Posted by: peanutmaster | July 12, 2009

Tank Trouble – Online

Here’s an awesome online game, Tank Trouble. Play against your friends online and blast them away with your DEATH RAY! It’s really fun if frustrating. Give it a try!





  1. Are there any cheats for this game?

    • Not at the moment. But Il try to find some.

  2. I know of a cheat, but i cant do it, my friend can go outside the maze area, i would like to know how to.

    • its simple, make sure you just go in a straight line and no turning or wobbling

      • Actually go straight but before you do zoom in 2 times then do it, you should now be outside the maze

  3. zoom in 2 go out side

  4. My friend got a death ray suddenly but i dont no how to do it

    • yp its so coolllllllllllllllllll lollolllollollollolllollolololololllolllolollolol xxxx

  5. voor adhurim

  6. i want to no some cheats on tt

    • I havent tried Firebirde1’s cheat but that could work. I am thinking of putting up a cheat/ tips guide for TT. Anyone who wants it like this comment! Thanks for your post!

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