battles. You should battle as much as possible as you will need the
levels. The pokemon league is right after the cave.

1) Cross bridge, cross bridge, cross bridge, Rock climb, west, up stairs, north
   trainer battle (Blissey), up stairs, up stairs.

2) Smash the south rock, head south. Use strength. Move northeast boulder down,
   move north boulder west and last boulder south 2x. Head west, trainer battle
   (Carnivine and Rampardos).

3) Move west most boulder down once. Run around and smash rock. Move boulder
   again north 2x. East, follow path. Smash the rock, trainer battle (Clefable
   and Torterra). Move northern most boulder east, head north, trainer battle,
   (Staraptor and Hippowdon), down stairs.

4) Cross bridge, rock climb, west, north, follow path, trainer battle (Machamp)
   down stairs.

5) Down stairs, down stairs, surf east, surf north, waterfall, follow water
   path, trainer battle (Gabite), surf again, follow water path, up stairs.

6) West, take first path south, trainer battle (Golem and Empoleon), south,
   east, rock climb, north, trainer battle (Gible), north, cave exit.

You made it to the pokemon league. That is the very quick way through. You can
search around the cave and find all the items and gain XP for the E4.

Pokedex seen count: 140

Elite Four

Dun dun dun! We are here. The final battles to mark you as champion. There is a
pokemon center here as well as a mart. The game gives you tons of money
especially if you fought everyone and reset when you lose. Buy lots of potions
and revives. The best items are Full Restore, Hyper Potion and Revive. I bought
30 of each and used just about all of them. My levels were far too low for the
E4 but my dragon dancing gyarados did a number on them. I will recap each
person so you can be ready for them. Your RIVAL thinks he is better than you
so he will make you fight him first. Dispose of him. Onto the E4! Remember:
Use your potions. You don’t need extras after the fights so use them if you got
them. Hopefully your Riolu egg hatched by now as you need it for the dex.

Pokedex seen count: 142 (with Riolu egg)

E4 Aaron – Bug
Aaron is a bug guy so fire/flying works well. They range from lvl 53 to lvl 57.
Heracross is 4x weak to flying and the only one that isn’t weak to flying is
the LVL57 Drapion. It is dark/poison so psychic will not work out either. Use
fighting/ground against him if you got it.

Pokedex seen count: 145

E4 Bertha – Rock/Ground
Bertha has pokes between lvl55 and lvl59. All her pokes are weak to water save
Quagsire. It will double team and use sandstorm. Water will raise it’s HP so do
not use a water attack against it. She isn’t hard at all if you took Prinplup.

Pokedex seen count: 146

E4 Flint – Fire
Flint is not all fire and it even has an onix. Water still does well here
against 3 of the 5 pokes. They range from lvl57 to lvl61. He isn’t hard but be
careful of Lopunny as it knows mirror coat. Mirror coat will hurt special
attackers so use physical attacks.

E4 Lucian – Psychic

Hopefully, you took my hints and have a Gyarados by now but if not, any dark
type will do. All his pokes are psychic so dark hurts them. Bronzong has steel
though so it will not be super effective. Gyarados will die quick against Mr.
Mime if he cannot strike first as Mime knows thunderbolt. His pokes are lvl59
to lvl60. The champion awaits…

Pokedex seen count: 147

Champion Battle

She has a lvl66 garchomp and all her pokes are lvl60 or greater. Spiritomb is
probably new to you and it is like sableye, it has no weakness. Garchomp will
fall to ICE (guess who knows ice? Gyarados!). I didn’t have much trouble with
her, I used Dragon Dance a few times with Gyarados and swept everyone else in
one hit. Milotic will take an electric attack as it regenerates HP and has a
good special D. Do not inflict it with any kind of status problem as it’s
ability will make it stronger. Grass will work well too against Milotic.

Beat her and get in the record books. You are now the pokemon champion. woot!

Pokedex seen count: 149


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