Posted by: peanutmaster | November 23, 2010

Pokemon Diamond FAQ Part 1: The Basics

Off to Sinnoh!

Early Tips before we start:
*Catch a Bidoof. They are available early and can learn a lot of HMs.
*Caves can be revisited later with more HMs to reach more areas.
*Battle every possible trainer you can. They give double the XP of wild pokes.
*Lower opposing pokemon stats for higher capture chance i.e. growl, screech.
*Check the poketch company often, the president gives out new apps.
*Save before legendaries, restart if needed.

The Basics

Evolution: Evolution is when your pokemon changes into a new type of pokemon.
Evolution usually increases your stats and can change the type of the pokemon.
You can evolve pokemon by reaching a certain level, using a stone or by
raising the happiness of a pokemon and then gaining a level. Each pokemon is
different. Some pokemon only evolve by trading or trading with a certain item

Evolve by Stone: To evolve a pokemon by stone, you just use the stone on the
pokemon. It will evolve immediately. This is good because that means you can
evolve it whenever you want and evolution = stat gain. The downside is that
most pokemon will not learn anymore moves once you evolve it by stone. They can
still learn TMs but they will not learn any level-up moves. You have to be sure
that you have all the moves you want because once you evolve it, it’s done. The
move relearner can show you new moves for your pokemon but any of the pre-
evolution moves will not be listed.

Evolve by Happiness: You raise your pokemon’s happiness, then you level up and
it evolves. You raise its happiness by putting it in your party and walking
around with it, making it win battles, giving vitamins and by giving it the
soothe bell. Do not let it faint as this will lower its happiness. Any traded
pokemon have their happiness reset so you will have to go through the process
again if you need to after a trade.

Evolve by Level: Once your pokemon reaches a certain level, it will evolve. You
can delay the evolution by pressing B. You may want to delay the evolution to
wait for a specific move as all non-evolved pokemon learn the moves faster than
the evolved forms. Sometimes though, the non-evolved form will not learn a move
so it isn’t always good to delay. Any moves you miss on pokemon that you didn’t
evolve can always be learned from the move relearner once you finally do evolve
it so don’t worry. Attaching the everstone to a pokemon stops it from even
trying to evolve.

Evolve by Trade: These pokemon evolve once they are traded to another trainer.
You will have to trade it to someone for it to evolve and hopefully, they will
give it back. Sometimes a certain item has to be attached to a pokemon to make
it evolve by trading. These items always say “It is loved by a certain pokemon”

Capturing: You can capture pokemon and train them which makes them your own. In
order to capture a pokemon, you should lower it’s health and then use a
pokeball on it. Status changes and stat changes help to catch it as well. There
are also many types of balls you can use to get the best chance at a capture.

Caves: I will not be telling you how to get to every spot in a cave. My cave
instructions will only get you through the cave as fast as possible. You should
check other parts of the cave AFTER you have already gone through it. That is
the best way to explore. If you get to the end and there is a battle you are
under leveled for, then that would be a good time to go exploring.

Battles: Battle, battle, battle. Trainers give XP, money and they help fill
your pokedex. In order to get the national dex, you need to see all 150 pokes.
By battling you see more and it helps fill your dex. When I beat the E4, I had
all 150 pokes in my dex. I didn’t capture them all but I saw them so I got the
national dex immediately.

Attacks: Pick attacks according to your stats. Attacks have 3 types, other,
physical and special. This is different from past pokemon games where you knew
what kind of attack it was by it’s type. For example, Prinplup has a good
special attack and a terrible attack. You should use moves that are special
types. Physical attacks (like peck) use the bad attack stat prinplup has. This
is the same for when you are battling. If you fight an onix, then you would
want to use a special attack against it to combat it’s high regular defense.
You do not pick attacks just because they are water anymore. HM waterfall is
physical, HM surf is special so surf is going to do MUCH more damage.

Type Attacks: If you use an electric attack on a water pokemon, you are going
to get “It’s Super Effective!” This means that your attack did 2-4x damage to
the opposing pokemon. If the pokemon is only a single type then you would do 2x
damage to it. So, a Shinx using spark against a Buizel would do 2x damage. If
the opposing pokemon is a dual type and both types are weak to electric, then
you would do 4x damage to it. If that same Shinx uses spark against a Wingull,
it is going to do 4x damage because Wingull is water/flying and both are weak
to electric. KNOW YOUR TYPES! This is the same for “It’s not very effective…”
The damage you do is going to be halved or worse.

Pokedex Seen Count: Look for this to keep track of how well your pokedex is
coming along. Your numbers will probably never be exactly the same as mine
except at the beginning so do not worry about it. Just be sure that you are
really close to mine as you go through the game. If you need a certain pokemon
in your pokedex, do a search through this guide and you will probably find it
as I usually write out the full name of the pokemon when it is your first
encounter with it.

Recommendations: These are my recommendations for pokes you can use. Of course,
you should pick whatever you want as there are tons of choices but here is a
very small list for someone who has no idea what are good pokes. These are
good for IN-GAME battling and may or may not be good outside of that.

Starly, Gyarados, Shinx, Abra, Bronzor, Ponyta, Gastly, Machop, Geodude, Budew.

I named these because they are easy to get and still good. Mix and match for

Diamond Version Exclusives: Dialga, Stunky, Honchkrow, Cranidos
Pearl Version Exclusives:   Glameow, Palkia, Shieldon, Misdreavus

These are pokedex exclusives and not national dex exclusives. The evolutions
of these pokes are also exclusive to each version. National exclusives will be
discussed later in the guide.

Shiny Pokemon: Shiny pokemon are different colored pokemon than the normal.
Shiny pokemon are super rare (1/8192 chance of seeing one) and you should never
pass up on one. If you see it, be sure to capture it. Even if it is one you
dont wan’t, you can trade it for one you do. Beware of Shiny pokemon on GTS as
they are probably hacked. It is very easy to tell a shiny pokemon because it
has stars around it when it is sent out. Examples include a red Gyarados and a
black Charizard.


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