Posted by: peanutmaster | February 28, 2009

Pikmin – Nintendo – Wii

Games often trigger bouts of deja vu. We get it every time we see the lastest instalment of Need For Speed and often when Square Enix announces a new game that just happens to be a remake of an old PS1 game…

But Nintendo is being more shameless than most with it’s latest New Play Control! series. The games it will feature aren’t really even remakes or updates; they are just games previously released for gamecube adapted to widescreen and with new Wii-specific controls.


Of course, when the game in question is Pikmin, no one’s going to be disapointed with what emerges. On Wii, the game – which has you collecting up parts of your crashed ship as mini Captain Olimar – is every bit as playable as it was back on the Gamecube in 2002. More so in fact, because the Wii-controller is ideally suited for the strategy-like gameplay and for highlighting and throwing your little Pikmin helpers around the place. You highlight them by pointing at the screen, then yank them out of the ground with A.


The visuals have barely changed, but they were so advanced for their time, Pikmin still stands strong graphically against some new Wii titles.

Aside from the ability to replay any of the game’s 30 days, the puzzles and challenges facing you and your multi-talented Pikmin pack remains the same. If you played the original, £30 is clearly alot of shell out on a near carbon copy. Especially if Pikmin 2 makes it onto the Wii, as it’ll be a better choice. If you missed it first time round, though, you’re in for a real treat.






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