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Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 2: Twinleaf Town – Oreburgh City


Go down the stairs and speak to your mother. Walk outside and there is 4 houses
in twinleaf. Your house is the bottom right and you can revisit your dear
mother whenever for a free pokemon refresh. Your rival’s house is the top left
and you need to go there now so make haste. He will interrupt you and begin to
leave when you near his door. He will forget something and return back into the
house. Enter the house and go up to the second floor.

Talk to him and he will run off again. Go down the stairs and out. Head north
to enter Route 201. Your RIVAL is waiting for you there. He will talk to you
when you approach him. He will follow you now. Head west, because you cannot
enter the grass without a pokemon. Follow the path west and then north to enter
the lakefront. Save before you enter if you want to ensure you get a female
pokemon. Pick your pokemon and when you enter the battle, if it is not female,

 Verity Lakefront
Time to get a pokekmon. You will encounter two people chatting. They will leave
and forget something. Your rival will notice and you two will head into the the
grass. ATTACK! Now pick your pokemon:

Turtwig –    You get Defense and Attack at the cost of speed. Turns into a
             grass/ground poke and will make a better choice for an easier

Chimchar –   High attack, involves into a Fire/Fighting type poke. Rough first
             gym but gets easier after that.

Piplup –     Pretty easy first gym with this poke, turns into a water/metal
             poke which is strong late in the game.

Defeat the Starly with your newfound pokemon. Now you are busted. You transport
back to your house and your mother will give you the running shoes. Hooray! Now
the fun begins. Head north (Route 201) and east through the grass. You can gain
some levels here but you cannot catch any of the pokemon yet. Follow Route 201
to Sandgem Town. The man in the grass will give you a potion if you speak with
him and it restores 20HP.

Pokemon found on Route 201: Bidoof, Starly

Pokedex seen count: 3

Sandgem Town

Your RIVAL will take you to the professor’s lab. Talk to the professor and say
yes to his adventure and you will get the Pokedex. After you have the pokedex,
leave and you will be escorted around town. Your escort will head north a bit
to Route 202 and if you try to pass, she will tell you to visit your mother.
You can head south and get the Antidote and can also buy pokeballs at the mart.

So, head back to your house. Talk to your mom and your RIVAL’s mom will enter
and give you a package to deliver. Go back to Sandgem and head north to Route
202. The person in the grass will show you how to catch pokemon and give you 5
free pokeballs.

Route 202
Route 202 has your first trainer battle. Hopefully you raised your starter poke
some levels to deal with the trainers. The battles aren’t hard so you shouldn’t
have much trouble. There are some new pokes in the grass and another potion on
this route.

Route 202 pokes: Shinx, Bidoof, Starly, Kricketot
Pokedex seen count: 5

Jubilife City

Route 202 leads to Jubilife Town. Your RIVAL is located at the trainer school
and it has a big pokeball logo above the door. Enter the school and deliver
the package to get the town map. Battle the two trainers on the right side of
the school to get TM10. They both have abras which is Psychic type. This will
add another pokemon to our seen count.

When you leave the school, head north to be approached by a man who is doing a
promotion on watches. Find the clowns, answer yes to all of them and then get a
watch. There are clowns in the town and they are very easy to find.

Locations: 1) Near the pokemon center, north
           2) In front of the TV station
           3) In front of the watch company, Poketch

Talk to the man with your three coupons in hand and you will get the watch.
Before you leave town, enter the condos and the girl on the first floor will
give you the quick claw. Exit Jubilife using the west exit. Once you enter the
building exit, talk to the fisherman inside to get the Old Rod. You can now
catch magikarps. Who doesn’t love gyarados? You cannot do anything else on
Route 218 until later. Head back into Jubilife.

Leave town through the northern exit.

Pokedex seen count: 6

Route 204

There is a new pokemon up here, Budew. The second trainer here will show you a
magikarp. The third trainer will show Budew if you didn’t find one in the grass
already. Enter the cave and you can find Psyduck, Geodude and Zubat. Exit the
cave once you have at least found Geodude and Zubat.

Head back into Jubilife when you are finished catching pokes and battling
trainers. The east exit is the way to go but be ready for a battle with your
RIVAL. He will have a Starly at level 7 and his starter at level 9.

Pokedex seen count: 11

Route 203
Your RIVAL will show another pokemon, his starter. Quite a few trainers here.
Make your way through the route getting some XP. Abra is available in the
grass. If you want one, you have to throw the pokeball immediately as it will
run away if you try to battle it. When you get to the end, there is a cave
entrance. The trainer south of the cave entrance has a Machop for your pokedex.
The cave has a couple trainers inside and also nets you an HM. It is a small
cave and exits in Oreburgh City. The last trainer shows you a Psyduck if you
didn’t find one earlier.

Pokedex seen count: 13

Oreburgh City

Finally, a badge city. However, the gym leader is not around. He is in the
mines and you will have to go get him out. The first house in town has a dusk
ball on the second floor. The 2nd house offers an Abra for a Machop which is a
great way to get an Abra that will grow fast. Upstairs is a man looking to see
a Zubat. You will get a TM if you bring him one. Enter the pokemon center and
go down the stairs. Wi-fi is now open to you. The house below the mining museum
has a great ball.

The mine is located in the Southern most part of town. You can get a super
potion from one of the workers east of the mine entrance. Enter the mine. Onix
is the new poke available here. The mine has some trainers and a worker
located between two rocks. Talk to him, he is the gym leader, and he will show
you rock smash and leave. Defeat the trainers and collect the items. When done,
head out and off to the gym.

Pokedex seen count: 14

Oreburgh Gym

This gym is all geodude and onix. Make sure you have a poke that can handle
these two (water/grass is best). The leader has a lvl 12 of each and a lvl 14
Cranidos who is very tough. It’s huge attack stat will knock most of your
pokes out with one hit. If you have trouble, raise your levels. Winning nets
you a TM that is very similar to spikes but for a rock pokemon and your first

Pokedex seen count: 15

NOTE: The GTS is now open in Jubilife which enables you to trade pokemon online
without knowing friend codes. If you get a pokemon that is a much higher level
than the pokes you are using, it probably will not obey you. Keep that in mind.


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