Posted by: peanutmaster | November 21, 2010

Best Free Online Gaming Sites

Today I am reviewing sites that share some of the best online free games. If you now any more please comment!

featuring retro platform games, all completely free, Nitrome is one of my favourite sites. All the games are very different and you wont find anything like them anywhere else. Skywire, where you control a cable car through a maze of different obstacles from giraffes in boxes to vampire bats. Super Treadmill, made to look like a 90’s arcade game, you play as a fat kid who wants to be thinner by jumping chairs and beds and other furniture as he fights to stay on a treadmill that cuts ‘90% of your body mass in a single run!’ Hot Air Baloon sees you play a baloon, trying not to burst on the spikey walls surrounding you.  Not forgetting Feed Me, the frustrating platformer featuring a carnivorous plant hauling itself around by biting things.You get the idea. These games are possibly some of the best platformer’s you’ll find for free on the internet, all of them having tons upon tons of levels, and Nitrome, with it’s ever-changing-to-fit-the-game animation at the start is definitely worth a minute of your time when your bored on the web.

Whenever I think of NinjaKiwi, another great site for finding some free online games you can get addicted to, I think of Bloons. Bloons is one of the finest Defence games around. It’s the classic set up, with the twist that you are monkeys beign attacked by bloons. Hmm. Believe it or not, Bloons is a great game, and I’ve been addicted to it many times. The different areas to defend (which cna often be very samey) are all very varied, from the globe to a desert. It is a masterpiece of game, with so many sequels that NinjaKiwi have even made a page JUST from Bloons games. From Bloons Junior to the aptly named ‘Even More Bloons’, there are so many different Bloons games now!

Apart from this, NinjaKiwi hasn’t got any more major signature games, although some of their smaller games like Meeblings, where you push a ball of fluff great hight and see if it can survive longer than someone elses, are still great fun, yet not as addictive.

Miniclips holds a variety of amazing games. If your just surfing the net for a new game to play, here’s the place. From Runescape, the game that everyone’s heard about, everyone’s played, and everyone pretends they dont play anymore, to the classic retro shooter Commando, plus a host of games from Platformers to Puzzles and Action to Education, in fact, theres even a section they’ve made called ‘Five Minutes: In a Hurry’ for games that are quick to play! Miniclips is an easy way to sift through an find games that you want to play. Nitrome’s Skywire is even there, along with a host of their other games! And even better, the list of games is updated at least twice a week, so there is almost always something new!

So, If your looking for a good old fasioned platformer, Nitrome is the way to go. If your more of a Defence/shooter kinda guy, then there is always NinjaKiwi and their Bloons, and if you have no idea what to do, or your short on time, Miniclips is a great starting place to finding ways to bust bordom on the web! If you now any  more great sites please comment and tell us!


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