Posted by: peanutmaster | November 21, 2010

Cooking Mama – Nintendo – Ds

All the fun of the kitchen without the washing up… or the actual food…

For a game all about a daily household chore, Cooking Mama is highly addictive. We at Peanutmaster could not put this game down this gloriously colourful cartoon game until we had 100% on everything and all three trophies when the game first came out.

With new recipes, kitchen layouts and utensils to unlock after every completed meal, making the game even more addictive,  as well as different characters to unlock (in case you get sick of Mama and her psychotic nature) my girlfriend even put this game in front of our relationship at times…. not phoning until she had completed another three dishes.

The game itself is very simple. All the modes have the basic principle, cooking 76 different meals to please Mama. The meals vary from easy things like Ice Cream, where you simply choose from six flavours of ice cream your three favourite that you will use and catch them in a cone, then choose your sprinkles, to harder meals like Macaroons and Mama Cookies. And even though the simplicity and repetitiveness of the mini games you play to create the meals, Cooking Mama is very VERY addictive.

 <— ‘I have salt in my eye!’

Despite being obviously aimed at children, I feel Cooking Mama is worth a  try by anyone who is into games like Wario Ware, and this mini games really are just as addictive.

The gameplay is mostly good, and the use of the stylus in the games to beat, mash and flip stuff is very ingenious although is does begin to wear thin eventually and you begin to feel that there is no actual point or direction to the game…. It’s not like you can even eat what you make, and you begin to feel all those hours you wasted playing it were in vain.

Overall, despite being a charmingly cute gathering of cooking related minigames that are very VERY addictive, Cooking Mama can be a tedious game that often lacking a direction.


Cooking Mama has spawned many sequels and copies including Gardening Mama and even a PETA Vegetarian version: , where you cook a disgusting turkey, neck, guts and all. This hilarious copy is well worth a try at!

 <— because we all thought she was psychotic before!

If you like this game, you should try Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends, which is also on Wii, and pretty much exactly the same.


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