Posted by: peanutmaster | January 1, 2009

Ninjatown – South Peak – Ds

Ever played a Tower Defence game? You know, where waves of monsters walk from point A to point B and you have to create weapon-equipped towers to stop them doing so? Well, Ninjatown is essentially Tower Defence with adorable Ninjas.

Created by a company called Shawnimals(also responsible for cutsey plush toys featuring said Ninjas), your job is to defend Ninjatown from an invasion of Wee Devils who want to get their hands on the Ninja’s secret cookie recipe. Built air and ground units, upgrade them and use Old Master Ninja’s special powers (such as blowing into the microphone to push enemies back in range) to finish the devils off before hope is lost! All in all, this is a stylish and cute take on a classic game that will charm you with simplicity.



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