Posted by: peanutmaster | February 27, 2009

Animal Crossing: City Folk – Nintendo – Wii

Written by Kitnaz (Co-Editor),

Many people have said it, including Peanutmaster, “What is the point of
Animal Crossing? There is nothing to do apart from talk to animals and
fish and stuff like that.” Animal Crossing is about doing whatever you
want, dig up fossils, shop or just talk to people, and the new game adds
whole new elements to the Wild World of Animal Crossing.
So lets get this out of the way in case of confusion, if you have played
Animal Crossing: Population Growing for the GameCube, you should see
this as more of an update than a proper sequel. How much you enjoy it
will depend on how much you enjoyed the GameCube or DS versions, and
whether or not you are willing to completely start over on a new slate.
This review is mainly for people who are new to the world of Animal
Crossing and are thinking of buying the Wii game.


In this game, once again you are a guy/girl who has recently moved to a
new town, after choosing a house, finishing work and meeting all your
new neighbours you have free reign to do whatever you want; go fishing,
design clothes (The Able Sisters now allow you to design the front, back
and sleeves), Catch Bugs, Buy/Sell furniture and etc, as well as many
more things. The ultimate goal for the first few months of play (if you
get it for Christmas, it will probably take you until July or August if
you play everyday) is to pay off all of your mortgages, every time you
pay off one your house will get bigger and you get a new mortgage, the
house expands similar to this; Main Room Gets Bigger, Main Room Gets
Bigger Again, Basement (Unknown whether it is in this game, I am only
100,000 bells left so ill keep you posted), Upstairs, Left Room, Right
Room, Back Room, ??? (Possibly a golden statue of you as in Population

This game is easier to control that the GameCube, you move with the
Nunchuk, “B” is run/pick up item, “A” is to select something and the “D
pad” controls your equipment, “C” and “Z” do the same as “A” and “B”.
The game will really get interesting after about a week of playing, when
you have max-population in your town, you become a member of Crazy
Redd’s and the Auction House opens. After about a month you should start
to get enough money to buy things from GracieGrace, a fashion shop which
sells clothes and furniture, very good, very expensive.
You can also exchange Tom Nook points for pieces of the rare Nintendo
set of furniture/clothes, for the pieces not found sometimes in balloons.

 This strange hat is just one of the many items to collect, wear and fill your house with…

The city is a bit limited, but it has some good stuff in it. You can
find anyone who is not in your town here. Here is a list of services;
Resetti’s house – Randomly opens after 8 o’clock, Resetti gives you a
silver shovel.
Katrina’s Fortune Teller – Gives you a fortune, something good will
happen if you do this…
Shampoodle – The hairdressers, changes your hair style or gives you a
Mii Mask.
Kicks – Changes your shoe colour/style.
Auction House – Self explanatory, the rules are a let down though. Takes
ages to do anything.
GracieGrace – Sells expensive but good furniture, changes stock every
season, half price sale at end of every month.
The HRA – Rates your house when you become a member, you can also get
Décor tips.
The Marquee – Shrunk’s theatre, teaches you emotions, sometimes
Frilliard is there, I’ve never seen him but there are posters on the walks.
Crazy Redd’s Black Market – Expensive stuff, changes stock every week or
when you buy everything, the only way to get a lot of furniture and ALL

So in conclusion this game is great, to get the most of it you need to
talk to everyone in town (Villagers plus; Brewster, Sable and Celeste)
every day, and it really gets interesting after playing for a month.

RATING:  91%



  1. This game is awsome!!!!!

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