Posted by: peanutmaster | December 22, 2008

2009 – The future Of Gaming

The past few years have seen the way we play games develop amazingly. Seeing the games we used to play only a while back makes you realise that. Yes, some classics like Super Mario 64 never age, but just a glance at Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos, or even Crash Bandicoot tells you exactly how much our gaming technology has forwarded.

But after 2007’s great bounty of wonderful games, like  Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl, this year didn’t seem so great. This year seemed to harvest only stupid sequels and crappy spinoffs. Hasn’t it?

Well, yes. But also, we have made a giant leap too. Games like Spore and Little Big Planet have created a new genre of game, where you create your own! This genre has proved to be populaer, so will the games we play in the future be a bit more like these? Or will they be a bit more like Sonic Unleashed, another big game this year, where classic platforming merges with new age technology?

And what is coming out next year that will be worth playing? Not any of those Imagine games, which are probably going to have at least twenty moee titles out by the end of 09 (a good game cant be re-made and released every month). But the upcoming Pokemon Platinum, the next game in the Pokemon series (out in the spring 09) is set to be one of the greatest Ds games of all time, and aren’t we due for another Legend Of Zelda game anytime soon…?

All in all, this year has had a few hits, like Little Big Planet, Fable II, Mirrors Edge, and Tomb Raider Underworld, despite the many misses. Next year looks like it’s coing to be a corker too. So bring on 2009!


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