Posted by: peanutmaster | December 4, 2008

Pokemon Of The Week – Froslass


Froslass (a personal favourite) is a dual-type Ice/Ghost Pokémon.

It evolves from Snorunt♀ by Dawn Stone.

Froslass doesn’t have any feet, so it floats in the air like its counterpart, Glalie. What appears to be its torso is hollow, as it is stated in the Pokédex’s entry for Froslass, which is probably the reason for its surprisingly low weight. This “body” appears to resemble a kimono, especially due to the fact that the red band around its waist is reminiscent of an Obi. Froslass’s head must serve as its actual body. Its arms, which hang off the sides of its head like ears, are flared at the wrist to further give it a kimono look. Froslass’s head is shaped like a droplet of water turned on its side. The head has two ice crystals on top of it, as well as several holes through which a purple skin can be seen. From two of them, crystal-blue eyes with yellow scleras peek out.


Froslass is a female only species. Glalie partially counts as its male counterpart, because they both evolve from the same Pokémon. However, a Glalie could still be female.

Froslass has slightly weaker defensive stats than its counterpart, Glalie; however, Froslass has more speed than Glalie. Froslass has a few noticeable differences in its movepool as well. For example, Froslass can use more Ghost-type moves than either Snorunt and Glalie can (such as Confuse Ray and Ominous Wind) instead of learning moves like Dark Pulse, Earthquake or Explosion. Froslass can also wield Electrical attacks much like other Ghost Pokémon. Froslass live in snowy areas. While it is difficult to tell what it feeds on, they are sometimes found with a Babiri Berry in their possession.


In the anime, Froslass makes a cameo in the movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior.



  1. i love frosslass

  2. i love myself

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