Posted by: peanutmaster | February 25, 2010

Peanutmaster Is Back!!

Hey all. I’m really sorry that for almost a full year now I have not updated the site. Well I’m back!

..sort of.. I am going to be starting a new site, and a compeltely non-game related subject. I will still update Peanutmaster, but it won’t be as much as before. If anyone has any requests for a review, preview, or some cheats for anything, ask me! And thanks everyone for still looking at what has been a hell of alot of work for over 3 years now. Its been fun, and still will be, as long as you keep reading my posts!

Also, you can now rate posts, pages and also comments on the site!

And finally, I am deleting the Mini reviews page, as I think its too scruffy and also is very unused. Sorry anyone that does use it!


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