Posted by: peanutmaster | April 26, 2009

Challenge Of The Week – MarioKart Ds – MooMoo Farm

This week’s challenge is for MarioKart Ds!

Try to beat our best Time Trial score of  1:20:341 on MooMoo Farm!

 Leader Board

1. badboy101 – 1:16:925

2. Kitnaz – 1:17:016

3. Cressilia – 1:17:027

Previous Challenges Leader Board:

MarioKart Ds – Tick Tock Clock ( set 25/4/09)

Time to beat: 1:58:927

1. Kitnaz – 1:55:633

2. Catherine – 1:56:249

Well done to everyone who has tried to beat the high scores set by the Peanutmaster team and everyone else! Good luck for future challenges!



  1. New Record:
    Race – 1:17:489
    Lap – 0:24:944
    Beat the staff time – YAY 😀

  2. ^^ Why was my name KitnazWho in those? :S

  3. well done! Your head of the leaderbaord again… so far…

    wat do you mean Kitnaz Who?

  4. HAHA! I owned your scores!!! My best time for moomoo farm is 1:17:027 !!! 😛

    • well done! you’ve just beaten our resident games master, Kitnaz! That’s quite an achievement.

      …of course, I beat him all ther time XD

  5. send me those times on bebo Kitnas pls.

    Its easier of we just ahve our own records together….

  6. im gna pwn moomoo farm now…
    grrr 😡 haha

  7. MooMooFarm pwnage! 😀

    • rofl – too bad Cressilia, Kitnaz beat you… but u still have time to get back and beat him again!

  8. No u dont.
    I own :D:D:D

    ive beat staff record on 3 circits sofar – starting tonight :L

  9. Make some for mario kart WII!!!! I dont have this game so I cant pwn all you on this website!

  10. 1:16:925

    I win!!!! 😛

  11. I am going to crucify you :L
    as PM said to me when i was pissing him off about his girlfriend 🙂

  12. mine is…1:”10:955
    Fastest lap: 22:926

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