Posted by: peanutmaster | April 10, 2009

What Should Nintendo Be Doing Now?



  1. I know that there are rumours about all of these things, and that Nintendo IS releasing classics games again, but I want to know what you WANT them to do the most.

  2. Read my post from a few months back – they are making Zelda & Mario games – as stated in ONM.
    There is a rumour about the new console – which is based on the failed VirtualBoy.
    And they are currently bringing back 10 classic GameCube games – Mario DoubleDash, Mario Sunshine, Metroid, F-Zero, Pikmin, Zelda Windwaker – and i cant remember the rest… 😦 – as stated in ONM

    • lol ok, like I said, I know they ARE doing all of that, but the poll is about what you think they should be focusing no mainly.

  3. There is just one thing… the DSI. I mean really how can it really be better than a DS? Think about it do you REALLY NEED it to take pictures?
    The idea is just plain stupid.

    Think about that…

    • yeah, I know what you mean…

  4. yknow wat they shud do?
    make a mariokart game with all characters tracks and karts/bikes that have EVER been in a mariokart game – call it MarioKart Collection of summin 🙂 itd be awesome. they cud also have DoubleDash mode (Y)

  5. what? :S

    does anyone know anyone in nintendo (Satoru Miyamoto preferably (Y)) email or anythin?
    I wanna giv them my ideas 😀

    • lol yh, gd idea

      Tell, you what, Ill turn your Ideas into a post on here if u want – they are awesome ideas 😛

  6. Yeah the ideas are great!

  7. Ok 🙂
    Like the smash bros one 🙂

    anyone have any more? 🙂

    • yh, Im doing it now! 🙂

  8. lol
    wens the music one coming up?
    make sure to ad on here haha 🙂

    • yeah, I will. For all who dotn know, me and Kitnaz are making a Peanutmaster’s Music Guide 🙂

  9. its Kitnaz & I – good grammar lol 🙂

    advertise it on here – make a post haha 🙂

    • yeah, I will once Ive made the site 🙂

  10. gdgd lol

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