Posted by: peanutmaster | November 15, 2008

‘Best’ Little Big Planet Levels – Part 2

Over the next few weeks, Peanutmaster is counting down the best levels we have seen you create so far on Little Big Planet. Already we have seen a brilliant God Of War themed level, and now we present….

The Little Big Calculator


Many of you might have already seen this excitingly named level on YouTube during LBP’s public beta phase, and those of you who already know its secret: while a simple calculator that can add and subtract might not seem like much, the real draw here has nothing to do with the equations. No, the reason to dive into LBC is the machinery behind it all, which extends for what seems like hundreds of feet above the main calculator interface and consists of an insanely complicated-looking network of color coded switches encased in a few dozen floating enclosures.

The level even includes a jetpack, enabling you to fly up and see it all for yourself once you’re done playing with numbers, although you won’t really get the full effect until you’ve looked at it in the game’s Create mode. Do that, and you’ll see an enormous network of wires – normally hidden during the Play mode – that make everything more mind-boggling and confusing than you already thought it was.


So while Little Big Calculator is far from being one of the most enjoyable or exciting LBP levels, it’s definitely one of the most technically impressive – as well as one of the few that indicates a level of dedication that may border on insanity.


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