Posted by: peanutmaster | April 3, 2009

Patapon 2 – Japan Studio – Psp

Pata Pata Pata Pon!!

The patapon have returned with another drum beating adventure, with more enemies, more missions, and more bosses! Patapon2, the sequel to Patapon, has re awoken the great, drum beating God inside me, and now, just like the first time round, this addictive game won’t let me stop playing…

Patapon 2 is alot like the first game. It still has the same Patapon types, it still has the same style missions and bosses, and still has the same drums. But there is alot of new stuff too; There are new patapon types (I love the Robopons, Patapons with giant, robotic hands, that throw rocks), there are also new enemies, locations (there’s a great ice area now) and new bosses.



But, despite all the new stuff, alot of the old remains. The old bosses, Gaeen, Dodonga and the rest, are still here, but with new moves. This means you can relieve the great moments you had in the original Patapon. The new bosses are great to, the mammoth-creature being my favourite.

The new locations are also alongside the old ones. The desert is still there, but there is also an icy area, a jungle area, a mountain area, a cloud area, and even a hell area!

Rarepons also make an appearance again, but this time the way to evolve you Patapons into rarepons isn’t so random. There is an evolution map that lets you evolve your patepon into rarepons, then into greater rarepons, and then into the greatest rarepons. Evolving into rarepons is also how you get the new types of Patapon. There is now a new patapon called the ‘Hero’ patapon. He wears a mask and can alter his form. He has special attacks and is the only patapon that can regenerate. Thanks to the Hero patapon, your army is alot stronger than before!


The old drum beats are still there (like the attack beat – Pon Pon Pata Pon), but there is also the new jump beat, which lets you jump over those really tricky to dodge attacks. If only we had that in the original game…

But the best new feature by far is the multiplayer egg mode. When you beat a boss or a certain level, you will receieve an egg. Take this to the portal beside the World Map obelisk and you will transported to the Hero World, where you can battle using multiplayer on those levels!


Overall, Patapon 2 is a brilliant sequal, adding all the thigns we wanted int he original game to the things we had. The multiplayer mode and the great new missions and enemies means that this is my favourite rythm game to date.



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