Posted by: peanutmaster | January 24, 2009

Peanutmaster’s Friend Codes

I have been asked what my friend code is for a few games recently, for games like Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Mariokart Ds.

So here is my Friend code for MarioKart Ds:


I usually use Luigi in the Poultergust 4000, and I think I am best at either Wario Stadium or Delfino Square. I am worst at Yoshi Falls and Rainbow Ride.

If anyone wants to race me, I’m ready! Why not try and beat me? Just tell me your friend code!

My friend codes for other games will be added here soon!



  1. haha asked by me… lol
    ill find my MKDS n race u later 🙂

    • Yeah – Ill pwn you 😛

  2. ill pwn u at everything 🙂
    wats ur diamond code? ill pwn u at that 🙂
    did u get acww? ill pwn u at… museam n stuff lol :L

    • yeah, I’ll post my Diamond and ACWW codes soon.

      You could never beat me at MarioKart Ds!!

  3. damn, keep losing on the last few turns 😦

    i pwn u.

    • lol….

      I think I’m just better 🙂

      I pwnd u!!!! 😛

  4. If anyone wants to wifi me just ask.
    i have Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing Wild World, Warhammer Squad Command, Pokemon Diamand/Pearl, and a few i cant remember…

  5. how do you learn ur pokemon pearl/ diamond code? i really dont no and i want to post it.

  6. Go downstairs in the Pokemon center, ask one of the people for the card thing (cant remember wich person, sorry…). If none of them give you anything you already have it.
    Find it in your key items screen and open it, there should be an option to view your code 🙂

    Hope it helped

  7. here is my friend code for pokemon diamond

    1676 7593 9859

    good luck on trying to pwn me

  8. peanut master post your diamond friend code and (if you have it) animal crossing city friend code!!!

    • okay, as soon as I find it, I’ll post my friend codes

  9. so do you have Animal Crossing City Folk?

    • Not yet, but I am going to get it. I will also review it when I do. I do have Pokemon (obviously).

  10. i have it btw 🙂

    anyone wanna battle?
    ill put my codes up,
    uul get pwned, i hav lotsa lvl 100s 🙂
    not cheated, xept Deoxys, Darkrai etc…

    • send it again please Kitnaz. I think the email address you have to me is wrong – i never get anything from you. its

      • Okay, thanks Kitnaz – I got them this time…. but the attachments are in a format that my computer doesn’t know. Can you maybe copy them into Microsoft Word and resend them or something? Thanks.

  11. alright here are my codes: Animal Crossing City Folk: 2278-1113-1946. Diamond is:

  12. when people sned their diamond/ pearl codes, send ur name plz!! when it asks for the code, it asks for the name. just a suggestion!!

  13. well i cant tell you my name on the game because i used my real name SO EVERYONE WHO HAS CODES AND THEY WANT TO REGISTER, REGISTER ME AS ELITE!!!


  14. Elite i’ll add you as ELITE 🙂 when i find my game…

  15. Okay thanks…

  16. okay when I battle with people NO AR HACKS!!! NO MORE THAN 2 LEGENDS.

  17. Also I take people on Pokemon Battle Revolution

  18. i use hp ups I DONT HACK THE HP DEF ECT.!!!!!!!!

  19. hey peanut do you have the code yet?

    • no… I did buy an action replay today though. One word: AWSOME!

  20. i have the same problem as another guy, my action replay screwed up. ALL OF THE CHEATS AND GAME NAMES WERE GONE!!!! i was SOOOOO mad!! my brother is pretty good with electronics, but even HE couln’t find out what was wrong!! if anyone had the same problem and fixed it, can they PLEAS tell me how?

  21. dunno, hapened to a guy i no apparently… fink u jus need to resynq it lol

  22. Dude the action replay code book it tells you what to do I spent alot of time reading it.

  23. I pwn everyone at diamond (I’m fixing my team)

  24. nuh uh!!! when i get a wfc stck, i’ll pwn u!! i have some pretty good pokemon!! oh yea, what starter did you get? i got piplup.

  25. or whatever its called.

    • Yeah, I got Cimchar. I don’t know why though, Piplup is much better, and his evolvments are too.

  26. I have a level 100 empoleon, which means I chose Piplup.

    • yeah, like I said, that is (in my opinion) the second best starter Pokemon ever. And the best in the IV generation.

  27. It’s really the best starter (I know there is only a few fire types) but it has an advandage at all pokemon in the game (in my opinion)

    • Yeah, that is true.

  28. So like is anyone gonna post thier friend codes?

  29. Probably not 😀

    Yes, Piplup pwns all the others, I have all 3, from GTS 🙂

    Pokemon Diamond:
    1117 7193 9556

    Mario Kart DS:
    064542 055866

    Phantom Hourglass:
    2492 7509 2456

    Im not saying WW yet, I kinda aint played for 2 months and my town is fucked up… :(:(:(

    Anyone have
    Warhammer 40,000 Squad Command?

    It really is amazing on this site, cuz normally ppl ask y im called Kitnaz on evrything 🙂

  30. Alright add me as Elite for Diamond
    I’ll add you as Kitnaz


  31. added 🙂

    tell me on here if you wanna battle?
    by battle i mean get beat 😀 (im still happy that i pwned PM lol :))

  32. I think you got it the other way around.YOU SHALL LOSE!!!

    I don’t care when we battle really.

  33. you free now?
    wanna battle 🙂

  34. UM… sure

  35. I mean when should we meet?

  36. lol wifi aint working, sorry 😦
    ill say wen its workin agen…

  37. k…

  38. I worked it out PM, u aint better than me, u just had a better kart b4 😀
    Im pwnin u now!!! :L

    • Lol… You wish!

  39. i have platinum i got it the first day it came out

    • Awesome – we still dont have it here… But we will 😛

      What’s it like?

  40. kwlio


    Platinum + DS = UNSPEAKABLE FUN!!

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