Posted by: peanutmaster | January 1, 2009

Favourite Animal Crossing Character



  1. Chevre 🙂
    But, honestly, whos gonna pick Resetti?

  2. GO KK YEAH, i like Crazy Redd too.I hate Ressetti,and Tom Nook and his slogan: Tom Nook the cheapest cheapskate in town! That’s what I think!!!!!

  3. i LUV KK!! his singing sounds like a mix of a mouse, a cat, and my friend, but it sounds SOO cool!!

    • does your firend sound like a virtual singing dog then?

      KK pwns any other AC character. Ever.

  4. no she doesnt, only when she almost fell off my bunk bed. lol!!

  5. lol!

  6. Okay then… 0.o

  7. lol KK is in my top 5 thrash metal stars 🙂
    1) Slipknot
    2) Bullet For My Valentine
    3) KK Slider :):):)

    Now i’m of to listen to a bit of KK Faire, mewmewmew me mew mew mew

    PM make a poll of the best KK songs 🙂
    KK Faire
    KK King
    KK Rider
    Agent KK
    Other lol

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