Posted by: peanutmaster | March 1, 2009

MadWorld Preview


Based around an ultra-violent television show named Death Watch, MadWorld sees the player assume the role of Jack – a particularly rough-looking fellow with a chainsaw strapped to his arm. Jack must kill or be killed in order to survive trhis twisted and gore-filled slice of daytime entertainment. It may look very grizzly, but it’s pitched with a tongue-in-cheek style and sense of humour. When we say ‘cartoon violence’, we mean just that; this may gorier than any Tom and Jerry, but it is still cartoon violence in our opinions…


Made up of some seriously talented former Capcom staff, PlatinumGames has already established quite a reputation without even having released a game. However, MadWorld is looking very special indeed, with its stylised monochrome visuals and over-the-top action-winning hordes of fans already. Lets hope the censors keep off this, so that we all get to play it.








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