Posted by: peanutmaster | November 26, 2008

Fable II – Lionhead Studios – Xbox 360

A tale of good versus evil – and everything between…

The eternal wrestling match between good and evil looms large in Fable 2. And not just in that hollywood sense where you’re one man on a mission to restore order, get the girl and achieve endless fame and riches. Of course, you can do all of that, but you don’t have to be a saint to do so. Making moral choices isnt new to game. The original Fable did it brilliantly. But in the sequel, everything feels a little more significant. Even the most insignificant actions. You see, it’s not a question of being good or evil, because there are so many shades in between.

On the surface it’s an action adventure with the production values (and cast) to rival a Harry Potter movie. But stray from the prescribed paths liad out by a handy golden breadcrumb trail and you’ll discover a dizzying amount of freedom. You can be whatever you like in Fable 2. Be it a hero, villian, husband, adulterer, father, saviour, murderer, blacksmith, thief or chicken-kicker. And no, you can’t steal cars, but there is still more to do in Albion than there ever has been in Liberty City.


What’s more everything you do has concequences – short term or far reaching. Steal from someone’s home and you will be punished. Kill townsfolk and you will be hated and feared, do the nasty with a village girl and you’ll become a father. It’s alot like real life, only much more exciting – unless you already live in a magical tolkien-esque kingdom and hunt bandits for a living.

Enhancing the experience is co-op play, a vastly improved combat system, some clever AI, masses of side quests and a dog. It’s not without flaws – some characters are a little overused for instance – but it’s hard to overstate Fable 2’s brilliance. Immediately accessible, it draws you in like an open fire on a cold night before casting it’s spell – and before you know it, it’s 2am in the morning and you’re still smithing goblins, chatting up wenches and hunting for treasure. Again.



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