Posted by: peanutmaster | April 17, 2009

Sonic Chronicals: The Dark Brotherhood Cheats – Ds

Unlockable: New Game +

To unlock a New Game + option for a second playthrough of the game, beat the game once through in its entirety.

Unlockable: E-123 Omega

During the fifth chapter, you’ll visit Metropolis. Take Tails’ team to the northern part of the zone and head as far west and north as you can. Inside a small building you encounter, you’ll find a robot named E-123 Omega. Though you must return to Stronghold before you can actually use him, when you encounter him in this building, he’ll join your party.

Unlockable: Cream & Cheese

To find Cream the Rabbit, solve the bridge puzzle at Green Hill Zone. After locating her, volunteer to help her solve her problem. She wants to find Cheese the Chao, and you will help her do so. After you have Knuckles, climb the yellow building to the east of her location and go through the door at the top. You’ll find Cheese the Chao within. Once these two are reunited, both will join your party.

Unlockable: Rogue

When you get to the place after Green Hill Zone, head to the red dot on the map. When you get there, you will find rogue. Follow her to the General. Talk to him and Rogue will join your party.

Unlockable: More Characters

Perform the actions below to unlock additional characters:

Eggman – In Chapter 3, once you find all of the Eggman Detectors you will find Eggman appears inside a building.

Shadow – Once you have Eggman,in Chapter 4, follow the rings to Shadow. You have to beat him twice.

More cheats will be added soon…


  1. what is the game + option I beat the game but, should I really do that?

    • its a new game and all the options that come with i8t. Its up0 to you, do you want to play through the game again?

  2. what are the options?

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