Posted by: peanutmaster | February 16, 2009

Wii Sports Resort – Nintendo – Wii

If you watched this year’s E3 Nintendo Conference (and if you haven’t, it’s not to late for a giggle), then Wii Sports Resort will be high up on Wii-owner’s wish lists for a number of reasons. Most importantly because it will be the first game to showcase Nintendo’s enhanced pointing peripheral the MotionPlus. The extra precision provided by it will be used for a variety of cheery minigames, including Jet-Skiing (called Power Cruising), Frisbee ( aka Disc Dog) and Kendo (known as Sword Play) to replicate your movement accurately.

Wii Sports was a deserving hit with gamers of al ages. But it didn’t provide long-lasting entertainment once you had sampled all of the minigames. We’eve yet to see the full line-up of activities but we’re holding out for some greater substance and Balance Board connectivity.

So far, we rate this:


But I guess we’ll have to wait until it is released this spring for any more information.


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