Posted by: peanutmaster | December 3, 2008

LocoRoco 2 – Sony – Psp

The Peanutmaster team has gone locoRoco crazy recently, with the sequel to this, the most random game I have ever played, now in stores. But is it really worth it? Isn’t the first game brilliant as it is? How could anyone possibly add anything to it?

Well, they have added to it – and done it well. For a start, don’t worry, all the simple, rolling, randomness is still there, with the same, easy tilting controls. But now, there are more moves, to try out to destroy the evil dark blobs that the muchas have spread across the lands by singing. Secondly, there is more to every level. You can now collect musical notes by doing things like rolling past flowers so they open. There are also parts of a level where you use a hard, hollow object to roll and destroy things in your path like rocks. On top of this, instead of just waiting and watching in the singing sections, you join in by drumming out the beat with the O button. But the biggest change is, rather than something like the world map in LocoRoco 1, LocoRoco 2 has split up the menu into a few sections, and you scroll through them usuing the rolling buttons. Each section has a theme, like jungle, or artic, and it is in these sections you find levels of the same theme. The levels themself have dont feel so random, either, with a proper kind of goal behind most. Oh, and of course, there is a new LocoRoco – Viole, the purple tomboy. And her song is great!

So, all these extras mean LocoRoco 2 isn’t just a stupid sequel like many other games, but a great excuse to get rolling again!




  1. I like Viole too and the song is amazing, I wish the soundtrack was already around!

  2. I got some cheats for loco roco 2:


    Let go of all the locos then make two of them big ones then dont press a thing and theyll fight

    Last Moja Memory: Battle with Galanmar

    Clear out all of the Moja muck in every level to unlock the final boss/ last Moja memory, Battle with Galanmar!

    Claymation Stamps

    Get 20 locos in any of the following levels to unlock claymation stamp sheets:

    Perkuloka 2

    Kelapton 2

    BuiBui Fort 3

    Joajab 3

    Secret Claymation Movie

    Build the Special Projector in the MuiMui House to view a secret Claymation Movie!

    Collect Yummy Nuts!

    Collect as much yummy nuts as you can because if you run out, your MuiMui will become to hungry to move

    How to Unlock High Jump: Secret Move

    Look around very carefully in CaloCaro 2 because the MuiMui King is in the level, and if you can find him you will unlock the high jump move which will help you reach high and unreachable areas.

    One Day… Movies

    Collect all 20 fruit in any level to unlock special (One Day…) movies which are accessable from the MuiMui Memories.

    Secret Levels

    Get all 3 pieces of a map to unlock a secret level of the following:

    Perkuloka 2

    Kelapton 2

    Jacjab 3

    BuiBui Fort 3

    LocoRoco PSP Themes, Wallpapers etc:

    Get absoulutely everything in the muimui house: fully upgraded cannon, all items/furniture, all friends and all gramophone songs to unlock a secret code which you can use on the official LocoRoco website ( to unlock themes and wallpapers etc. The code is ILUVMUIMUI

    Loco Rider minigame

    Win 2 BuiBui Fights at the Mui Mui House to unlock LocoRider

    MuiMui Crane Mini-game

    You must build the crane in the MuiMui House first, then you can play it in Tropuca!

    Take Photos

    Build the Nice Memory Camera in the MuiMui House to take photos.

    Take photos by pressing the SELECT button.

    Find Berries Fast

    You can pay a Mui Mui 1000 Pikories on the location map (After the Mui Mui build that levels map) to find the place of one berry. Memorise that place and push the START button. Then push START OVER? You will then get your 1000 Pikories back and will find the location of the berry.

    Hope that can help!

  3. LocoRoco is my favorite series ever.

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