Posted by: peanutmaster | April 24, 2009

Challenge Of The Week – MarioKart Ds – Tick Tock Clock

Hey! This is a new section that we’ve added to Peanutmaster. It’s where, once a week, we add a challenge to the site for you to beat. The games that the challenges will be based on will vary, from Guitar Hero to MarioKart, and you can request your own challenges if you want!

So, just have a go at the challenge we set, and if you manage to beat our top scores, just leave a comment with your score on it! This is your chance to go for glory! 🙂

Ok, so this week’s challenge is on MarioKart Ds!

Try to beat our top Time Trial score of 1:58:927 on Tick-Tock Clock!

mkds59   mkds60   mkds62

A great tip is to drive over one of the big cogs at the end of the laps. Try going over the one going the same direction as you, which varies every lap! 🙂



  1. Hi – I beat you PM! I got 1:56:249!!

    • well done! So, the new score to beat is yours! 🙂

  2. I got 1:55:633 😀
    My Best Lap is: 0:37:699 😀

  3. eh….this may be old ut my time is: 1:46:575 by snaking…

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