Posted by: peanutmaster | May 2, 2009

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: First Glimpse


The new Zelda game has been announced!!!!!! Hooray!!

At the recent Game Developer’s Conference in San Fransico, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that Link wil be returning to the Ds!!

The title, Spirit Tracks, refer’s to the game’s main new feature: train travel. Link drives a train (whilst wearing a *cough*nice*cough*  old-school outfit, with the player controlling a cannon with the stylus, to fire cannonballs at attacking enemies wanting to stop him in his… tracks… It seems that these train sections are direct replacement for the sailing segments in Phantom Hourglass, so if you enjoyed those bits you’ll be in your element here.



Speaking of Phantom Hourglass, it is clear from the brand new screnshots on this post that the game uses the same graphical and gameplay style as Link’s other great Ds adventure. The storyline has yet to be revealed, so it is not clear wether this is a sequel, a prequel or even an entirly new game to Phantom Hourglass altogether. But what we do know is that Zelda is back in her ‘princess’ form again, instead of her pirate-based Tetra get-up.


As fun as the train-stuff l0oks, the main meat of the game will be based on stylus-based adventuring as in Phantom Hourglass. As before, the entire game will be controlled with the stylus. But Link has some more moves to show those evil minions he encounters. He now has a new weapon which creates small tornadoes (a bit like in the first dungeon of Twilight Princess). You can control the direction of the tornado using the stylus to blow away enemies, deflect projectiles and gather items from hard-to-reach areas.

We have also seen parts of the game where you are accompanied by one of the armoured guards from Phantom Hourglass. Using the stylus, you can let them help out Link in a number of ways. For example, a guard can reach a switch behind a wall of flames. You cna also direct it to fight smaller enemies or attract bigger ones while you attack from behind.



We love what we have seen of Spirit Tracks so far, and gald the gorgeous Phantom Hourglass style is back. We will post more info about the game when we get it!





  1. yes… “nice” outfit.

    OTHER GREAT DS GAME WTF!?!?!??!?! Phantom Hourglass was crap! :S – it was even worse than Ocarina!!! (i hate Ocarina…)

    but anyways, i think i speak for everyone here when i say “piss off you bastard” to that game.

    • Ok, so it’s not the BEST idea Nintendo has ever had….

      The dungeons look good though, and so does the tornado weapon.

      • Agreed

  2. Wat do you mean hourglass sucks? P. Hourglass ROCKS!!!

    But I do agree nintendo is out of ideas but think how many games they produced.

    • yeah, Hourglass was ok. It was really short and didnt have that something the really god Zelda games have, though…

      A train really isnt the BEST idea… And its only fair to point out the hundreds of games Nintendo have made. 🙂

  3. Yes, but they should go back to classics 😛
    like a SNES style sequel to Link To The Past 😀

    Hourglass was the worst sofar.
    Then Windwaker.
    Then Ocarina.

    true about Nintendo though 😛

  4. and its called the gale boomerang PM it was in twilight princess -.-

  5. ok you could say hourglass was OK but really it is a little bit challenging and how can it be worse than ocarina? Okay here is how i veiw ocarina.You (link) are trying to find an instument for some girl to play.ITS POINTLESS. BUT the worst is majoras mask ,TIMED GAME, AND THE STORYLINE IS SO STUPID!

  6. Hi guys! Well, some of you are making reasonable conclusions, especially since many of you are probably deeper gamers that I. However, give Nintendo a chance…. I’m sure that there will be many people who will be way excited for this upcoming game. I mean, think about it: since when was the last time you played a decent Train-based video game? Personally, I’ve never even heard of one (except for The Polar Express, but usually movie video games are just terrible). I think that no matter what happens, there will always be someone out there who will absolutely despise this game: it’s all an opinion…

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