Posted by: peanutmaster | March 6, 2009

Lord Of The Rings: Conquest – Pandemic – Ps3, Xbox 360, Ds, Pc

Frodo and co must be sick of that blasted ring… The epic story of The Lord Of The Rings, since Peter Jackson’s cinematic trilogy, has been on the recieving end of a number of videogame adaptions. We’ve been given the chance to recreate famous scenes from all the films in MMOs, RPGs, real-time strategies, action/adventures and more since 2002. But EA isn’t finished with the licence yet; The Lord Of The Rings: Conquest will allow us to experience the events at Helm’s Deep, Isengard, Moria and more yet again.

If you’ve ever played Star Wars: Battlefront then TLOTR: Conquest will feel mighty familiar. As one of four classes you can switch between (Archer, Mage Warrior and Scout) you are required to capture and hold command posts set within the well-documented Middle-earth settings. Again, like Battlefront, you’ll occasionally get to cntrol all the major heroes (BoroMir, Aragon, Gandalf and so on) for brief stints when appropriate to the story.


As well as playing as the heroes, you can also play as the motley crew of bad guys. You may look a bit ugly, but you ge tto have giant beasts on your side. In our opinion hurling small guys with your massive beasts and destroying troops in one blow is the best bit of the game. That and smashing your way through a wall of aroows to sink your sword into the enemies.


The problem with TLOTR: Conquest is that  (unlike battlefront) it suffers from Dynasty Warriors syndrome. Ploughing through hordes of ident-i-Orcs with limited combat moves doesn’t offer a real challenge. That we were able to take down Sauron with a generic archer (after we got fed up using Isildur) and dispatched Saruman within the space of a minute has good as ruined any feeling of reliving some of the story’s most iconic moments. Something further reduced by the irritating voice-over man that feels the need to bark incessant instructuons every 20 seconds.

For brief bouts of hack-‘n’-slashery (as well as the chance to do a bit of Hobbit hunting playing the campaign as the bad guys) TLOTR: Conquest will help vent some anger, but it’s by no means a definitive The Lord Of The Rings Experience.  Despite the briefly satisfying Orc-butchery, this just doesn’t work as well as Star Wars: Battlefront.






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