Posted by: peanutmaster | February 21, 2009

Making Money On Animal Crossing: City Folk

So, you can’t seem to make any kind of profit On Animal Crossing? Your mortgage is unbelievably unpayable? Nook’s prices are driving you insane? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. Here’s a simple guide to making moohlah in Animal Crossing.

1) Each tool found at Nook’s can make you tons of money…
Use the net and fishing rod to catch different kinds of bugs and fish to sell. Although bug catching makes a LOT more money in the summer, there’s always fishing still! This is mainly how I make my money at the moment!

2)There’s three new fossils or gyroids to dig up in your town every day, with most of them selling for 5,000 bells or more. They are worth the searching for. 

3) Also, every day there’s a certain rock that you can hit for money. Dig holes behind your character so you don’t have to run forward when you slide backwards from hitting the rock. You can make up to 8,100 bells very quickly this way. If you want a video or pictures, just look up “Animal Crossing City Folk money rock”. Tons of websites come up.

4) And if you have a slingshot, you can shoot items down from the sky and sell anything you don’t want or need. You cna get some nice stuff doing this, but things fly by quickly, so you need to be prepared to shoot them down!

5) Native fruits (that grow in your town naturally) sell for 100 bells each, so going around and gathering fruit isn’t a bad idea, and not hard either. Or, if you have a different fruit from a friend’s town or something, you can sell it for a quick 500 bells. OR, if you plant it, you will have 1,500 bells in a few days from the three fruits that grow on it. Sometimes, trees dont grow in certain places, so use an axe to cut down a blank tree and plant your fruit where it was. Plant more fruit trees for more money, and sell the fruits every three days once they grow back. Or, you can shake the trees without fruit on them! Sometimes random pieces of furniture or bags of money fall out. But watch out for bees!! Or, you could just catch those too, for more money!!! …This can end up nasty though.


6) If you go down to the beach about every half hour, it will be full of shells again! So what do you do with all these shells?? Sell them! Although a single shell isn’t worth much, (30 to 1,200 bells) a whole beach of them REALLY adds up, especially if you wait more than half an hour to gather them. Every few days there will be a few items in the recycling bin, and the lost and found in the town gate that you can claim and sell.

7) You can try the stalk market (buying turnips from Joan and selling them for more bells to Nook) once you have some money to invest, also. There’s tons of guides to help you with that too, since I’m not an expert, and I usually end up losing alot from that….

…Well, that’s how I make my money!! Have fun making some of your own moohlah!




  1. All in my review,
    btw have you got it yet?

    • yes, I just got your email lol.

      Youth Gone Wild is awesome.

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