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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 3: Forest Badge – Eterna City

Forest Badge
Now the quest for the 2nd badge begins. If you go north of Oreburgh, you can
catch a Machop on Route 207. You can’t do anything else until you have the bike
so you need to go back through the tunnel to Jubilife. Once you reach Jubilife,
head north for a double battle. After the battle, you will get the Fashion
Case. You can now buy dress-up items to use on your pokemon inside the tv
station, pointless IMO. The grunts showed some more pokes so that is nice.
Enter the TV station before going on Route 204.
TV Station
On the first floor, talk to the Pikachu. It will battle you and will be added
to your Dex. The girl at the counter does a lottery. Bring all traded pokemon
here and draw a number. If it matches, you can get a good item like a master
ball. There is a turtwig mask on the second floor if you want it. Leave. Talk
to the president of the poketch company. He is by the counter on the first
floor of the poketch building. You get the app Memo Pad. Leave.

North to Route 209.

Pokedex seen count: 18

Ravaged Path

You can now get through the cave with rock smash. Inside the cave, left gets
you an item but dead ends and right exits the cave. Once outside, keep trekking
north. The first trainer shows Cherubi. The double battle up ahead shows
Pachirisu. Return here with cut to get TM78. No new pokes in the grass, TM09 is
on the west side of this route. Floaroma town is just ahead.

Pokedex seen count: 20

Floaroma Town

Flowers, flowers, flowers. The flower shop has the watering can and some
berries. There is TM88 in the house next to the flower shop. Nothing else to
see here, make your way east (Route 205).

The bridge is impassable so keep going east. The grunt guarding the building
has a lvl11 Glameow which is new to the dex. Fight the goon and he will lock
himself inside the Windworks. He will also tell you about the goons in
Floaroma town so you need to go back there. The grass has some new pokes,
Pachirisu, Shellos and Buizel.

Once you are back in Floaroma, move to the top left corner of the town and the
goons will be gone. Now there is a secret entrance. Defeat the goons inside the
garden to get the key from the old man. Grunt 1 will show a Silcoon. After the
the old man will give you some honey that can be put on the orange /
brown trees. See the Appendix to find out which pokemon can only be caught this
way. Once again, back to the Valley Windworks. Leave the garden with key in
hand and take Route 205 east. Open the door the grunt hid behind earlier.

Inside, be ready for battle. The grunts will be easy but the boss is a little
tough. The first grunt you encounter has a lvl11 Cascoon for the dex. The boss
is one of Team Galactics commanders. She has a lvl 14 Zubat and a lvl 16
Purugly. I ended up beating Purugly with a lvl 10 onix but I lost everything
else. Use potions and defeat her.

Once she is defeated, you can cross the bridge from earlier. The papa and the
little girl will tell you about a special balloon poke but you cannot get that
one yet so ignore it for now. Heal in Floaroma and cross the bridge.

Pokedex seen count: 26

Route 205

The first trainer over the bridge has a lvl14 Ponyta. There are no new pokes in
the grass. There are some items here along the route but nothing fancy. There
is a house near the end of the route that will heal your pokemon. Just west of
the house is a trainer that has Piplup which may or may not help with your dex.
Do not worry if it doesn’t. The rest of the trainers can be skipped if you do
not want the XP.

Pokedex seen count: 27

Eterna Forest

When you enter the forest, you get approached by someone looking for help with
getting out. She will follow you and fight alongside you during your trek. One
really cool thing about her following you is that after every battle, your
pokemon are fully healed. The forest isn’t hard to get through, just keep
fighting trainers and you know you are going the right way. There are some
items in the grass and also some new pokes. Going through the grass with your
new friend nets two pokemon per battle as well.

The first double battle shows Beautifly and Silcoon to your pokedex. The third
double battle has Burmy, Kricketune and Dustox. The fourth one has a Meditite.

1) East, north, double battle, follow route to double battle.
2) South, east, double battle, east, north, double battle, north, east into
3) North, west, north, east, EXIT.

NEW Pokemon roundup: Murkrow(D), Wurmple, Silcoon(D), Cascoon(P),Beautifly(D),
                     Buneary, Dustox(P), Misdreavus(P)

Misdreavus and Murkrow can be hard to find so if you don’t, you will get to see
them later in the game. Exit the forest and cross the bridge, fight the
fisherman to get some lousy XP because they mostly have magikarps. From left to
right, the 1st fisherman doesn’t battle, the 2nd one has a goldeen for the dex,
the 3rd fisherman has only Magikarp so skip him entirely and the last fisherman
also has a goldeen with a bunch of Magikarp.

Keep going east and you will enter Eterna City.

Pokedex seen count: 36

Eterna City

Talk to everyone in the town and you should net a TM from an old lady, an
explorer kit and HM Cut. If you head south right away there is a professor’s
aid that will give you EXP share. The condos have an in-game trade, Buizel for
a Chatot. They also have the name rater who lets you nickname your pokemon. You
cannot change the name of traded pokemon however. The old lady with TM67 is on
the 2nd floor here.

The explorer kit can be found in the house next to the pokemon center. Talk to
the old man and he will give you the kit and also some tests he wants you to
complete so you can learn how to use the kit. See the Appendix for pokemon that
can be caught this way and what you can do underground. You get HM cut when you
take the northern route in the city. There is a poketch app inside the pokemon
center, talk to the girl near the counter to get it.

The second badge is here and you do not need to do anything special to get it.
Just go to the gym and fight for it. The gym in town is a grass gym so you will
need a flying or fire move for it. There are a couple new pokemon available to
see in the gym.

When you get to the gym, the leader will be waiting for you. She will hide her
trainers inside the gym and you will need to find them and defeat them to be
able to battle her. Enter the main room after she goes in and start searching.
Go north 90% of the way then head west. The first trainer is here. Follow the
path west, then south and you will find the second trainer after the 2 rocks.
Go back to the door and you can see three small trees in the top right of your
screen, behind them is a trainer. To get to the last one, go back to the door
and follow the first path east and then north. The trainer is in the area with
the four flowers.

Now you can fight the gym leader. Her highest level poke is a lvl 22 Roserade.
I demolished all her pokes and everyone in the gym with a lvl19 Staravia. So
long as you have a super effective move for this gym, you should breeze through

Pokedex seen count: 38

After you defeat the gym leader, you have a couple options. From here, you can
head east to route 211 where there is some tall grass and a cave. This way has
Ponyta, Chingling and Meditite in the grass. Inside the cave there is Cleffa
but the cave dead ends until later in the game. If you can’t find ponyta, give
up until later one where it will be a lot more common. The two trainers you can
fight along the way have nothing new.

Pokedex seen count: 39 (not counting ponyta or cleffa)

In the northern part of town, there are some grass trees that you can cut down.
Cut them and enter the building. This is the galactic grunts building and you
need to go through it in order to get the bike. You can avoid most of the
trainers in here or talk to the people on the computers to get more XP. The
hardest poke in here is a lvl 20 Skuntank with most of the pokes averaging lvl
15 and they are mostly bugs. You get two new pokemon for the pokedex even if
you skip the trainers on the computers.

Pokedex seen count: 41

Once you defeat all the trainers, the bike shop owner is released and you can
enter the bike shop and get a bike. The bike shop is located just south of the
pokemon center. You get a bike that is the mach bike and acro bike mixed
together. You change between bikes by pressing the B button. Go back to where
you got the exp share and now you can get past the guards as you have a bike. 

Cycling Road

There are some trainers along here you can fight for some more XP. The first
trainer you can battle has a Staravia for the pokedex. The third trainer has a
Ponyta if you didn’t catch one earlier. You will be able to catch one soon. The
rest can be skipped if you so choose. At the end of cycling road is a girl who
will give you an accessory. Exit cycling road and you are at Route 206, up the
ledge that we couldn’t go up earlier. There are two small trees that you can
cut here. Cut them to gain access to some new pokemon. On route 206, you can
find Bronzor, Stunky(D), Kricketune and Ponyta. This Ponyta is a lot more
abundant than the one earlier.

Pokedex seen count: 43


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