Posted by: peanutmaster | March 29, 2009

Wii’s Best Multiplayers

Yesterday I spent the day around Kitnaz’ (co-editor and friend of mine) house. We decided to catch up on what we thought were the best multiplayer games around. So, we got to work; messing around with the Wii…

So, after a day of testing all the games we could get our hands on, here’s the best multiplayers you can get for the Wii:

6: Wario Ware – Wario’s minigames are MADE for multiplayer, but the repetitiveness doesn’t quite cut the cheese to get right to the top…

5: Mario Kart: Double Dash – yup, its old and stuff, but the co-op action only found in MKDD makes this a gem of a multiplayer game.

4: Blazing Angels – This decent WW2 flying game is one of the best around! Shooting down your mates in a dogfight were never better. To be honest, we just want a sequel…

3: Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games – The olympics… but fun! Out-run,  out-swim, and, er, out-table-tennis your friends and families…

2: Mario Kart Wii – A great Mario Kart game, with innotive controls. The amazing graphics, brilliant controls and outstanding amount of fun make it so much more than just a plain old game. Multiplayer modes are the best out of every MK game, too.

1: Super Smash Bros: Brawl – Brawl combines beat-em-up with classic Ninty heroes, cool themes and great stages. This is by far the best Multiplayer game I have played!


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