Posted by: peanutmaster | February 19, 2009

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin – Mission 23: Sacrificial Lamb

This one’s for Bluepinoy –

Moreso than most other missions, this one’s all about surviving the first five days or so. If you can get through them without taking a huge amount of damage, especially to your fleet, then you should be able to cruise your way to an easy victory. This is easier said than done, though, and I don’t blame you, Bluepinoy, for not being able to complete this one.

The enemy has a lot of territory to work with, but their factories are blocked off from most of it thanks to meteors, which they seem to not want to destroy. Thus, the only reinforcements they can get to the bulk of their landmass is infantry. Your ultimate goal here is not to storm the beaches, though; you should attempt to skirt around the southeastern corner of the map, land your troops near the dock there, and strike from there towards the enemy HQ.

The trouble here revolves around the fact that you’re going to be taking bomb hits from the Giant Owl on days three, four, and five. These bombs are dropped on your largest and most expensive collection of units. What you want to avoid here is having any naval units get hit by the bombs, but luckily that’s avoidable.


Day One


The northern lander here has a mech unit and an anti-tank unit on it; drop it on the northwestern island so that the anti-tank unit can fire on the meteor there on day two, and the mech unit can capture something starting on the same turn. The eastern landers here (with a tank, w-tank, and a couple of mech/infantry units on them) should begin heading to the southeastern island. One of them will be able to get close enough to drop off the mech unit, which can likewise begin capturing a property on day two.

You need to split up your battleships here. Move the easternmost one to the southeast a bit, while the western one moves north a bit and plunks the gunship there with its bombs. Finish the gunship off with a carrier, and spread the rest of your naval forces out a bit as well. The Giant Owl’s bomb will have a three square radius of effect, just like it did last turn.

At the northern dock and factory, build a gunship and an infantry unit. You’ll be able to use the gunship to drop the infantry unit off on the northern island next turn, and the gunship will make a handy blockade of the channel there, alongside your lander, to prevent enemy submarines from coming down. You may also want to build a gunship on the eastern dock, since you can afford it, and it’ll come in handy for weakening the enemy gunship or cruiser on that side of the map.

Apart from that, consolidate your w-tanks and infantry units near your headquarters. Park the w-tanks on buildings and make sure all the units there are tightly packed together to give the Giant Owl a nice little bullseye.


Day Two


Make a quicksave at the beginning of this turn; in a lot of ways it will be the most important turn for you. You have to position your units such that the important units, specifically the battleships, aren’t targeted by the Giant Owl when it comes down.

Begin by starting to capture properties on the northwestern and southeastern islands. You’ll need to land a bunch of units on the southeastern island here, both to capture the two cities there and also to block the enemy landers that will be coming this way from dropping any other units off. If you park a tank and a w-tank on the coastline, they and the landers should be able to block off any enemy landers that attempt to approach, causing them to head for your mainland, where they can be easily destroyed before disgorging their contents.

At the end of the day, you need to ensure that your battleships are fairly isolated, away from your carriers especially, since those will make high-value targets. Again, if you have two w-tanks and three infantry units clustered in your base, that should be enough to draw the Giant Owl’s fire, which is fine. If the Giant Owl is consistently aiming for your ships, then you may need to build a set of rockets or another w-tank back near your HQ to shift its fire. You want the Giant Owl to bomb these units since you won’t be using them for a while, and you’ll have plenty of time to repair them before using them for an attack.


Day Three


If one of your battleships was hit by the Giant Owl, you should probably go ahead and reload your quicksave and try things again until you manage to get the Giant Owl to attack your tanks. If you can manage to get the bombs to drop on the right place, then this should be a fairly simple turn: just avoid moving your units around too much (you want the bombs to drop in the same place next turn as well) while destroying any enemy units that threaten you and continuing to capture cities that you’ve reached.

Try to block off the northern passageway from the enemy docks on this turn with your gunship and lander. They will have a submarine coming for your battleship at this point, so you want to intercept it if at all possible. Otherwise, try to position your battleship south of the rough seas with the gunship and lander in a position to block it from being attacked. If you have a cruiser in the area, it should be able to make a strike at the submarine from a distance away on the next turn.


Day Four


Another holding pattern day. Continue capturing and shelling any units that come into range of your battleships, but ignore the rockets for now. You can fire on a rocket unit, but they’ll be able to fire back on their turn, and your goal is to keep your battleships at full health here.


Day Five


This is the last day of bombing, so after absorbing the blow here, you’ll be able to start actually doing stuff. Exciting! At this point, if you’ve survived with your battleships and cruisers mostly intact, you should be able to start shutting down the enemy navy. For whatever reason, they seem intent on making units only at their northern docks, which makes it a bit easier to set up a blockade consisting of a couple of cruisers and a battleship, with perhaps a carrier up there to provide support against any battleships that might appear and also attack the enemies on the mainland.


The Buildup


Luckily for you, battleships in the water will keep the enemy rockets back towards the center of the enemy landmass, allowing you to move around in the water with a fair amount of independence. When you have the northern passage blocked off with cruisers and any remaining unused landers, you can start building extra battleships. Keep the cities on the coast uncaptured by the enemy to keep your economic edge, but don’t risk taking out the rockets directly.

If you want to take out the rockets, feel free to pound them with missiles from the corners of the map. Apart from them, your threats include a possible landing attempt by a CO-powered w-tank that comes from the northern dock. Leave a gap in your blockade to allow it through, then pound it.

Build extra temporary docks on your main island to resupply the battleships there, as well as on the southeastern island to support the invasion fleet. When you’re ready to go, start making landers and load them up with w-tanks, mid-tanks, and a few infantry units for good measure. Start crawling up the eastern side of the map, with battleships and cruisers leading the charge, and kill anything that looks at you funny.

You won’t have a lot of beach space to unload your troops, so start with your tanks and charge into the enemy rockets to weaken up the troops, following with seaplanes if you have them. When you’re able to do so, land your infantry on the beach and head to the HQ. Capturing it will end the map.

I hope this helps, and if it didn’t, sorry. Keep battlign and you’ll get there! (by the way, it took me a while to complete the mission too…)


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