Posted by: peanutmaster | March 7, 2009

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin Guide: Mission 25 – Lab Rats

Here’s another for Bluepinoy 🙂

You might think that you are royally screwed for this mission, but you aren’t so in the first round, what you want to do is to destroy all the missiles. That is the most important thing, the next important thing is that the Mech CAPTURE THE AIRPORT IS IT NEAR AT ALL COSTS. You need to destroy all the missiles, regardless because it is important for what happens next. The first one will require your Duster to hit it for two, and then some more luck for being killed by the Medium Tank. That needs to happen, otherwise, you are going to be facing a big problem.

After the third day, reinforcements arrive. The brings a hell of a lot of units, a large amount of tanks and bombers, which you need to use to get rid of all the meteors in the area so your tanks can actually do some damage. Use all the infantry to capture all the buildings. The most important property on the map is right in the middle.

That factory in the centre of the map is the most important base that you can get and you need to capture that at all costs. This is important because this is where you are going to produce all the reinforcements that you need to win this mission. There is also another factory that you will need to get, but this one is behind plasma wall is one you want to prevent the enemy from getting. Rush out some rockets and move it to cover the Factory. That way, if they want to capture, they need to face some hostile rockets.

Now the problem is that factory itself. If the enemy manages to capture it, you need to capture it back. You need to use whatever ground forces that you can to get it back. Swarms of Megatanks sound rather good against other megatanks, provided that you have some rockets to back you up.

There is a relatively good chokepoint there, so you have the easy time of baiting the enemy units with some Rockets to take out the threats. Her air power is still a threat, so use some Missiles that you have been given and use them to cover all your troops.

You want to creep towards the enemy’s base. You want to use your tanks to move forward, and use your rockets, which should be heavily protected, and use them to creep forwards, and that will allow you to gain more and more land, which you then use rush and capture that factory. Capturing that faction will be the turning point.

From then, you will have to deal with the rest of their megatanks and the chair force. Slam them out of the sky, and you just need to keep pushing forwards, that is all you need to do. Push her, and keep harassing her units and move towards her base and capture it. You need to park her factories and take her HQ.

Never let the CO get into a unit, that is because the CO power is one of the most deadly powers that you will ever face in the game. She, in a unit, is extremely powerful, she gets at least a 60% boost to attack and defence, and that is quite a boost. You need to use a lot of firepower to take her down, and she is most likely to get into a fighter, so bring some AA units to make sure that it doesn’t get a chance to build up the CO power. Luckily, the unit doesn’t have a CO Zone when it starts out.


Well, this is quite hard to S Rank, so you need to save often and hope for the best. You want strong powerful units, so don’t build a lot of small cheap units because that will ruin your score, as well as taking a long period of time, because that will drop your speed score. You also need to make sure the enemy gets a pounding, otherwise your power score doesn’t get a workout, but that shouldn’t be too hard. This is the second hardest mission in the game, the hardest being the last. And next. So good luck all, and I hope this helps! :):)



  1. Now I know the secrets. My friends will be surprised with how I will overtake their performances.

    • well that’s what we’re here for 🙂

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