Posted by: peanutmaster | May 21, 2010

Pacman 30th Birthday Google Surprise

Today is the classic game Pacman’s 30th Birthday, and to celebrate Google has done the usual thing and had it’s logo on it’s main page in the style to suit the occasion. But today it isn’t just visual… You can actually play the classic retro game!

The game consists of two levels of pretty much the exact same game, except you are being chased by the ghosts around a giant ‘Google’ sign. Topped off by the ‘Insert Coins’ button instead of the usual ‘Feeling Lucky’ which leads to a two player mode (player 2 controlled by the WASD  keys), here at Peanutmaster we are pretty damn impressed! We’re off to play some Pacman now. 🙂

Grats to Google!


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