Posted by: peanutmaster | November 5, 2008

‘Best’ Little Big Planet Levels – Part 1

After a few initial, post-launch hiccups before it’s release, LittleBigPlanet has taken off rapidly. Hundreds, if not thousands, of PSN users have been uploading a continuous stream of homemade levels to the game’s straining servers, with varying levels of quality and dedication. And because of that, LittleBigPlanet has become like every other service that relies on user-driven content: for every good thing someone creates, there are dozens of half-assed, broken levels made by people who think smoking weed is automatically HILARIOUS.

Of course, that also means there are a lot of diamonds in the rough. If you know how to find them, LBP can offer you some incredible levels made by talented, dedicated people (sometimes a little too dedicated, maybe). And while the huge amount of content out there means we can’t claim that the levels we’re about to showcase are necessarily the “best” (c’mon, that’d be like trying to find the best videos on YouTube), we can guarantee that they’re slick, (mostly) smart, a lot of fun and absolutely worth your time. Here is our first pick:


By geosautus

Some of you are inevitably going to look down your nose at this and any other level that’s inspired by an existing game, but Demon Skull is nonetheless a fun, surprisingly beautiful homage to the God of War series. It begins innocently enough, with verdant backdrops, Sackboy-shaped Kratos statues and chests full of red-painted score bubbles that take a about a second of continuous grabbing to open. But before too long, you’ll be pushing a caged Sackboy up a ramp to “sacrifice” him to a blazing furnace, carefully positioning a motorized cart to haul around a giant, leering head and taking an obligatory trip to Hades, where you’ll shove a bunch of screaming lost souls into a fiery pit.

All of this is complemented by a few gigantic, elaborate deathtraps; our favorite involves a bloodstained wave of stone columns that squash anything that fails to run through them as quickly as possible. Of course, it’s not the complete God of War experience; that would take a pair of chain-blades and constant bloody dismemberment, both of which are – at best – tough to replicate in LBP’s happy platform-hopping world. But if you’ve got some Kratos-themed preorder bonuses that just seem out of place tromping through African savannahs and Dia de los Muertos-themed weddings, this is a pretty kickass level to run them through.


Next Time: THE Little Big Planet Calculater Level – coming soon…


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