Posted by: peanutmaster | April 26, 2009

Challenge Of The Week – MarioKart Ds – MooMoo Farm

This week’s challenge is for MarioKart Ds!

Try to beat our best Time Trial score of  1:20:341 on MooMoo Farm!

 Leader Board

1. badboy101 – 1:16:925

2. Kitnaz – 1:17:016

3. Cressilia – 1:17:027

Previous Challenges Leader Board:

MarioKart Ds – Tick Tock Clock ( set 25/4/09)

Time to beat: 1:58:927

1. Kitnaz – 1:55:633

2. Catherine – 1:56:249

Well done to everyone who has tried to beat the high scores set by the Peanutmaster team and everyone else! Good luck for future challenges!



  1. New Record:
    Race – 1:17:489
    Lap – 0:24:944
    Beat the staff time – YAY 😀

  2. ^^ Why was my name KitnazWho in those? :S

  3. well done! Your head of the leaderbaord again… so far…

    wat do you mean Kitnaz Who?

  4. HAHA! I owned your scores!!! My best time for moomoo farm is 1:17:027 !!! 😛

    • well done! you’ve just beaten our resident games master, Kitnaz! That’s quite an achievement.

      …of course, I beat him all ther time 😄

  5. send me those times on bebo Kitnas pls.

    Its easier of we just ahve our own records together….

  6. im gna pwn moomoo farm now…
    grrr 😡 haha

  7. MooMooFarm pwnage! 😀

    • rofl – too bad Cressilia, Kitnaz beat you… but u still have time to get back and beat him again!

  8. No u dont.
    I own :D:D:D

    ive beat staff record on 3 circits sofar – starting tonight :L

  9. Make some for mario kart WII!!!! I dont have this game so I cant pwn all you on this website!

  10. 1:16:925

    I win!!!! 😛

  11. I am going to crucify you :L
    as PM said to me when i was pissing him off about his girlfriend 🙂

  12. mine is…1:”10:955
    Fastest lap: 22:926

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