Posted by: peanutmaster | February 27, 2009

Gears Of War 2 – Xbox 360

By Peanut (to see more of his reviews, visit the mini reviews page)

This game is rather gory…

Smoke billows throughout the map as you sprint passed hails of bullets and a teammate goes down before the hammer of dawn goes off.

You get inside before the mortars go off and the rest of whats left of your team searches the place for useful defenses.suddenly a locust bursts out of nowhere and swings his lancer at you -your now in a chainsaw duel and you desperately press the B button to avoid dissembowlment.

You manage to kill the locust and another group of locusts come at you – you fire off hail of rounds then realize ur out of ammo.

This is only the multiplayer and the game is as gory as hell! kill a guy with a chainsaw and you can see his intestines !

Even the solo campaign is impressive with its tight story and plot and also the way it improves level by level with better and bigger fights with increasingly difficult bosses (the one in the underground lake is very hard)

All together this game is fun-gory-full of explosions and has very good graphics…


-fun all the way with only minor annoyances


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