Posted by: peanutmaster | December 23, 2008

Vice Editor’s Note

Hey, Kitnaz here. I’m the Vice Editor of Peanutmaster and here’s what i think about the next year of gaming.

The Wii motion plus comes out with Wii Sports Resort this April in the UK. The Motion Plus copies your hand movements exactly to make more realistic gaming. Nintendo are working on new Zelda, Red Steel and Mario games for the Wii which will use the Motion Plus. The release date for these is unknown but they should hit Japan by October.

Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Ranch: Platinum edition add some new elements to the pokemon world, which I will not spoil for you here, but read the latest ONM or check out for some more info.

The lead singer for Nickelback is starting a campaign to rid the UK of the terrible Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. He says they are responsible for the lack of good bands, as everyone just goes on guitar hero instead, but honeslty:

Wii – £150-£200
Guitar Hero/Rock Band – £50-£60
Extra instruments – £20-£30

Stagg Strat Guitar – £80-£100
12 weeks of Guitar lessons – £60

which is cheaper?

And on another note: Nintendo are FINALLY releasing Zelda: Majora’s Mask for the virtual console in February. This is the sequel to Ocarina of Time, and whilst not as good as Link to the Past, is still a lot of fun to play, so check it out.

On WiiWare this month I reccommend the new Bomberman mini-game, it is amazing multiplayer fun for novices and pros alike.





  1. ?????peanutmaster…who is that strange man?

    • This is our vice-editor and friend, Kitnaz. Dont worry, Peanut, he wont bite.

  2. ……… scared

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