Posted by: peanutmaster | March 12, 2009

Pokemon Of The Week – Shaymin


Shaymin  is a Grass-type legendary Pokémon.  It was not officially revealed until February of 2008, when it was listed as a star of Giratina and the Sky Warrior. In early June of the same year, its Sky Forme was revealed, which takes on the Flying-type as a secondary type.

Shaymin is a small, hedgehog-like creature. Its body is pure white. Its back is covered with green fur and has a pink flower on each side of its head. Its legs are short and its underside is plump. Shaymin is the smallest legendary Pokémon to date. According to the Pokédex height of 0’08”, it is also among the smallest Pokémon in existence, with its comrades being Diglett, Natu, Azurill, Budew, Burmy and Chingling.

As first revealed by Japan’s CoroCoro Magazine, Shaymin has two forms. The first (Land Forme) is the original form seen in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions. The second is the Sky Forme which debuted in Giratina and the Sky Warrior. Shaymin will change into Sky Forme and back if it touches a Gracidea. Shaymin can’t be in this form at night or if it has contact with ice. Shaymin’s Sky Forme has a canine-like appearance. It has a small, slender body. The fur on its back appears to have shifted into a mohawk; it has a red flower petal on the right side of its neck, looking like a scarf or cape, and flat wing-like ears. It has a small ruff on the front of its neck and a stumpy tail. Shaymin is genderless, just like every legendary.


Shaymin have the ability to instantly purify any ruined land of all pollutants in the air and transform it into a lush field of flowers. They can take in polluted air, purify it inside their bodies, break it down into water and light, and release the purified substance in a violent, explosive burst. This ability is known as Seed Flare, their signature move. Its power varies on the type of pollution is absorbed. Shaymin can also communicate with telepathy and sense the gratitude of others.

Shaymin have a habitual trait called “Flower Bearing”. Each season, Shaymin gather in a flower field somewhere and migrate from there. This behavior is called Flower Carrying because a new field of flowers grow where they land. Shaymin are also attracted to areas where there is a lot of gratitude. Their personalities are almost opposite with each form– Land Forme is shy and easily scared, while Sky Forme is courageous and playful.

Shaymin live in fields of flowers. Since a Shaymin camouflages by curling itself up, it can easily escape people’s notice, similar to Geodude on rocky terrain.

Shaymin cannot be found inside Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. To get this legendary in this game you must go to a Nintendo Event or use an Action Replay. The Sky Forme cannot be found in Diamon/Pearl at all.

In the anime, Shaymin made its debut in the 11th Pokémon movie, Giratina and the Sky Warrior.


Above is a picture of Shaymin from the Anime, in both it’s Land and Sky forms.


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