Posted by: peanutmaster | March 14, 2009

The Ultimate Classics

With Nintendo releasing the New Play Control! series, featuring Pikmin, Mario Power Tennis and more and alot of other developers re-releasing their classics, it’s about time Peanutmaster counted down the best classics around. So here’s the best games for a few of the consoles of the past…



1: Crash Team Racing – Based on the Crash Bandicoot series, this is one of the best kart racing games I have ever played, rivalling even the great Mariokart!


2: Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos – Despite not many having actually heard of this, Croc is an essential part to every classic PS1 collection. Join Croc as he embarks to save the Gobbos from the evil Dantes in this massive game!

3: Crash Bandicoot – The original adventures of that pesky bandicoot, and a great platformer. Why on earth aren’t games like this any more?

4: Cool Boarders – Another game many have no idea about, Cool Boarders sees you plummeting down slopes in my personal favourite snowboarding game.

5: Spyro: Year Of The Dragon – A classic spyro game, and the reason why we love Spyro today. But playing this does make us see how badly Spyro has gone downhill in his latest escapades…



1: Super Mario World – Mario has always been our favourite little plumber, and in Super Mario World, not only do we get to meet Yoshi for the first time, we also get to be rewarded for 100% comletion for the first time on a Ninetndo system! With 72 levels, this isn’t short either!


2: Zelda: A Link To The Past – It was this prequel that made Link famous, and it’s obvious why – this is a great adventure with bigger dungeons, better weapons, and parrellel worlds!

3: Super Street Fighter II – This is the ultimate proof that techonlogy hasn’t benefitted the best beat-’em-ups. This is still our favourite fighter, 15 years after it’s first release!

4: Super Mario Kart – Despite being very tough and even maybe primitive compared to it’s new Wii counterpart, Super Mario Kart is still one of the best Mario Kart experiences, especially in battle mode.

5: Super Metroid – Challenging,  deep and undeniably epic, this is a great from the goldne age of 2D gaming!



1: The Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker – Not only is this beatuifully animated, it is a joy to play and a personal favourite into the Zelda franchise.


2: Pikmin 2 – Pikmin is a stranger of Nintendo’s offerings.  Despite this it is one of the most joyful games you’ll ever play.

3: Soul Calibur II – For fast paced action, Soul Calibur II is the best, and the ‘cube version, featuring link with his bow, is brilliant!

4: Super Mario Sunshine – The second 3D Mario game took six years to make. Even though it will never live up to Mario 64, Isle Delfino is a joy to explore and there is some classic platforming to try out.

5: Super Smash Bros: Melee – The fact that it took seven years to be bettered says something in itself. Melee is brilliant, with it’s heaps of characters, masses of stages and an amazing orchestral score!



1: Sonic The Hedgehog – The begining of the phenomenom that is Sonic The Hedgehog first started right here, on the Mega Drive. And even today, Sonic is bigger than ever!


2: Golden Axe – This great arcade platformer is clearly a milestone is gaming history, and a favourite from this era of gaming.

3: Street Fighter II – The brilliant SF in all it’s arcade glory. The best Beat ‘Em Up around by far.

4: Ecco The Dolphin – The first  ever ‘Swim ‘Em Up’ and a very different approach to platforming makes this a great game.

5: Sonic 2 – The sequel to the amazing Sonic features his annoying companion, Tails. It’s still a great game though, even if it doesn’t live up to it’s older brother’s standard.



1: The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Yes, despite it being ancient, this is a brilliant handheld entry into the Zelda Franchise. And it looks great too.


2: Final Fantasy VI – My favourite Final Fantasy on a Handheld Console thanks to it’s amazing storyline and huge cast of characters. After playing this fans must have mept when Square made the switch to Playstation for the astounding Final Fantasy VII.

3: Super Mario Land 2 – The first game to feature Wario. This game holds a special place in the mushroom kingdom’s history and is the first proper classic handheld Mario game.

4: The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap – Despite Capcom taking over the development of this, one of a trio of cartoony Zelda adventures, nothing was messed with and the classic adventure is still there, along with a cap that shrinks Link…

5: Pokemon Red/Blue – Despite having only a measly 151 Pokemon, and having being bettered a few times now, The first Pokemon game can not be ignored – Red/Blue is a massively influential game.



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