Posted by: peanutmaster | February 21, 2009

Pokemon Of The Week – Rotom


Rotom is a dual-type Electric/Ghost Pokémon. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. However, as of Pokémon Platinum, it can change forms.

Rotom’s basic body looks similar to Castform, but Rotom has no real relation to any other species, since it doesn’t have any evolutions or pre-evolutions. Rotom has a body of plasma. It also has teeth, which are often seen. Rotom also have unique eyes that have a dividing line across them.

Even though Rotom is classified as being an Electric/Ghost type, it possesses traits that aren’t usually normal for something that’s supposed to be spirit, such as the need to eat, being able to faint and somehow reproducing. Rotom themselves are shaped like lightning rods, while the blue aura of electricity around them takes the appearance of lightning.

In Pokémon Platinum, Rotom also has five extra forms (each based on a household appliance), which can be transformed between using an event-exclusive item called the Secret Key. They are based on a refrigerator (Frost Rotom), washing machine (Wash Rotom), fan (Spin Rotom), lawn mower (Cut Rotom), and a toaster oven (Heat Rotom). Despite having visual characteristics of other types (Ice, Water, Flying, Grass and Fire, respectively), they share the original Rotom’s Electric and Ghost types. Rotom’s eyes and aura of electricity will change colors when it changes forme. In contrast, their base stats are far higher than those of the original Rotom, to the point of being analogous to evolutions.


In Diamond/ Pearl, Rotom can only be obtained through the Old Chateau, the haunted mansion in Eterna Forest. You must go there after getting the National Dex. There, you will find the Eterna Gym Leader, who will tell you that she’s too scared to go in. If you do enter, you will fing Rotom inside a Tv in the room that is second to the left on the seocond floor. Rotom will only come out of the Tv between 22:00 and 04:00, though. Rotom is the only Pokemon in Generation IV that is not classified as a Legendary, yet still has legendary music. There is only one in the game, also just like a legendary.  

 Rotom can creep into machines and appliances and infiltrate them. It may also possess and take the form of them if it wishes. However, only 5 alternate forms have been discovered so far.


Rotom are mischievous, apparently wreaking havoc on electrical appliances just for the fun of it. They usually live in electrical appliances, sometimes in those of abandoned places. In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, a Rotom resides inside a TV, where the player is able to catch it after obtaining the National Pokédex.

 In the anime Rotom appeared in DP105 in its six different forms, terrorizing Ash and company.




  1. How do you catch it on Pokemon Platinum?

  2. He told you how to.

    LOOK 0 0


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  5. WOOOOOOOOOW!!! kewl! ^.~

  6. Thanks.

    • Or do you mean the guide? 😛

  7. wow so frickin cool…… will u be my friend since ur so cool…… gosh i cant get over how cool you are…… FAGGOT


  9. I aleady knew that shit

  10. you do not need the national pokedex to catch rotom in pokemon platinum

    • becuse he is after manaphy which u can see in the pokemon mansion

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