Posted by: peanutmaster | February 7, 2009

Guitar Hero: On Tour – Activision – Ds

Guitar Hero has swept the gaming world and become one of the biggest games around. And despite this, the concept is so simple; a fake guitar with a few buttons in-planted along with some rocking tunes to play. But is it so simple that a good Ds version could be made?

My answer – yes. On Tour is a great game spawned from the original Guitar Hero concept and pushed into the Ds. The buttons that are usually on the guitar are now on a ‘grip’ that fits into the gameboy cartridge slot and you strum each not with a special Ds stylus, shaped like a guitar plectrum.


The songs are the same, rocking tunes that are the norm to Guitar Hero.  From classics like All Star by Smash Mouth to some Nirvana and even (a personal favourite) Stray Cat Strut. There’s also the incredibly hard Ozzy Osbourne’s I Don’t Wanna Stop. The songs are all brilliant, and live up to the standard the previous Guitar Hero games have set.

There is also a battle mode, where you battle againt another guitarist to try and rock the most. You use battle items to help you win – these include a fan wanting their shirt sighend by your opponent and an amp overload.


But, the problem is, On Tour doesn’t add much to the Guitar Hero name, apart from the concept of it being on the Ds. Guitar Hero was already great, and sadly, this game hasn’t altered that.


A must have game that isn’t as well designed for the Ds as say, ELite Beat Agents, but is still great.


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